Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Korean Snacks

My precious!!

Hi everyone!

It's time to talk about 1 of my favorite things about Korea... that's right FOOD...specifically: Snacks!

Almost 3 months ago I traveled to Korea with other bloggers, the trip was awesome but we didn't really have much free time to do some shopping :( , on my last day I woke up really early to pack everything and to go a nearby supermarket to do some snack-shopping!! 

The supermarket was only a few blocks away from our hotel so I had enough time, I took my time there and I chose some stuff I had already tried like Pepperos, Ramen and Chocopies!, I also HAD to buy Doritos for my sister since she asked me for this when I told her about buying snacks. 

So, this is what I got :) 

마이쮸  - 포도 aka Grape Taffy

This like most Taffys is good, I thought it was gum, but it wasn't haha but it was a nice sorprise :) It cost me about ₩600

떡볶이  -  In a bag! 

I am a huuuuge 떡볶이 fan, I've tried it with Ramyeon, with hard boiled egg and I've always loved it, so when I saw this bag of 떡볶이 "chips" I got EX-CI-TED and I was dying to try them, I was waiting for something spicy but it was sweet, like a caramel with an spicy punch at the end, at first I was disapointed but then I got used to the flavor and ended up liking it O_o and at times I crave it :( ..I honestly don't remember the price of this one, but I'm sure if I find it in Mexico it will cost me over ₩8,000... I once saw a bag of Korean Cheetos in Mexico and it was $80.00 MXP... Outrageous! 

찹쌀 가루  -  Glutinous Rice Powder

This one is used to make Rice Cake, I should've made rice cakes to make 떡볶이 but I was too confident on myself and tried to make Mangachi's 무지개떡 aka Rainbow Rice Cake even though it's an easy to follow recipe I had to improvise a steamer since I don't have a real one, and this is where things got messy.... I won't talk about it because it makes me sad :( but I'm sure this is a good product if used correctly kkkk. 

타코스  -  Tacos

I just got this one because it said "MEXICO", so I had to try them, the taste is like a Cheese Dorito, I like the shape of this and the cheesy flavor... but I was hoping the shape was like in the picture where you can add a filling hahaha

맛 김치  -  Flavored Kimchi

This one isn't a snack, but who cares!, I just got it because it was Kimchi and I was totally into buying everything I saw.... It was a small bag, it contaings 300grs of Kimchi and it was enough to make 3 servings of Kimchi Pancakes :) , it wasn't very spicy but it was OK... althoug I think if I was living in Korea I wouldn't buy this one and would try to get one with a more "home-made" taste (???)

도리토스  -  Doritos

We ALL know Doritos, right? ... My sister saw them at a Korean store in Mexico and asked me to get a bag for her since it would be like 4 times cheaper than the Korean Doritos in Mexico, there's something about Hangul writen in products that makes us want to buy them.... I just wish they had a Korean flavor to offer.... maybe there is a Korean flavor but this store only had Cheese... Taste exactly the same as 도리토스 in Mexico.... but look cooler haha.

돌자 반  -  Seasoned/Rosted Seaweed

As you can see in the picture I ate this with steamed rice, it gives a nice sort of sweet flavor to the rice, for those who don't like to eat plain rice this can be a good option... I still have some and I'm just waiting for the oportunity to cook some Korean Food and rice to finish it. This one was about ₩2,000 and if I compare it with the price of the same bag in Mexico I can say it cost less than half of what I'd pay here.

팔도 비빔면  -  Bibimmyeon

I heard of this before, but I had never tried it... I didn't add the veggies or the egg and it was just like eating Ramyeon with Gochujang paste... I liked it and I ate them again in Rome :$  I don't usually buy Ramyeon at the Korean Markets in Mexico because it might be a bit expensive, so I usually buy my Ramyeon at the Supermarket... I should have gotten more of these....
비틀즈  -  Beatles (Yup, like The Beatles)

I wasn't exactly sure what this was, but my mom liked The Beatles so...why not getting it?, it was fruits pretending to be The Beatles...

I'm guessing these are the Korean version of Skittles (Beatles....sound alike), same texture, same flavor, all in all it was good and I'd definitely buy them again!

As you can see, I got a LOT of snacks, I also got BBQ Pringles (we don't have that flavor in Mexico) and my sister and I liked them very much, I got different kinds of Peppero, Ramyeon and
Tea, I got a Green Tea with Brown rice, I didn't realize it had "Brown Rice" and got 2 boxes because my sis loves Green tea, turns out this wasn't the kind of Green tea she likes...so... more tea for me!, I'm currently on my 2nd box of Tea!

Anyway, almost 3 months later I have barely nothing left :( , so if anyone would like to send me some Korean Snacks I would pretty much appreciate it and I can send Mexican Snacks in return haha.

Do you guys have a favorite snack?, What is it?

-Gisela V. 


  1. I love Banana Kick! It's a banana-flavoured cornstarch puff. Like cheesies, but banana-flavoured.