Monday, September 27, 2010

Korean 101 and more...

So, after much thought I've decided that I really wanna go Live in South Korea for at least 1 year, it would be a great experience and of course I would like to work there, so I'm currently working on it, 1st step was start looking for jobs (so I'm keeping my fingers crossed) and 2nd step is re-take my korean Lessons, since it's a bit expensive to take this classes in Mexico and since I've been reading LOTS of travelers blogs I found this  and I just started my lessons, it's easy to use, affordable and you can download the classes and listen to them wherever you are! , So instead of listening the song Lucifer 100 times in a row (lol) I get to actually LEARN something n_n
If you are interested in learning Korean try it, there's a 7-day Trial for free and if you like it you can suscribe!

Anyway, today I went to the Korean neighbourhood because I needed some nappa cabbage and it's the closest place to find it, and O-M-G do I like to go there!! I could go there everyday and just look at the stores (Imagine how it would be when I actually understand what they say!! hehe). I got some Choco Pies and reminded me of this blog and also got Chopsticks and some candies, Nop I didn't get the nappa cabbage because they didn't have any u_u at least at the Seoul Market and there I saw the SAC SAC (didn't buy it....maybe next time) and they also had the Cuckoo's rice cooker!!  I wanted to ask for the price so bad but didn't because I figured that If I knew the price I would end up either buying it rightaway or saving money to buy it later.....and NO!! I have to save as much as I can if I really wanna go to S. Korea right?. it's just that whenever I go there I feel like a 5-year old in a Candy Shop....someday maybe someday :)
I can say this was a fun weekend :)

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Chuseok (추석)!!!

Happy Chuseok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chuseok (추석) is a huge Harvest Festival and a 3-day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th  day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, it's held around the Autum Equinox to celebrate the good harvest, usually Koreans visit their ancestral hometowns and share a feast of Korean Food.

One of the major foods prepared and eaten during the Chuseok holiday is songpyeon (송편) a steamed rice cake.

Doesn't it look good?
Jesa (제사) is the name of the ceremonial table set on Chuseok.

There are several kinds of ancestor rituals such as gijesa (기제사), charye (차례), seongmyo (성묘), myosa (묘사)

A variety of folk games are played on Chuseok to celebrate the coming of Autumn and rich harvest. Village folk dress themselves to look like a cow or a turtle, and go from house to house with a band playing music.
No that you know a lil more about Chuseok......... I just have to say... Happy Chuseok and Enjoy!!! 

 -Gisela V.

Korean Boys

Do you?

What is it with Korean men that drives girls so crazy???
Cute huh?

After reading this post , reading some of my friends (who LUV Korean men) comments and watching a dorama... I'm still no 100% sure of WHY are Korean Men so attractive to Women (or is it only Mexican Women?)

I was really shocked a few days ago when I was chatting with a friend about going to Korea, my main reason is I love the language, the culture and their food but then she told me that she wanted to go to meet a guy she can marry with........ O_o SHOCKING!!!!! it's not like saying "I'm going to Wal Mart to get some food", you know?, it was so weird for me to listen to this because it's not like I wanna go to LA because I like Brad Pitt...maybe it's just me but it's kinda weird/creepy :S

So....1st I'm going to say what I think it's attractive in a Korean guy (or any guy??)

1.- Style, they seem to have this great sense of style (most of them lol)  for singers/actors it's like this colorfull, crazy style most men would not wear because they would look "gay" (It's a question of confidence, right?)

2.- Like on point #1...Confidence...if a guy seems confident (not cocky) we are always gonna fall for them.

In my opinion TV is what have made this girls all crazy for the Korean Men, we only see the perfect guys with cute clothes, great body, sense of humor, etc etc...not that is bad... but do we really like them? or do we like their Characters????. I remember a few (ok maybe ALOT) years ago when "Maria la del Barrio"  was the most popular soap opera in Mexico and everyone seemed to be inlove with Fernando Colunga because he fell inlove with Maria, the poor innocent 15 year old gilr (eeek!!! I didn't remember her being so "young"), so Fernando Colunga was really popular for a few years and same thing happens with this "Koreanitos" (lil Korean guys) as most girls call them.

