Sunday, March 30, 2014

BBQ Party!

Hello everyone!~~
I'm trying not to be lazy but this has been yet another busy weekend, I actually love being busy but I'm old and I also need some rest (lol).
Friday night was Mexican dinner night and cleaning night (the rooftop that apparently was last cleaned in 1980). I came back from work around 10:30pm so, it was a long night, we had to get up early on saturday since we had to clean the rest of the house, shower, do some grocery shopping and getting started with the party stuff...
Since we are suuuper lucky; it was cloudy and rainy so we had to stay indoors, goodbye pretty lights we set up outside :( , but despite the weather we had an amazing time, lots of people came (more than we actually thought), we all ate a lot and we even had Quesadillas thanks to Douglas aka Mr. Pendejo ♡ (hahaha).
We had drinks and my friend Kiki insisted on singing but thank god her husband stopped her (lol... jk Ki!), I met lots of new people and was glad to see some friends we haven't met in a while. Finally around 7 the rain stopped and we went out to enjoy some fresh air and get some people dancing (yup, I mean you Sally and Douglas!), we were having so much fun that when we came back inside we forgot our shoes outside and it rained again so.... wet shoes for Sally, my sis and for me!
Our last guest came after 10pm, by that time we were pretty tired already; receiving over 15 people and feeding then is a handful...but he came with Ice cream!!, that's why I love our Baby bro, he is the cutest thing ever and if by now you found our Vlog Youtube channel, you might see him on our next video.
We ended up going to bed around 2am (again) and getting up at 6:30 to go for another 2NE1 Inkigayo prerecording.
After the recording we decided to head out to Mapo Bridge because today the filming of "The Avengers" started in Seoul, we walked around Yeouido park where we got a glimpse of what this Cherry Blossoms season will be, I'm very excited cuz this is our 1st time to catch such an event^^ , at the end we didn't see anyone from the Avengers but we had a nice Picnic by the river, we had fried chicken (you just call them and its delivered to you at the park!).
When we were heading back home, I got a message and we were invited to the Seven Luck cassino at the Hilton near Seoul station, we went there and now we have a  Membership card lol,we also got to meet the Sales Rep of D9 in Korea, I love their clothing/Hats line and he is a pretty cool guy (Guy, can we be friends?~~ I'm so lame I know)
We finally made it home around 5pm where we just chilled for a bit and then cooked our dinner, after that I wanted to take a nap but my OCD told me to clean the after party effects (good thing cuz now the house is clean again!) And here I am blogging instead of napping...
Talking about cleaning, why everytime we have visitors they mention our House being very clean and tidy, do people never clean in Korea or what?
Anyway, I had an awesome time and I'm ready for a new week!
What did you guys do this weekend?
-Gisela V.

Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm into...

Image- Instagram @seeven777

These days I'm very into sneakers. Being in Korea makes you want to have awesome shoes, everyone is wearing a pair of New Balance tennis and I feel like I need a pair... the more outrageous the better, from babies to older people, their motto is "Shoes are how we can express our identities", because you can run into 10 different people wearing the same exact outfit but it's find someone with the exact same shoes (unless some Idol has them, then everyone wants them and will get them... like those Rick Owens shoes for Adidas... ugh).

Ice cream!, I don't know how that happened, I used to eat ice cream just a couple of times a year, now? I crave it all the time... back in winter most places had Ice cream on sale and we were smart enough to buy some for later (lol).

The coolest snack ever, is like a rice cracker but had some drops of a glasse... I don't know what are they called but I loooove them!... wait, the name is 쌀과자 

Hats & Hip hop, somehow I got into Hip hop while being in Korea and that lead me to Hip hop parties (where I got a cool Snapback!), my new hobbie is goin to Hip hop parties and the next target will be Dok2's birthday party (jk!). If you wabt to listen some.of it you can youtube: Dok2, Beenzino, The Quiett, Bizzy, Tiger JK, Yoon the way, today is Dok2's birthday so....Feliz Cumpleaños Gonzo!!~~
That time we met Dok2 at The A

Now that Spring is here and we finally cleaned our rooftop I want 2 things, grow something outside; onions, carrots, cucumbers, flowers, anything wiol do really! And have outdoor partieeees, I love having people over and this weather calls for it. Tomorrow we'll be holding our 1st, the grill is ready and so are we!.

