Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Seoul's nightlife

I've been thinking about What to wirte lately, apparently been in Korea for 3 months and doing lots of activities is draining me and I just can't think what to blog about... sad, I know :(
Even from the sky Seoul looks very alive 

Anyway, last weekend I went out with Ma GZBz some girlfriends, we were supposed to check out a Band at the Grand Hyatt's JJ Bar, but ended up in a kind of crappy Pub in Itaewon...I have mixed feelings towards Itaewon; here you'll find pretty much all kinds of food and lets of stores to shop, but then again, mostly the crowd will be US soldiers or English teachers (I don't have nothing agains it!, but is just not my cup of tea) (MAAAAAAAAJOR brain fart... thanks to Diana for showing me the Workcamp video while I try to blog...), so, I decided to talk a bit more about Seoul's nightlife!

Bright lights, just how I like it^^

#1 and MY personal favorite: 노래방/Noraebang (aka Karaoke)

Noraebangs are EVERYWHERE, seriously and as far as I know, most of them are 24hrs, it's the perfect hang out place to go after dinner, partying, drinking, and also, a very common way to wait until the subway is open! (although I love it at ANY time of the day lol~~not because I'm a good singer but for me, it's a very good way to release my stress), in Korea, the Noraebang is usually charged Per hour (per room), the average is 20,000 (less than 20USD), sometimes you get a discount, some others is a LOT cheaper if you go in the middle of the day, and other times (if you stay over 2 hours) you can get A discount and Beer/snacks.

#2 Bars/Pubs

Since I usually don't want to scare out new friends with my singing, a Bar is a perfect place to hang out, you get music, drinks and conversation, I've been to a couple, some lame, some with way too much people but at the end of the day, the people you are with is what counts, even if a couple of guys come by your table to chat... I usually don't like it when strangers come to our table, but as a wise friend (Linda!!!~~a cool Mexican-American girls we met in Seoul) said: "You are not gonna make friends saying NO", sometimes you just gotta go with the flow, and if it gets too awkward, just ask a staff member to ask them to move away from your table (lol).

Bar hoping with Baby Bro
#3 Clubs

Waves of people going crazy at the A Club
This is my least favorite, I'm not a club person, for me, it involves too much effort, dressing up, putting on high heels and all that is just not my thing, but people would always tell me I HAD to go clubbing in Korea, so, when I had the chance to go to the AOMG launching party at the A Club in Gangnam, I knew I had to take it, the first to hours were painfully slow, mostly VERY young people were dancing like maniacs, music was lousy and very 90's-00's like and not in a cool kind of oldie way, they had that dried ice smoke all over and since people is still allowed to smoke inside, we found ourselves walking our way to a corner through a cloud of smoke, once Jay Park and the other rapers came to the stage, things got better, but I just didn't love the "Club experience", after that, it was decided that I wouldn't go to another club. Later a friend told us that at some clubs they won't let you in if you are over 30, unless, you have Lots of money... so, no, thank you!

There you go, that's part of Seoul's night life, a VERY Small part, there's also the Korean version of a Sauna (that I still haven't tried), PC Cafes (A place you can go and use big computer to play games, or do whatever on the internet), etc.

-Gisela V.
P.s. If there's anything you would like to read about, let me know, I'm running out of ideas here! lol 

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