I've had asked a couple of Girls why do they like them and this is what I got:
Nadia / 26 Years old / Xalapa, Mexico 
I Like Korean boys because of their looks, good body, sixpack, tall (?), eyes, lips, voice and I like the way they portrait them at doramas because they seem very respectful, romantic, sincere  (some of them), very chivalry, the way they dance and sing. 
I specially like Bi Rain (I love him the most!), Hero (DBSK) and MinHo (SHINee) among others....I have a BIG list....
Daniel Hennry

Maricruz / ??? years old / Mexico City
I like more than 1, several actually, but I specially like Choi Siwon (Super Junior) and I like him because he is a real gentleman he is really handsome and because has principels, at the beggining I thought he was only acting like that for fame but as I started reading magazines, watching his reality shows I realized that he really is like that, that's the way he is, his escence and also I like him because of his commitment with religion and to help others (specially kids), he was recently named Good Will Ambassador by the UNICEF that's hy I like him the most.

Both answers take me to the poing where I think we just fall for the characters and not for something else... neither told me they liked a "real"/non famous korean man, even thou I think Maricruz' answer goes a lil bit further because she likes something else than just the "famous" side of them....but again is this their REAL self? or just to get more fans and publicity??

Anyway, a few days ago I was having dinner with my mom, sis and a couple of friends, one of them is studying Spanish at the UNAM and knows a couple of korean boys/girls and suddenly they were asking me if I would date them (just because they know I like Korean Culture).... and NO not all of us who are into Korea are into it because of the young-famous-attractive guys (lol), but hey if you knoe a 25 year old, funny, sarcastic, smart and cute korean guy give him my number ;)  lol jk

-Gisela V.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I like the style...don't you?
So, this morning I was thinking what my next blog will be about...and I while listening to this song that I just can't get out of my head (Lucifer by SHINee) I realized I had never written a post about MUSIC (K-pop), even thou I'm not a huge fan of K-pop I do like some catchy/pop songs... and since I really don't know much about some of the groups I actually like I decided to make a couple of posts about some of these Kpop bands.

The 1st one will be for SHINee.... I've heard a couple of songs but never really knew who they were or what their songs mean (shame...I know but as I said before...i´m not a huge fan) until recently (July) when I listened to the song's so catchy I can listen to it all day O_o has this ever happend to you???? I hate it because I find myself singing this song in my head all day :s even when I'm talking with other people.... lol

Ok, so SHINee is a contemporary R&B South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008, their debut was on May 25th 2008 with their promotional single, "Noonan Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)"( just the song i'm listening RIGHT NOW...). "Older Girl, You're So Pretty (Replay)". Since their debut, Shinee has won numerous awards. They have also starred in their own reality show  based on their song, "Noona Neomu Yeppeo (Replay)". The show ran from August 8, 2008 to October 16, 2008, with a total of twelve episodes. Each episode featured the band members going on a date with an older woman, after which she would chose
one member for a solo date.

Shinee is considered to be a fashion icon having started the "Shinee Trend".Shinee is known for their fashion style, created by designer Ha Sang Baek, which features high-top sneakers, skinny jeans and colorful sweaters. Their style has created a fashion trend amongst students which the media dubbed the "Shinee Trend".

*Lee Jinki, better known by his stage name Onew*
*Kim Jonghyun, commonly known as Jonghyun*

*Choi Minho, commonly known as Minho*

*Kim Kibum, better known by his stage name Key*

*Lee Taemin, commonly known as Taemin*

On May 23, the group's first mini-album, Replay was released and debuted at #10 on the Korean music charts and peaked at #8, selling 17,957 copies in the first half of 2008.

Shinee released their full debut album "The Shinee World" on August 28, 2008, the first single released from the album was "Sanso Gateun Neo (Love Like Oxygen)" On October 30th 2008 they released The Shinee World as a repackaged album under the name Amigo. Included on the album were three new songs: "Forever or Never", a remix of "Sa. Gye. Han (Love Should Go On)" and the promotional single "A.Mi.Go (Amigo)" "A.Mi.Go" is a shortened version of the Korean phrase "Areumdaun Minyeorueljoahamyeon Gosaenghanda"
(Heart Aches When You Fall In Love With a Beauty), and I always thought AMIGO (Friend in spanish) was because of friendship or something like that hahahaha.

The second full length album entitled Lucifer was released on July 19, 2010 in South Korea. The music video promoting Lucifer was released the next day on July 20, 2010.

If you haven't heard this song, what are you waiting for?? It's not a "deep" song with meaningfull lyrics,,,,it's just Catchy, sort of like "Ops! I did it again" back in the days hehe.