What are your favorite things lately?

-Gisela V.

P.s. I would also LOVE to get my hands on a bike, I miss biking and I would even dare to bike all the way from Imungdong to Yeouido park.

My rental bike @ Yeouido last year^^ 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Settling down

I've been meaning to write this for some time...

When people knows we are living in Korea they always asume we have a lot of money, true to be told; we don't. Sometimes I wish we were more carefull with our money when we started our New journey but we decided to go YOLO about it but I don't really regret it.

When mom left us almost 2 years ago I learned how to let go: how to let go emotions and material things, when you decide to leave your country with nothing but a backpack, you have to let go material things and get used to the idea of just having a few pieces of clothing. For me this is easy, I usually worry but then I think "If I throw this away now, in 2-3 months I won't remember it...." and that's how I let material things go.

Emotional things are different, my Mom and my sister have always been the most important thing in my life and when we lost my mom I got a pretty big hock, something I still can't get over and still cry about, I get angry because I can't understand why someone decided it was her time to go, she was the happiest person I've ever met, she wanted to grow old and even if she said she didn't want to; I know she wanted to spoil my babies (when I had them)... but loosing my mom like that made me realize that time is precious and the most important thing is to enjoy it with those you love.

Of course I'd love to be on a better situation (economically), buy new shoes or clothes, but winter clothes will have to do for this spring (hehe), I don't want to be rich, that has never been my goal, I just wish I had a bit more because I love going out with friends and being able to treat them a meal or coffee...

Sometines I freak out because I'm close to being 30, I feel like I should settle down, meet someone, get married, have kids and move on but that's something I don't see happening anytime soon... maybe there's a tiny hippie inside me telling me I still need to travel more, see more things by myself...but there's also a tiny old lady telling me I can be a good wife and mom. Now that I get to be with a baby everyday I can't help but wonder how will it be when I have my own...

I usually don't tell this to a lot of people because most tend to freak out, but I don't like thinking about my future anymore, I'm very aware I can die anytime and somehow that doesn't scare me anymore like it did 4 years ago, I'm doing what I want to and I've accomplished more things than I ever thought I would ever do, for now I'm living 1 day at a time and I'm having a great time, specially because I still have 1 of the most important person next to me^^

-Gisela V.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

B as in Busy

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back~~

I don't know what's going on lately but we've been pretty busy, and whenever I'm home, I'm too tired to even move -lol-, we need to do some serious House cleaning now that spring is here and we can finally enjoy our rooftop properly.

Things are constantly changing and in less than a month another BIG change might happen, althoug, we are not sure about this, I'm confident whatever happens we'll work it out, because that's how my mom taught us^^

On a previous post I talked about the 2 meet ups my friend set up for me, the 1st one was a Fail because her bro-in law is way tooo shy to be true, he saw me for a second and ran to his room, I thought I had scared him away lol, but 2 days later we met again, this time he did say Hello but that was basically it, I can tell he is nice but too shy for me, it's enough with me being very shy already.

The 2nd one was yesterday, this was... BAD, not because they guy isn't attractive but because he doesn't speak ANY english, I know that's not his fault, and I also know that I should be speaking Korean by now BUUUUT, if someone is setting you up, they should at least make sure you both can communicate. The guy would send me messages everyday, I thought it was cute of him but that's just how I am hehe, he said he would pick me up and so I assumed he already had something planned since the day before he asked me what I wanted to do, but then, he asked Where I wanted to go have lunch and we ended up walking and going to a random place close to my house, we had to communicate with Google Translate, I'm not even joking, the restaurant was empty -it's a VERY new restaurant- the owner and the waiter were looking at us strangely because we weren't talking and just shoving our phones to each other... it was AWKWARD to say the least. He then asked me for a picture right there and then when we were still eating and so we did, shortly after that he said All of his friends where asking him How was the meeting going on 0_0

We went for a coffee and my phone decided to be stupid and not work anymore so we couldn't talk, he called our friend and she said he felt bad because it was a boring date and wanted to go to a DVD Room -a place to watch movies- but why prolong a boring and awkward date?, and when he asked me what my ideal guy is like and I said: Funny, he said that's what he lacks the most.

