Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anybody home??


Seriously!... I know I've been absent for a while, it's been a few rough/complicated weeks... As some of you know my mom had to go back to the Hospital a bit less than 3 weeks ago... it took us all by sorprise but things are....getting better?... well..I'm not sure what's going on, I don't know if I'm really understanding things or if this is denial.... to be honest I DON'T KNOW!!!!, but right know we have to focus on what happens NOW... we have to live day by day the best way we can...
I know I'm not saying much, but it's hard for me to talk about this... So for now... all you get is this lousy post :S *sorry!!*

So... Hola Corea... it's been a Month since I started my Korean Lessons...and NO I don't speak Korean yet... everyone keeps asking me if I speak Korean now.... why don't YOU try taking 1hour a week of a new language and let me know if after 4-5hours you can actually speak that language.... ¬¬ 
Good thing is.... I can read!!!...Awesome, isn't it?? I started learning Korean 2 years ago but I dropped it about 1 month later...I knew some of the vowels ans consonants, but this time I know much more!, I'm still having a bad time with ㅐㅔ ㅗㅓ  .... Specially with the O's since we only have 1 O sound in Spanish....but I'm happy I'm learning to read, the sounds and new study techniques!
Next saturday I have class #5 (there are 8 classes per Level....i'm still on Level 1) and each week we have a lil test.... next week's have me a little nervous, I have to learn 20 words and even thou it's not hard I still have a full time job and it's been a bit hectic at home because of the big C.... so, we'll see how it goes :)

What else??.... I have 2 things I would loooooooooooove to talk about, but it's too soon u_u

I promise I will upload a recipe soon!!
Meanwhile,,,, here are some pics taken this month :D
Charlin...aka The Cats whisperer

Con Joss @ Carito's

Beric & Joss

Chillin' @ Reforma :P

Ah veda!!

<3 <3 <3

Jessy's Bday

Jessy's Bday2

You guys are MY everything.... Love you!

Well... I'll be back... SOON!! I promise!! and I'll writte something good next time!

-Gisela V.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hola Corea

So I finally signed up for Korean Lessons again!! It only took me 2 years to decide to go back to take some classes... I've been "studying" (or trying) by myself for the last month but it's just not the same as to have a Son-seng-nim (선생님) aka Teacher... to help you. 

If you are like me and don't know much or ANYTHING in Korean then this is definitely what you need...

You can visit the Facebook page here or here. Or you can send him an email to

This if of course for people living in Mexico City, the mothly fee is $400 pesos + $180 pesos (for 2 books and an audio CD), and you get 4 classes a month and each level is takes 2 months (in order to pass to the next level you need to pass the Tests u_u *lol* )
Yesterday I went to my first Begginers class and loved it, we learned the vowels and consonants, got some tips on how to remember the alphabet and the sound, You can really tell he is a good teacher by the way he handles the class so I'm glad I finally decided to do it!
Isn't this a cute way to teach? 

Something about JinSub sshi (My son-seng-nim) 

- Nativeee Korean Speaker.
- CELA (Certificado de Español como Lengua Adicional), Nivel Superior.
- JLPT (Examen de Aptitud del Idioma Japonés), N2.
- The Korean Honor Scholarship, Embajada de Corea en EUA.
- Korean American Scholarship, KASF.

I'll keep you posted on my classes and my korean, hopefully i'll pass my tests and continue onto the next level. 

-Gisela V.( -Gisela imnida)

Friday, August 5, 2011

It's getting hot in here.....

Well... not really... It's been rainy and cloudy, just how I Like it!!, but we still have some really hot-burning days courtesy of Mr. Summer, so Thank you! (not!)

While I was catching up with some of my old fav blogs I realize how some of them are writing about Patbingsu 팥빙수

According to Wikipedia: Patbingsu or patbingsoo (팥빙수) is a popular shaved ice dessert in South Korea, especially during the sweltering and humid summer season.

The equivalent in Mexico will be a Raspado or a Snow Cone in the US.... only in Mexico we are very creative and end up adding a bunch of things into the Raspados....which is why I thought about the Patbingsu/Raspado comparison...

I've read about Patbingsu a lot lately because apparently is a MUST in the Hot summer in Korea... I ofcourse didn't try this since I went in the freakin' Cold
winter last year....

Patbingsu usually contains Shaved Ice, Milk, sweet beans (paste?), ddeok (Rice cakes), fruits ans sometimes cereals, at first the combination of Shaved Ice and milk might not be
very appealing but once you think about it... it's like getting a Raspado with Lechera

For some weird reason I feel like I should try this... not because I'm really into the ICE/MILK/Sweets combination, but because I like to try new things.

I've found some weird combinations (at least on pics!)...
Like this one: 
Everything is OK except the Cherry tomatoes O_O

Apparently BK has Patbingsu for sale as well

This one looks really good.... don't you think?

Anyway... just felt like posting something for the summer :)
Does anyone in Mexico knows where can I find Patbingsu??????????

-Gisela V.