Here's some of Lucifer's translation

Even if I try to avoid you, I can’t find a place to hide
I’m trapped by you, who I can’t even deny
If it was love, if you really loved me, don’t do this to me
Her whisper is the Lucifer *If you tie me down and trap me
Then the love is also tied down
The future is also tied down
It can’t grow anymore
Freely empty yourself and look at me
I’ll fill you only, I’ll completely fill you only
Your undeniable spell is the Lucifer
Your undeniable magic is the Lucifer
When I approach you
With your angelic face
Say the reason you live is for me
Say it
When I first saw you, I stopped for a short time
As if someone was tightly seizing my heart, not letting it go (Still)
You took all, all, all, all, all, all of my heart just like that
You make my heart burn out when you’re not here

Anyways,,,,If there's another Kpop band that you think Is worth listening let me know and maybe that could be the next post!

-Gisela V.

Monday, September 6, 2010

B-Boys & B-Girls

Foto by Peter Tsai 

I always thought a B-boy was like a Boyband (FAIL for me hehe), turns out it's not a boyband at least not like the Backstreet Boys/N*Sync/ETC, this are boys (or girls) that practice BREAKDANCE that's why they are called B-boy/b-girl and how do I know this??? because curently Korea is having a B-boy battle :O and they have Jay Park  (that seems to be VERY popular these days)
I can see why girls like him lol
Ok so The International B-boy World Cup, “R-16 KOREA 2010” is sponsored by the Korea Tourism Organization  and it's an Urban performance festival where intrnational b-boys gatherin Seoul (this was in July the 3rd and 4th), the R-16 is still kinda "new" but is growing every year, this 2010 the participants were selected through a series of highly competitive preliminary rounds. These top-ranked participants competed in the “Performance Battle,” (choreographed crew competition), and “Crew Battle,” (individual b-boys compete against each other). About 120 b-boys, DJ's artists and hip hop artists from 16 countries participate in the "R-16 Korea '10" This year there was also a Hip Hop Concert, a graffiti festival and a Flea market! (Sound like fun if you are into Hip Hop, dosn't it?)

If you wanna know how this ended up click HERE

Currently in Seoul there's this contest called"Fever Seoul" and is an online b-boy battle organized by the Seoul City Government to spread, worldwide, an appreciation for the b-boying culture in Seoul. The 6 people who are selected as finalists will have the chance to battle in Seoul and join in the Seoul B-boy Promotion Video.
If you would like to participate in this check this out: Make a video that is less than 1 minute long and post as response HERE
You have till the 20th to submit your video, so start now!!!!
Also check thei YOUTUBE profile!

Here's a bit of History about B-boys

A b-boy (or break-boy) is a male dancer who practices breaking or b-boying, the acrobatic hip-hop dance style, commonly known as "breakdancing." B-girl refers to a female who practices breaking, and the term breaker is gender neutral.

Breaking or b-boying, commonly called breakdancing, is a style of dance that evolved as part of hip-hop culture among Black and Latino American youths in the South Bronx during the 1970s.It is danced to both hip-hop and other genres of music that are often remixed to prolong the musical breaks.

There are Four basic elements form the foundation of breaking:
1st Toprock is a term referring to the upright dancing and shuffles.
2nd Downrock which refers to footwork dancing performed on the floor.
3rd The Freeze, the poses that breakers throw into their dance sets to add punctuation
to certain beats and end their routines.
4th the Power Moves.

B-boy styles

* Power: This style of breaking is what most members of the general public associate with the term "break-dancing".
Power moves comprise full-body spins and rotations that give the illusion of defying gravity.
* Abstract: A very broad style of breaking which may include the incorporation of "threading" footwork, freestyle movement to hit beats, house dance, and "circus" styles (tricks, contortion, etc.).
* Blowup: A style of breaking which focuses on the "wow factor" of certain power moves, freezes, and circus styles.
Blowup-style consists of performing a sequence of as many difficult trick combinations in as quick succession as possible in order to "smack" or exceed the virtuosity of the other b-boy's performance.
This is usually attempted only after becoming proficient in other styles due to the degree of control and practice required in this type of dancing.
* Flavor: A style that is based more on elaborate toprock, downrock, and/or freezes.
This style is focused more on the beat of the song than having to rely on "power" moves only.
B-boys who base their dance on "flavor" or style are known as "style heads".
* Burns: A type of move intended to embarrass the opponent by creating obscene or comical moves (i.e. crotch grabbing) during battles.
* Flexi: A style that is noted mainly from its requirement of being flexible.

The first black and Latino dancers were popping and locking on the West Coast while their East Coast counterparts, early b-boy’s and b-girl’s, were breaking and up-rocking. During this time Afrika Bambaataa, gangster turned DJ, also outlined the four elements of hip-hop as DJing, MCing, graffiti art, and breaking.