Now, don't get me wrong, he is a nice guy, he seems to be sweet but we have NOTHING in comming, except that we like Iced Americano,but, who doesn't?, we can be friends but I don't see anything else happening in the future...

We finally went to one of those Hip Hop parties in Itaewon and I loved it, I was having a great time until our friend decided she wanted to leave early, but it was too lste to catch the last train and we ended up at a 24 hour Coffee shop bored as hell... I was in a bad mood because if I wasn't partying I wanted to be home sleeping but we couldn't afford the taxi fee.. at 3am I messaged a friend and he was around so we went to meet him but for no apparent reason, my (girl) friend was being very bitchy with muy guy-friend, we left the bar because she said we could take the 4am bus but there was no such thing, we walked and then took a short ride taxi to wait for another bus but the 2nd bus was late and that's why we decided to take another bus and get off to take the recently open subway at 5:30.... I was tired and in a bad mood when we finally reached home at 6am....

I trully hate girls being bitchy and I guess that's why most of my closest friends are guys, some girls just need to understand not every guy that approaches them is trying to flirt....

It was a very busy weekend and this sunday I went out to meet my Playplanet date but that will have to be another post^^

-Gisela V.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nervous wreck

That's what I am at the moment.....

Perhaps you all can send me good vibes? ^^

I promise i'll post a real update soon!

-Gisela V.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Not so lazy sunday

Heeeeeeeeeello everyone!!

Today I'm blogging from a coffee shop in Gayang while sipping on a Coffee~coke (most amazing drink ever!).

I'm with my GZBz (lol) just waiting because we are due to go into Inkigayo's pre-recording for 2NE1 at 5pm...

I actually dont have much to say but I just wanted to drop by and say hello (lol ~ laaaame), yesterday we had a pretty busy day starting at 9am and finishing by midnight only to wake up at 4:30am to go for 2NE1's first recording at 6:30am... Oh, I wish I was home being lazy....

Yesterday we also kinda went to 2NE1's fansign lol...

Aaaaand we've signed up for a very cool "Traveling with locals" project with Playplanet (In case we didn't have enough on our hands already)

Oh!, on a different note, I've been set up for a "blind" date next weekend and another meet up on tuesday lol... I guess when you are almost 30 that's what you get in Korea, people worried about you for not being married...

The meet up on tuesday is a funny story cuz apparently even the guy's mom (whom I've met once) is excited about me visiting and wants me to cook Mexican food, she is also excited because her son barely shows interest in anything in life. This meet ups have been set up by my friend Kiki, she actually wants me to marry her brother in law (the tuesday guy) so that we can become family (LMAO). She is the coolest girl and we get along pretty well plus I ♥ her baby Julian.

Anyway, we'll see how things go next week^^

-Gisela V.

Ps. Just wanted to throw here one of my sis' quotes: "Mr. Officer, are there any Visas for LOVE?" Lololololol

Thursday, March 13, 2014

I suck

I suck at keeping up with challenges lol, I wasn't even able to complete a whole month of my Daily blogging challenge...

Things got crazy for a bit and I just had so much going on that I didn't know what to blog about, the good thing is; I'm blogging WAY more often than what I used to blog a couple of months ago!~ yay me!

Our week in Osaka came and went.... I really like Japan although I can't say I love it, I usually have enough of it in 3-4 days, and I think 2-3 days in Osaka are more than enough. This time we didnt have lots of plans because we've been to Osaka before and we had already done all those touristy things, we mostly walked around the city until we were hungry and then we woud have another hour or 2 to find something we both (me and my sis) wanted to eat. It was mostly becsuse we would walk for 6-8 hours that when we got back to our hostal I was already exausted and didn't feel like blogging..... sorry!

