Monday, April 28, 2014

Can't say this enough

Being sick again SUCKS big time and the rainy/gloomy days are not helping...

Yesterday I was chatting with my Boss/Friend and told her I wasn't feeling well, she said she would get me medicine today.

Today I showed up for work but I was useless as my illness took the best of me; my boss gave me medicine and even prepared a light snack to eat before the pills, she showed ne how much she cares about me. I was told to take tomorrow off and get better because she said she was feeling bad cuz I went to work today while being sick....

Back in november when I was working at *****, I asked my Boss to help me get medicine for my cold (we were friends, that's why I asked him), he basically ignored me, made me work for up to 15 straight hours and a week later asked me if I was sick....

Everyday I feel blessed for the new family I've found away from Home and I'm sure my mom's working something up there for us to be having such an amazing time/life now...

I can't thank my boss enough for being so cool and for loving me so much^^

Tomorrow I'll rest and hopefully my sore throat will get better!

I know I haven't been blogging much, but our Vlog is consuming more time these days and I want to focus on that now that is growing, it's been so much fun to make videos and to reply to the comments on Youtube/Facebook...

But do stick around as I'll try to update more often!, even if it's a random post boring day lol.

Or, you can check our youtube channel (Double trouble en Corea) but that's in Spanish hehe.

Time for me to sleep and I'll see you guys soon^^

-Gisela V.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Hi everyone!

It's been a week since my last post and over this week everything has been pretty boring... like seriously... nothing out of the ordinary, on the weekend we filmed 2 videos for our Youtube channel and sunday we finally relaxed; we had a BBQ on our rooftop and finished with some wine and strawberries.

Things over here have been kind of depressing, the whole country feels sad and is VERY attent to the news of the Sewol Ferry disaster.

Me and the people around me, feel very sad about this and would like to help but now is not the right time, perhaps in a couple of weeks we'll be able to do some volunteer work over in Jindo, meanwhile, we keep praying....hope is the last thing we loose, isn't it?

I hope you understand why I've been so "quiet" on my blogging and I'll come back soon with better contents (here's hoping!)

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Bigbang in concert with the YG Family in August in Seoul!!
I'm dying of excitement lol
Anyway,it would be awesome if you guys would check on Youtube our channel "Double Trouble en Corea", we just uploaded a video of our weekend drinking in Hongdae^^

-Gisela V

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drunk in Korea

Every day of this week I said "OMG, I haven't blogged yet...", I wanted to blog but I either didn't have time to do so or I didn't know what to blog about.

We've been working on our Youtube channel (Double Trouble en Corea), our regular jobs, some new ones and a T-shirt project we are starting!~

I'm very excited with everything that's going on, on friday we got GREAT news about a "thing" we had pending in Mexico, that's finally coming to an end!!

This friday we also went out partying with some friends, we went to Hongdae because a friend's brother was opening a restaurant and drinks (Soju & Beer) were only  1,000 won (about 1USD), we had dinner and way too many drinks to be true and then we moved to that "Girls only" club from last week; where our good friend Audrey caused an immpact with her dancing lol, we had lots of fun and decided to call it a night after 7am... we came home and I slept until 2pm, we ordered Fried chicken (lol) and theb showered and left the house again, my body was sore and I was tired but we had to go meet our friend Kiki but she had to go home earlier than we planned...

We were plan-less and after texting our friends from the night before we decided to go back to our friend's restaurant for more cheap drinks, it was really fun, we met old friends there and we met a whole table of 20 year old guys who seemed to be enjoying our company way too much... they were cute but too young and loud for me hahaha

We came home before 7am and now I don't know how am I going to survive this week... it's going to be crazy busy and I can't wait until next weekend...

Right now I'm on my bed next to my awesome sister who's editing this week's youtube video, she is just better at it than me ;).