In its origins, hip-hop was largely a subculture and a form of style and expression developed by urban minorities. But now it has become part of the mainstream.


-Gisela V.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hallyu ......What?

Have you ever heard of this??, the 1st time I heard of this was thanks to the Korean Culture Center in Mexico, and I thought It was just the name of a "Fan Club" :| WROOOOOOOOOONG!! here's a definition of what Hallyu means:

Hallyu(Korean Wave) refers to the popularity of Korean pop culture abroad. The genre ranges from movies and TV dramas to pop music, and more. Many local celebrities, including actors and singers, have begun to make a name for themselves across Asia and other regions thanks to the Hallyu boom. These days, some are inspired to aim even higher, looking toward Hollywood.

This Hallyu Mexico promotes the Korean Culture in Mexico with the help of the Korean culture Center, in this center you can find
Language Classes (Korean and Spanish lessons)
Dance Classes
Music Classes
 You can meet lots of people interested in the Korean Culture there, I met a Korean girl there and took some Korean lessons with her. And from time to time they have this meetings where they cook Korean food (yummers) and you can meet people that has K-pop Fan clubs or change TV Series/DVD's or music with everyone!, it's actually pretty cool!!! I just went once and it was awesome they had tons of really good food and Soju LOTS and LOTS of Soju, there was this guy that didn't want us to leave he wanted us to stay just to chat and drink Soju.... It's great how they wanted to interact with everybody Korean and Non-Koreans, and this lady kept telling us to eat! and will keep coming back with meat, rice, lettuce, etc! much fun!!!! I wanna go to another one soon! 

Ok ok enough about parties and food!! lol

Hallyu or Korean Wave is most popular thanks to some of these POP(ular) phenomenons


The first Korean-made film was shown to the public in 1919. Entitled  "Righteous Revenge" (1919) and directed by Kim Do-san, it was a so-called kino-drama designed to be combined with a stage performance. The first feature film, "Oath Under the Moon," directed by Yoon Baek-nam, was screened in 1923. In 1926, legendary actor-director Na Un-gyu drew an enthusiastic response from the public by producing "Arirang," a cinematic protest against  Japanese oppression.

No other factor has contributed more to rise of "Hallyu," the Korean Wave across Asia and beyond, than Korean TV dramas.

Some of the unique features of Korean TV dramas that have won the hearts of  many viewers overseas include: the detailed depictions of human relations between lovers, families and friends; convincing portrayals of conflict between traditional Asian society versus western values; dramatic dialogues; emotionally stirring background music with perfect timing; and the presentation of excellent visual images, taking full advantage of scenic locations all  around Korea.

The term Hallyu was first coined in China in the late 1990s, with the emergence of mega hit TV dramas from Korea, among them "What is Love" (1992) by popular scriptwriter Kim Soo-hyeon. In Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam, dramas with dramatic love stories and exceptional visual imagery such as "Autumn Tale" (2000) (also known as "Endless Love") and "Winter Sonata"
(2002) started the wave.<-- I had tried to watch Winter Sonata but is way too Romantic for me O_o
Another mega-hit Korean drama is MBC's "Daejanggeum" (2004) or "Jewel in the Palace", a period drama about a woman who became the first royal physician to the king in a strictly male-centered, Confucian society. The drama was exported worldwide. <-Actually my mom introduced me to this one, I didn't like it at 1st because the girl was always suffering lol, but then I got used to it and became addicted....

The biggest appeal of "K-pop," or popular Korean music, can be found in great songs, dancers and stage effects (Just like one time in the 90's BoyBands mainly from the USA were really popular). Korean pop idols' fast tempo music mixed with Asian rhythms appeals greatly to many young teens in China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other parts of the world. The true history of K-pop began in with the advent of the three-member group Seo Taiji and Boys in 1992. The group contributed significantly to breaking down various conventions of the local music scene and introducing various genres and styles from abroad. By the turn of the century, dance music became an essential part of K-pop, giving birth to many young pop idols.

E-sports is the new sports genre for the 21st century, meaning "Electronics Games & Sports" presented through matches within cyberspace. E-sports is fast attracting world attention and growing in size and prestige. In Korea, the craze for e-sports began with the huge success in the late 1990s of the game StarCraft, coupled with the fast rollout of high speed internet, websites, community boards, online game competitions and gaming TV channels, including OngameNet (2000) and MBC Game Channel (2001). This brought on sponsorship from big companies and the advent of professional gamers. So far, over 100 official online matches have taken place with over 400 certified, professional gamers in Korea alone.

