Thursday, November 21, 2013

SOREA Band Live

Hello everyone,

I’m back! And as I promised, I won’t blog about Kpop this time, although I will be blogging about Korean Music, if you remember I’ve posted about SOREA before over here, this time I was lucky enough to catch a performance LIVE,  last week we went to the ´H Festival´at the National Gugak Center, this show was sponsored by Hyundai Motors and SOREA Band presented their show ORIEN’ON with Traditional Dance, B-boys, not only the performance was awesome, they also played a song with the famous K-pop artist Jung-In (최정)!!

The show started around 7pm and we got 1st row seats (oh yea!), I was very excited as this was my 1st time seeing them live, they played over 10 songs that night, so, here’s a compound of what happened.

To find more about SOREA Band, you can listen to their music on SOREA’s Youtube channel here, follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook

-Gisela V. 

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