Hopefully we'll show you our t-shirts project soon!~~

I'm sorry I can't give you a better post but with my almost 29 years and after 2 days partying...I feel like dying.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Bridge of Life

사랑해주세요 - Please love me or Love me....

Remember how on the weekend I finally walked the Mapo Bridge?, I had crossed that bridge by car and bus many times and each time I thought about what the bridge represents…

The Mapo Bridge crosses the Han River in Seoul connecting the Mapo District and the Yeongdeungpo District, this bridge was completed in 1970 but was called Seoul Bridge.

This Bridge has been re-named Mapo Bridge but is also known as Bridge of Life (Since it was renewed on September 201) to prevent people from jumping off the Bridge.

Korea is known for having quite high Suicide rates and this bridge had over 100 attempts Between 2007-2012. According to a note on the; South Korea’s suicide rate has been the highest among developed nations for 8 years, with almost 42 people choosing to end their lives EVERY DAY.

All along the bridge you can find messages and pictures of Korean people and Korean food, the messages on the bridge were chosen by psychiatrists and are aimed to reduce tension and getting people to relax with humor.

Messages such as: “Have you eaten yet?” (A popular greeting in Korea) can be found and funny messages like “Did you know Gorillas all have blood type B?”, to messages like “Doesn’t it feel good to be outside walking on a bridge?” or “Worries are nothing”.

There’s also a statue of a person comforting another one.

After the renewal of the bridge more people tried to take their own lives but the actual number of those who DID jump off the bridge decreased by 47% from the previous year.

Besides the pictures and messages, there are also mirrors –I guess looking at your own reflection when trying to jump can make you stop and re-think your decision-  there are also 2 Emergency phones in case you see someone attempting to jump and CCTV monitoring systems have been also installed.

I don’t really want to get too much into the Suicide subject because I’m not expert on this, I would never do it but I don’t judge those who attempt it, while walking on the Bridge I felt at peace and despite not really understanding the phrases –in Korean- you can sense certain peace there, I wish I could help those who feel so bad the only exit they see is Jumping off a bridge or tell them to just Fu+k everything off and do not let themselves down by doing so, anyway, I wanted to explain a bit more about this Bridge because it’s has become a somehow an Attraction when you are around the area.

I wish I had the right words for those who need it, but I suck at this whole Comforting words… :(

Well… there you go, that is it…

-Gisela V.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Remember how this was supposed to be a chilled weekend?... it wasn't, AT ALL.

On friday my new Mexican friend (whom I met at that odd Spanish speakers work on tuesday) invited me to a club, before that she asked me if I had any Gay friends and I obviously said Yes, it was a random question that I understood a bit later; when she told me she was Gay (lol) and then I found out the club we were meeting at was an Only Girls club...

Honestly I was BLOWN AWAY when we got inside, I couldn't believe all of them were girls and made me think I've been confusing boys with girls ALL this time, OMG, there were pretty looking "guys" and others were "I totally look like a guy not like a girl" girls... All night I was tempted to talk to those "guys" but I'm too shy... we ended up hanging out with what turns out to be one of the "most popular gay girls" in Korea, she is very well known (whatever that means) and if you hang out with her group it means something, what that something is? I have no freaking idea but the girls were nice, they invited us drinks and we had a great time... and it go me thinking, do they think I'm gay? But I didn't bother asking them.

I remember years ago at a gay club (mixed, this was my 1st time at a just girls club) I was with some friends and a friend of a friend told me I didn't look Gay, I guess I have that "I'm straight" look... but I don't know how that works out...

We ended up leaving the club after 5am, I had to bring my friend home with me because she was way too wasted and didn't know her address... it was quite an interesting cab ride and finally at 6:30am I made it home only to wake up at 9:30 because we were meeting friends at Yeouido park.

I'm glad I can now take alcohol like an adult and control what's going on, I wasn't really hung over but I was tired and sleepy and I took 2 aspirins just in case lol, after a shower and breakfast we caught the 261 bus to Yeouido where we were supposed to film 2 videos for our Youtube channel.