***StarCraft is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game
developed by Blizzard Entertainment.***

If you are in Mexico and are interested in Korean Culture but don't know who can help you I recomend you to check out this website or sent an email to OLA COREANA EN MEXICO [
If there's anything I can help you, don't hesitate to ask!!

A friend of my sis told her that maybe I was Korean in a previous life and that's why I have so much interest in Korea...and sounds weird but it could besince I don't feel this passion (??) for many things in life..what do you think??

-Gisela V.

 Ps. Sorry  I didn't put the images where they are suppossed to go on the post but my blog is acting weird :(

Korean Drama

Korean Weddings / Mexican Weddings

I got inspired to write this blog thanks to Diana's latest blog entry because it's really interesting how Weddings are so different around the world but often this traditions disappear and everyone and everyone want a “western”-like wedding…..

Korean Traditional Weddings (Honrye)

In Korea, the marriage between a man and woman represents the joining of two families, rather than the joining of two individuals((Korean brides do not adopt their groom's surname as in many Western marriages). The event was often called Taerye (Great Ritual).

Amazing gowns.... O_O
 The groom usually traveled to the house of the bride for the ceremony, then stayed there for 3 days before taking his new bride to his family's home. The actual ceremony involved many small rituals, with many bows and symbolic gestures. The participants were expected to control their emotions and remain somber.
A couple getting married in Korea might incorporate ducks or geese into their wedding ceremony. Both ducks and geese mate for life and represent faithfulness.
At one time, a man who wanted to get married in Korea, would travel to his future bride's home on a white pony and present her family with a pair of geese.
You can see the dates in here :D
Traditionally, Korean betrothal gifts were brought to the bride's home by a band of the groom's closest friends. The gifts were placed in a box called a hahm. The group, dressed in costume with blackened faces, would arrive singing at the bride's family home. They would stop just outside the house, chanting, "Hahm for sale, hahm for sale!" The bride's family would rush out and offer money to the group. Through fun negotiation and laughter, the bearers would be bribed until at last the hahm was delivered. A few days after the ceremony, the couple visit the groom's family for another wedding ceremony, the p'ye-baek. Here the bride offers dates and chestnuts -- symbols of children -- to the groom's parents, while sitting at a low table filled with other symbolic offerings. The parents offer sake in return, and as a final gesture they throw the dates and chestnuts at the bride, who tries to catch them in her large wedding skirt.
Wedding Banquet
Korean wedding banquets can be very simple: Noodle soup is the only required dish. In fact, the wedding banquet is called kook soo sang, which means "noodle banquet." Long noodles -- symbolizing a wish for a long and happy life -- are boiled in beef broth and garnished with vegetables. Dok, a sticky rice cake, is served at most Korean events, especially weddings.
But there can be more than noodles in a Wedding right??... In another traditional wedding feast a guest would expect to find bulgogi (불고기, marinated barbecue beef strips), galbi (갈비, marinated short ribs), a variety of kimchi (pickled cabbage with a variety of spices, with other ingredients such as radishes, seafood). There will be many accompanying bowls of sauces for dipping. The meal is always accompanied with a vast quantity of white, sticky rice (, bap) as well as gimbap (김밥), which is rice, egg, spinach, crab meats, pickled radish, and other ingredients rolled in seaweed and sliced into 1-inch rounds.

The bride's  gown
The women's attire includes a jeogori (저고리; short jacket with long sleeves) with two long ribbons which are tied to form the otgoreum (옷고름). A chima (치마), a full-length, high-waisted, wrap-around skirt is worn. Boat-shaped shoes made of silk, are worn with white cotton socks. The norigae (노리개) is a hanbok (한복) decoration which has been worn by all classes of Korean women for centuries. It is tied to the skirt or the ribbon on the jacket. The knot on the top is called the Maedeup (매듭).
The groom's attire
A jacket (jeogori, 저고리) and trousers and an overcoat are worn. The jacket has loose sleeves, the trousers are roomy and tied with straps at the ankles. A black hat could be worn.
The wedding costume for men is also known as gwanbok for the groom

-As of 2009, according to Korea National Statistical Office, the average age of first marriage is 31.6 for men and 28.7 for women

- In a large number of marriages, the male is older than the female. This age disparity is usually intentional. The woman always seeks a man who is at least equal to if not higher than her in socio-economic status. Rarely does an arranged marriage happen where the man is lower than the woman in socio-economic status, class or by height.