On our last day we decided not to do anything, our flight was at 6pm and we decided to go to the airport after checking out of the hostel (10am), we finally left around 11 hopping to he in Kansai around 12pm and that would give us plenty of time to eat, record our 3rd Vlog, do our nails and blog.... but as it is now a classic Diana&Gisela; we took the wrong train, we ended up in Nara instead of Kansai airport so, we had to take the train back... back in Tenoji we waited for the Airport Express train that was anounced to depart from track #18 but neither of us heard the time and jumped on the next train on track #18, we were sure it was the right one because that one was fancier, had english information and at some point we both heard "something something Airport something".... since I usually can't sleep on public transportation I was just looking out the window until I notice certain building (the tallest building in Japan located in.... Tenoji...) and BAM! I woke up my sister and turns out we took the Osaka Loop train... FML! It was already 1pm by the time we got back to Tenoji Station, another anounce was made and this time we payed attention, a train scheduled for Kansai Airpirt would depart at 1:15 from track 10... abd so we went there and waited for the right train... wheb we got on the train I still felt uneasy about it, the announced something about the airport and as soon as they said Kansai, my sister unplugged her attention from the train but I didn't... thank god! Cuz turns out out of the 8 cars on the train only 1 to 4 would continue to the airport and the rest were going somewhere else, we were on the Car #6, easy, we just have to walk to Car #4... but then the when we got to car 5 that was it, we had to wait until it stop to get off and go to car #4.... at this point it was like a joke, we were worried about cars 1 to 4 getting separated from 5 and we would be left there.... lol, it took about 10 minutes to get to the next station where we had to run to change cars... we finally had made it into the right train and Car!.... I felt like we were on an episode of The twilight zone where people live on a loop, I could see myself ridding trains in Osaka for ever lol. 

At some point on the trains, my sister asked me if I could live in Japan... honestly? No, I don't think so, I usually feel like getting out of there by day 5, I mean, Japan is pretty, clean, people is polite and I love the food but it doesn't feel like home... and that's why I love Seoul so much, I feel at home here, I misses our house, the weather, the food, the people.... I'm still not tired of it....

We finally made it to the airport by 2:15... we only had tike to have lunch and look around for a bit before taking the shuttle to Terminal 2 for our flight Check in.... at 4pm we made it to the whearhouse, I mean, terminal 2, got ourselves some 7/11 ice cream to spend those last Yenes we had and checked it, the boarding gate was really nice, the only airline servicing terminal 2 is Peach so it was quite empty, they have tables with computers, big couches and nice facilities, around 6 we headed to our gate to board and luckily caught the coolest sunset :), finally by 8pm we made it to Incheon airport and made it home at 11pm... I still can't believe it takes more time to get home from the airport than from Japan to Korea... lol 

Abd that was Osaka v2... it was nice but I've had ebough of it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Gisela V.

Ps. THANK YOU NAOKO for the presents!~

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to move to Korea

Hi everyone!

I've been receiving this question quite often now, What do I need to move to Korea?

Hmm... I've been thinking about it and well... 2 things come to my mind, 1st Courage and 2nd A job or lots of $$$.

1st things 1st, WHY do you want to move to Korea?

If you love K-pop and Dramas, well, I would recommend to just Travel to Korea for a couple of weeks...

If you want to Learn Korean, experience a new culture, and just feel like your life has changed 180° well.. this one is a bit harder, I wouldn't recommend to MOVE to Korea if you don't have a Job or a Job offer here.

If you have a job or a job offer, then things will be easier, your company will sponsor your visa and most likely will end up just gathering the documents for said visa, as for WHERE to get the jobs, sorry, I can't help, perhaps our friend GOOGLE has the answer, there are plenty of websites with job offers, you just need to know how to look for them. 

If you don't have a job offer but still want to move to Korea; I recommend you to Learn Korean, Have a Masters degree, Speak English and just to be GREAT at what you do because in order to get a Working Visa you and/or your company will have to proof that YOU are whats needed for the job and a Korean is not capable to do it, here's some basic information about VISAS in Korea.

Us -Mexican passport holders- can stay in Korea for 90 days without a Visa, if you just want to experience what's like to live in here but don't want to get a Job, you just need lots of money and the rest is easy, you can study Korean without a visa, you can travel and just enjoy what this land has to offer^^ 

Now... abut me, I moved here because I was tired of Mexico city, I've wanted to experience living in Korea since the 1st time I visited back in 2010, I didn't have any attachments to Mexico -except for awesome Mexican food-, basically I just said YOLO, I know how stupid YOLO sounds but sometimes it makes perfect sense and for the past 7 months I've been following the YOLO method anytime a new challenge comes, that and saying YES to things because you are not going to make friends saying NO. 

I was lucky, I had a job offer when I was in Mexico, the company sponsored my Visa, it was a LONG process and not as complicated as I thought it was going to be, but I'm not working with that company anymore so, that adds some Drama to my life -lol- and well... that's just too personal to blog haha. 