Little did we know the weather was going to get crazy, it was sunny but got cloudy on the way there and after we got off the bus it got crazy windy and cold with some random light rain, we only got some shots of the cherry blossoms and we got upset because we were cold, hungry and got nothing to do... we walked and after some... discussion we found a cool Dancing crew at the Park, I remember them from Myeongdong so we stayed the whole act, when they finished, another guy came and installed his suitcase, it was like a Magician without being one... I don't know how to explain it...perhaps the word I'm looking for is Entretainer but you'll see when we Vlog about it.

We were supposed to meet other friends at 4 but among so many people there, we ended up missing them and so we decided to go back to our hood, get dinner and go to a Noraebang to release some stress by singing.

Luckily the same 261 bus stop was right next to the park and we got to Hoegi station around 7pm, we had a nice Tonkatsu dinner followed by a cheap waffle (that's the good thing about living next to Universities!) And headed to the fancy Noraebang where we rocked all our songs... you can click the following link for our Noraebang Vlog:

On our way home my sister said something in Spanish to someone (don't know what or who) and I told her "one of these days someone will reply in Spanish and you'll not know what to say", we went to buy bread and as soon as we got in EVERYONE in Seoul decided to go in, so, my sis complained in Spanish...turns out the owner spoke spanish LOL... it was sooo funy, I love how many spanish speakers we have found in Seoul....

We finally got home around 9-10pm and had to decline another friend's offer to go out, I was dead tired and we needed to get up early the next day to go to 2NE1's Inkigayo pre-recording, that turned out well, since the day was sunny we ended up going to Yeouido park again but got off at the wrong stop so we got off at Mapo station, we had to cross the Han river through the Mapo bridge also known as Bridge of Life, it's called like that because there's a lot of people that decides to jump off of that bridge, mostly young people... I will talk more about it later as I would like to properly get you information about it, somehow I found that 30 minute walk peaceful and relaxing...

We came home around 6 and I'm finally chillin' at 11pm...

Tomorrow we need to do the recording we didn't do on saturday at 8am and then I have a Korean language exchange with baby bro^^

We also received an awesome call but that's for later...

It was a crazy-fun-exciting weekend...

How was yoyr weekend?

-Gisela V.
Ps. I wanna thank Melanie for her comments and for taking time to email me, I always get very excited when a reader contact me as is very unusual...

Is there anyone else out there??

Thursday, April 3, 2014


I'm still here!

This week came and went... friday is almost here and we've done too many things.

Currently I'm singing "GZB" while my sis and I remember what we've been through with our Instagram pictures. I know you must be tired of me saying how Blessed I feel but I really do feel Blessed everyday.

Today I was walking while waiting for the train and I was thus close to take a picture of a random tree because I thougjt it looked amazing and it made my day brighter (despite being cloudy and rainy all day).

Yesterday GD (hey... you already know I'm a fan here!) Posted a quote that said something like "When a door closes another one opens but sometimes you are so busy pondering about the closed one that you don't realize another one has been open" and that's very true... I got a job yesterday doing marketing in Spanish but I wasn't convinced it was a legit company so, I decided not to take it and instead I decided to focus on what was going on at the moment and BAM! I received another proposal!!

I then went into my 1st and most loved job and ended up cooking Pizza with a student and my sister, we had a great we always do~~

My boss got me a Giant baguette because she knows I love REAL bread (nothing against Korean bread but its not the same), she is awesome and always worry about us ♡.

We have also RSVP'd  for a party with Jay Park next weekend! Wooooo~~

This weekend we have 2 videos to make for our Vlog and then is Chillin' time because I have the worst Dark Circles ever... my boss even told me today that she felt sorry cuz I cooked and I looked VERY tired 헐.

Anyway, just wanted to post a little update, I'm working on a "Single Mom in Korea" post but the next weeks promise to be very busy ones.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you wjen I see you!

-Gisela V.