- Same-sex marriage is not legally-recognized in South Korea. Homosexuality is strongly criticized in mainstream Korean society, and many Koreans consider homosexuality to be a Western phenomenon. The first public gay marriage was on March 7, 2004
(Hong Seok-cheon… Hong is the most prominent Korean celebrity to openly admit to being gay.)
Arranged marriage
Is popular in South Korea. Koreans usually refer to this type of marriage as Seon (). Generally, parents arrange a meeting, but it is ultimately up to the couple to decide if they want to marry.

Matchmakers are common in South Korea. Families present their son or daughter to a matchmaker, or a single man or woman arranges a meeting with a matchmaker, to analyze their resume and family history for the purpose of finding a marriage partner who is compatible in social status and earning potential. Koreans keep precise lineage records, and these are listed on the matchmaking resume.
Marriage agencies
The top two marriage agencies in South Korea are DUO and SUNOO

Although Koreans have kept several aspects of the traditional ceremony, most modern ceremonies resemble Western marriage ceremonies more than traditional Korean ones. However, many folk villages and museums across the country regularly perform ceremonies to keep the traditions alive.

Mexican Weddings

Sponsors of an Engaged Couple in Mexico
In Mexico, a traditional couple getting married are sponsored, financially, by their Godparents, to act as padrinos, sponsors of the wedding. They are mentors to the bride and groom throughout their engagement, and even after they are married. Needless to say, the bride and groom honor them with a place in the wedding program. The padrinos may present the couple with a rosary and a Bible during their wedding ceremony.
The godparents with the white ribbon
During the marriage vows, a white ribbon or rosary, called a "lasso", is symbolically wrapped around the necks of the couple, which represents their joining.
It is customary for a Mexican groom to give his wife a wedding present of thirteen gold coins, which are then blessed by the priest during the marriage ceremony. This gesture represents the groom's commitment to support his new wife.
As the newlyweds leave the church, red beads or uncooked rice may be tossed at them, to bring good luck. At the wedding reception, all the guests will join hands and form a heart shape around the newly married couple as they have their first dance.
The Mexican wedding cake is, usually, a fruit cake that has been soaked in rum.

It’s usually Mexican Food, the most common food is Mole with Chicken and rice, but it’s also very popular to have Pozole (it’s a soup or stew with meat, usually pork, chicken, turkey, pork rinds, sardine, chili pepper, and other seasonings and garnish) or Carnitas (is a type of braised or roasted pork meat)
Mole with Chicken and rice

Or godfather/godmother there are several godfathers/godmothers, these are usually to help the families with all the wedding expenses, each one will get something for the wedding such as:
-Wedding Cake
-Drinks (Alcohol) (Tequila lots of Tequila) lol
-White Ribbon or Lasso

Proposal and Meeting the family
Usually the groom will meet the family once they know it’s a serious relationship, once he is ready to propose it’s usually during a family reunion at the (soon to be) Bride’s house and here is where he will ask permission to marry her (Pedida de Mano), before the wedding each one will have a Bachelor/Bachelorette party each one organized usually by their best friends and almost always it involves a Strip club (for the groom) and a stripper show (for the bride) with their best friends and family (aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters)

At the Wedding
First there is a Ceremony at church (either Catholic or Cristian) and after this ceremony everyone goes to the Party!! (finally!! haha) where the couple can be received by the Mariachis and then there’s this dance "A la vibora de la mar", where the groom and bride will be on top if a Chair, he will be on one side and she on the other, he is supposed to be holding the bride’s dress and all the guest will dance around them, this usually goes wrong because someone falls (lol)
At some point the couple will go through all the tables and people will stick money on the groom’s jacket and the bride has a Special shoe where people can put more money….

All the guys wearing guayaberas
The Brides gown
The bride will wear a White traditional wedding dress

The groom’s gown
The groom will commonly wear a Guayabera and white pants or Charro clothes.

Is not very common to have arranged marriages in Mexico (specially in the City) but there are some little towns where the family arranges a marriage in exchange of some animals or a house o_O

Gay Marriage in Mexico has recently been approved by the law in Mexico (March  2010)
Although same-sex ceremonies are only legally performed in Mexico City, the marriages themselves are recognized anywhere in the country. The country's Supreme Court ruled (on August 10th) that all 31 states must recognize same-sex marriages performed in the capital.

Ok, so now that you (an me) know a bit more about weddings,,, will you choose a Traditional wedding???  ;)

-Gisela V.