Anyway, here's some basic information if you want to travel to Korea, either for some days, weeks or permanently move in...

This is based on my experience -Remember I'm Mexican, so, I'm not sure about what are the requirements for other countries- 

Flight: If you don't have a valid US Visa don't worry, there are other ways to come here, you can fly from Mexico-Amsterdam (or any other European county)-Korea, I've done that twice and it can be tiring, if you are only coming for a few day I wouldn't recommend this, last time I did that; I was in Korea only for 5 days on a pretty tight schedule and the jetlag was awful, I slept like 50 hours -2 long 13 hours flights, a layover in Paris and when I got home... it was a nightmare... and also, more expensive... (I recommend KLM....I loved them!!)

The other way is easier and cheaper, there's a flight from Mexico to Narita (Tokyo), the flight makes a quick stop in Tijuana, total flying time is about 16-17 hours?, the stop in Tijuana is about 2-3 hours and from Japan there are a billion of flights to Seoul -and you don't need a Visa for Japan!-, this is way cheaper than flying trough Europe but also less comfortable because you'll be flying to Aeromexico and for me it has one of the worst customer services but hey!, it's cheap and faster!

Like I said, you can stay in Korea for 3 months without a visa, if you don't speak Korean don't worry, the country is pretty English friendly -transportation and information wise, people here don't speak a lot of English-

Things are expensive compared to Mexico, just take a look:

Subway ride: Starts in about 1USD and can be more depending on the distance 
Rent: I would say that an average in Seoul for a -cheap- place is about 600 USD (not downtown Seoul, that would cost me an arm and a leg...)
Food: If you go to a restaurant is not AS expensive as you would think, an average meal can go from 3USD to 7USD, there are some Korean BBQ buffets for 8-9USD (all you can eat and sometimes drinks!!). 
Fruits & Veggies: These things are can pay 1USD for 1 orange, now that srping is coming, things are getting better but paying 7USD for an avocado kills me...  
Milk and Dairy products: 1 Lt. of Milk is about 2-3USD, Cheese is VERY expensive -unless you buy Korean cheese that will be bad most of the times lol~ sorry KR!-, you can't find edible cream on your average supermarket or local store. 
Drinks: Korea has smaller cans than Mexico (or the rest of the world?), this is good because, well, less soda is better for your health but paying 1USD for a tiny can of a soft drink is... well, some people feel upset about it, I barely drink any soda now. 
Alcohol: CHEAP!!!!!!!! A bottle of Soju is 2-3 USD and it can get you pretty drunk, Local beer is cheap but also very bad but bleh, sometimes we just need something to drink, Makgeolli is also pretty cheap and can go from 1-5USD, Wine is about 11-20USD (of course, depends on the quality!) 
Snacks: If you go to your local DAISO (like those Dollar stores) you can get snacks starting at 1USD, most of the chips are bad and somehow sweet so, if you like spicy things, make sure you bring your snacks, mail them, or bring sauce!! -If any of my good readers in Mexico wants to send me Snacks or sauces,,,, do let me know!!!- 

I'm running out of ideas here, if you have any questions about something I didn't cover or wasn't clear, leave me a comment and I'll try to update the post as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, our -me and my sis'- VLOG is out!!, I won't post the link because I'm embarassed -lol- but if you look carefully on Youtube or my other blog you'll find it.... 

-Gisela V
Sorry if I'm lacking on some information, I tend to lose the ideas for my posts as soon as my fingers touch the keyboard. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Osaka V2

Over 6 months ago we visited Osaka for 3 days, for me, that was more than enough.

We visited all the tourist spots in 1 day on a 38 degree weather, it was HORRIBLE, lots of humidity, sweating like pigs and lots of walking, I honestly wasn't very excited about us coming back, but since its the end of winter I figured it wouldn't be that bad...

