Monday, August 8, 2011

Hola Corea

So I finally signed up for Korean Lessons again!! It only took me 2 years to decide to go back to take some classes... I've been "studying" (or trying) by myself for the last month but it's just not the same as to have a Son-seng-nim (선생님) aka Teacher... to help you. 

If you are like me and don't know much or ANYTHING in Korean then this is definitely what you need...

You can visit the Facebook page here or here. Or you can send him an email to

This if of course for people living in Mexico City, the mothly fee is $400 pesos + $180 pesos (for 2 books and an audio CD), and you get 4 classes a month and each level is takes 2 months (in order to pass to the next level you need to pass the Tests u_u *lol* )
Yesterday I went to my first Begginers class and loved it, we learned the vowels and consonants, got some tips on how to remember the alphabet and the sound, You can really tell he is a good teacher by the way he handles the class so I'm glad I finally decided to do it!
Isn't this a cute way to teach? 

Something about JinSub sshi (My son-seng-nim) 

- Nativeee Korean Speaker.
- CELA (Certificado de Español como Lengua Adicional), Nivel Superior.
- JLPT (Examen de Aptitud del Idioma Japonés), N2.
- The Korean Honor Scholarship, Embajada de Corea en EUA.
- Korean American Scholarship, KASF.

I'll keep you posted on my classes and my korean, hopefully i'll pass my tests and continue onto the next level. 

-Gisela V.( -Gisela imnida)


  1. perfect timing to be keeping in touch with our Wild Korean blog!!! :-)

  2. I know!, I suscribed to the blog yesterday! :)

  3. Hola, Gisela. I would love to know - did you by any chance fell in love with Korean culture because you liked their dramas? If not, what was the reason? I would love to hear your answer. Muchas gracias!