Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 5 - Insadong

Day 5 was a pretty relaxed day,  I didn't really have anything planned so the mission was to Go out and Explore a bit... I wanted to go to Kimchi World in Insadong, so I left my laugage ready to go @ Jeff's house to pick it up later... I went out round 10am and took the subway from Euljiro4ga to Jongno3ga (Line 5), I got off to find a subway map that I obviously wasn't able to read because I went on the wrong direction..... a couple of streets later I found a big Avenue full of Jewelers and started walking just checking the bling bling LOL.... Not!!!
The Map I was not able to read (as always)


The Avenue with the Jewelers

So,, I was alking just looking and found the Street Museum, the museum is quite small and it's right infront of a Park where Jongmyo is located BUT I was not allowed to enter since according to a sign by the ticket booth "Foreigners" are only allowed with a Tour Guide and one of the visits was at 11 and to my luck it was 11:15 u_u   so.. No Jongmyo for me ... instead I kept walking  until I decided I was lost and freezing, so it was time to have some hot coffee and something to eat... the 1st thing I found was a Starbucks... I know I know!! I shouldn't aste my money there but I was freezing!! so I went in and got a coffee and a cheese bagel witch by the way was REALLY GOOD!!, while I waited for my food I decided to use their Wi-Fi to use my GPS, take out my maps and see if I was able to find Insadong (left alone Kimchi World... lol) .. I kept myself warm for a bit and after my coffee I went out to the cold again and took a bus (all by myself!!) lol ... that bus took me to the same street that goes to Jongno3ga ....once there I called a friend to see if he had time to meet me that day,,,, then just walked around and guess what.... I found Insadong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!! the best thing is... it was Empty!!

I didn't see that many Churches...

Can you read this?...
The Park where the street museum is located

Street Museum

Street Museum

When I finally found Insadong I went to  Ssamziegil is like a small plaza with stores... I saw this place on the 1st book about Korea I got and I was so excited to be there!!!! I was like a kid in a Candy Shop ... I went to every store and took pics even thou it wasn´t allowed ;)  finally I got to the rooftop and just "chilled" in there for a while... I had time since I had to go to City Hall Station at 4 to meet with Melly (one of the Girls from the Tour) @ the Ramada Hotel....
See? almost empty!

Cute, isn't it?

I made it!! I payed for it but the money went to a Charity!

Then just hang it in there n_n

This is the miniature store

I left my mark in Seoul! YEAH!!!


I like the Art and the Flowers!

 So I stayed there for a while walking, looking, taking pics and just minding my own bussines... until.............. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!! I heard an Alarm ..I didn't know what it was ..suddenly people just stood there and for the 1st time I was scared... FOR REAL!!! I thought about the news about North Korea, the attack and all of that.. I could see myself running, screaming and whatnot... Lol it only lasted a few minutes but I didn't know what to do (Fail... I know!) after this ..I decided it was time to (escape) go meet Melly.

Ah!! I forgot!! when I was at the subway in the morning I found a Missha store inside the SUBWAY!!.. Ofcourse I went there to buy everything n_n   wiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!

Finally I arrived to the Ramada Hotel and had about 30mins to do.... practically nothing  really... I was there using the hotel's Wi-Fi and this guy came and started talking to me and he made ME follow him on twitter!!! he then followed me back and then he left (Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!???)  ...after 4pm I went to the front desk to ask for melly ...guess what .. I didn't know her full name,,, but I guess they just typed Mell (not very common in Seoul, huh?) and call her... I went up to her room ,,,chat for a bit and went out... this time it was time to go home (ok ok Jeff's house), pick up my laugage and wait for Kim (my last CS )...we had to meet at the subway exit #9 but turns out... I wasnt in the right exit... and we found about 1 hour later (keep in mind I had a 20kgs suitcase, a backpack, a 2kgs jacket, hat, gloves and that was it hehe ... 1 hour, 2 phone calls later I found Kim and we went to her house about 40 mins away (by subway) from Jeff's ... I met her mom and grandma and I love them! they are super nice, her granny is SOOO CUTE!! and they cooked me breakfast the next morning...a sandwich because I told Kim that was my biggest craving (weird!!) ..they put a bannana, a mandarin and 2 sandwiches on a bag!! aww!!!!!! I only met Kim for a few hours,,but she's really nice, speaks Spanish and her family is awesome!!!
I waited for Kim here...

My dinner!! Ramyun and Kimbap

Bathroom @ City Hall Subway station lol

And that was it for day 5... my last day on my own.....  I'm glad I got to relax a bit :)

-Gisela V. 

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