And it wasn't!, we spent our day walking around Osaka, started at a temple followed by a quiet walk under a light rain and then a long walk to a park. Since we still have plenty of time and the day was pretty cold we took the subway to Namba, went to have Convenience store snacks and took pictures -lots of them-, we also visited Don Quijote, the coolest store in Japan, you can get anything, from Make up, to snacks, drinks, shoes, lolita outfits, maid customes and the cooles Onesies for adults, I love it, I wanna buy everything there^^

We basically walked around until it was time to meet a friend's friend... a very nice Japanese lady called Ms. Fujita -pronounced FuYita hehe-, she traveled to México 15 years ago!!! so, she was very excited to meet Mexicans in Japan, we went to have dinner at what she claims to be a Popular place, we had Yakisoba and Okonomiyaki at a One Piece decorated place, we had a nice chilled dinner with great conversation, she brought gifts for us -I felt so bad we didnt have anything for her-, we got Tea and Chocolate <3.

The ride back to our hostal was just 2 Subway stations, I had no idea we were so close to one of the coolest places in Osaka -lol-, tomorrow we'll bike around the area and explore some more of what will be our Hood for the next few days.

I'll try to make that post about living in Korea later on the weekend, I just wanted to post today -it's actually 1am here, so, I'm already late- since I  havent been blogging everyday cuz my lame challenge didn't last long -lol-

I should sleep now...  G'night!!!!!

-Gisela V.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

6 Months of Korea

Two days ago marked our 6th month-versary (??) in Korea, on September 4th we arrived at Incheon from Japan, funny thing?, I'm writting this post from a random Hostal in Osaka, Japan....

I would like to thank my sister for being with me these 6 months (wel... these almost 29 years), for making my dream come true, for loving me as much as she does and for going crazy with me all this time. It was actually her who reminded me of our month-versary, over 3 years ago I told myself I would live in Korea someday, my mom and my sis were always very supportive and now we are here, I know my mom is proud of us for taking such a crazy path and not living a conventional life.

Despite the rough way it took us to get here, the downs and the lack of many things we were used to have, I can say I'm having the time of my life, I enjoy the little things of life, things I didn't even notice before, I'm making new friends in the oddest ways, I miss when I don't eat rice for a couple of days but I still miss Mexican food very much.

I feel some of my friends misunderstand our life because we tend to party quite often (for very cheap of FREE!) but we also complain about the lack of money...aaaaaaaaaaanyway, that's way to deep for this post -or any post-.

Since we will be in Osaka for 5 days and I've already seen what I needed to see here, I guess I will be doing some blogging and some Vlogging...

Soon I will be posting about the most frequent question I receive on the blog's FB page... "What do you need to live in Korea", honestly you just need the courage, but I guess I'll let you a bit more about what we have been doing here and how it is to be a Mexican in Korean and of course, you can also go to my sis' blog and read how she sees being a Mexican over here^^

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hungover with 2NE1

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back, apparently I had a 24 hour hungover, weird thing is, I didn't drink ANY alcohol over the weekend, it might have been because on sunday we partied too hard and went to bed after 5am and at my age that's dangerous lol.

On sunday, we went to 2NE1's afterparty, Sally and I went earlier since Diana was at the real 2NE1 concert that night, we invited Oppa to come along and somehow more people tagged along with us, some cool, some not and another guy who seemed to be nice but wouldnt say a word or

When we got in, there was a DJ playing, I was expecting bad music, cigarette smoke and dry ice like the last time we went to The A, to my surprise, this DJ was better and being with a group of crazy girls -ok, it was just Sally.... lol- made it even more fun, we danced and singed, the rest of the people was too worried waiting for 2NE1 to actually do anything...

Around 1am, Choice37 came up and the YG family was there, Choice37 set was better than I thought, he of course included 2NE1 songs, G-dragon, GD&TOP, mastawu, A$$AP Rocky, etc, by then, the audience was going nuts and everyone was pushing, people were on the floor and we ended up getting out of there and going to the back to enjoy the party, we were dancinc and singing even louder -lol- and then this pettite guy came and joined us, he was doing the coolest dances... I want to be friends with more people like him hahahaha, DUDE, if you are reading me,,,, call me! hehe

Oppa spent the whole night texting, I don't even think he notices when the crowd dragged him to the middle of the floor, he was too inmerced on his texting, when he finally came to the back, he went out and we didn't see him until like an hour later when I asked him where he was, he just casually said "behind you guys...." meaning, he was watching when we were going crazy LOL, well, he better know the real us now.

Around 2:30 we decided to call it a night, we were leaving the club and I saw Jay Park^^, too bad I didn't get a pic with him, I'm a fan :), Oppa drove us and since we hadn't had dinner, he took us to Tteokpokki Town and then he took us home, I went to bed after 5am and woke up at noon to ask my boss what time I had to meet her...I finally got up at 2, ate with my sister, took a shower and went out, I felt sleepy and had a headache the whole day...but I'm ready to hit the Hip Hop club next time!!

Oppa, sorry if we were being annoying when we were singing in your car~~ hehe

Half of my tuesday is gone and tomorrow I have to pack for Osaka...since we are on a tight budget, I'm guessing we'll do lots of editing for our next vlog while being there....Yesterday I got great news but that's not for me to tell right now, just be happy for me^^

Ah..and if you are wondering about 2NE1 at their party, well, they came out and sang 4 songs, GD, Taeyang and Jay Park were there and were invited to the stage, CL came up with Choice37 for his DJ set, Minzy and Lidia Paek came to the stage to do some dancing as well as the YG dancers and the musicians.

So, Sally, Christina (sp?) and Diana... thank you for such a great night, it was THA BOMB!, hope we can do it again soon~

-Gisea V,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Interviews in Korea

Hi everyone!!!

I'm posting saturday's post late because I was out having fun lol....

It was quite a long saturday, it started with a mid afternoon interview for a Job, I was supposed to prepare a 10 minute English class for kindergarteners, I got there at 2pm and it was like a massive event, there were 8 Korean teachers and we were 2 Foreign teachers, the Interviewer went on for about an hour explain god knows who in Korean, making jokes, asking questions and jus explaining things... then he just pointed at me and told me I would start with my presentation, by now I was shaking because the other teachers had Way too many cool materials, I had 2 lousy songs, cards and colorful tiny letters for some games, so, I had to win them over with my charm and brain -ha!!!!- instead of start a Fake class, I explained how will I do the class, how I was going to interact with the kids and win them over, I sang a little bit of my 2 songs and when I was done, the 2nd teacher -korean- took over, she got up, removed her jacket and was wearing a bright yellow dress with a speaker and her cute nametag, she was bright, loud, could dance and sing...god, by now I realized how bad I did it... then the other foreigner took her turn and it was as bad as mine lol, we listened to the rest of the Korean teachers who by the way, were equaly nervous, shaking and forgetting things but always being bright and positive...

The interviewer said I did good and had a good kindy teacher face -LOL- but I needed to learn songs and dances and make more face-hand gestures, I agree 100% and by watching the rest of the teachers I got a better Idea of what to do next week when I go back.

We then ate Ice cream and waited some more, it was almost 4 hours after that I was sent home and I was told I would have to go back next week... It's pretty scary, I mean, I know the English is on a very Basic level but entretaining 4-7 year olds is not an easy job... Much less if you are not easy to be all loud and cute all the time, I guess I need to study some Aegyo hahaha.

Finally at 6pm I was ready to go and meet Sally and my sister for dinner, we are a Trio of BBQ lovers, we go to BBQ Buffets and now we know not to eat rice or Jjeon or lots of water because we'll get full faster, we just grill and eat meat with some veggies lol, we were there for a bit over 2 hours...Ahn -Sally's friend- joined us and we had a great time pigging out on meat, we even finished the lil gas tank on the portable stove -we are not even sorry-, we then were going to get Ice cream cuz Ahn wanted to go see the Ice cream boy who according to him is supper hot, except he is like 19 and not Hot but just Cute in a "he is my lil bro" kind of way, by then we had decided to hit the Karaoke close to home because it was only 10,000Won an hour, we bid goodbye to Ahn and took the subway to Hoegi station, right in front there's an Avenue L mall, 2nd floor and you'll find the classiest Karaoke ever, the price is now 12,000 but still is super cheap -most places go from 20-30,000- we only payed for an hour but depending on your score you can get extra time, we got 10 more minutes, we rocked 2NE1, Bigbang, Snoop Dog, Limp Bizkit, M2M, Spice Girls and some Pitbull lol, we then walked home but kept signing on the way. I bet people thought we were drunk but NO, we didn't drink ANY alcohol tonight, I had a great time with those 2, I just with Sally was a bit older and knew older songs because we finished our Karaoke session with Justin Bieber's BABY..... OMG ~~ LOL.

Thank you girls for such an amazing night, and well...see you tomorrow for 2NE1's afterparty!!!!!

-Gisea V.