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  1. Hola Gisela , felicidades , que buen blog , y el ingles muy bien , me encanto sobretodo que yo tambien vivo en el DF y me gusto lo del reporte de los restaurantes , una pregunta como te enteraste del dia de Corea en la UIC , cada cuanto se hace , bueno mil gracias

  2. Hola Bernardo,

    Gracias por pasar a visitar el blog :), del evento me entere por una chava que esta muy en contacto con la Asociación Coreana en México y se hace anualmente.


    1. Me podrias dar los datos de la Asociación , mil gracias

    2. No tengo esa información, lo siento

  3. hello!
    this is the message from seoul.
    I am jennie kim and just student who loves to travel

    you know what, actually me and my friends are seriously conceiving of making sort of "free walking tour" in Seoul

    I've joined so many "free walking tour" while i was in Europe and that was great chance to me to get brief information about the place I will stay for days.
    (It was like introducing the good restaurants and cafes where the locals go, giving short but concise information about the places where we I am passing by and telling us the place to do shopping with reasonable price)
    (I think guide books are mostly useless, not all but it’s only ad,ad,ad and ad)
    So right after I came back to Seoul, I’ve looked up “free walking tour” on the web but couldn’t find single one that looks similar to the one that I’ve experienced so many times!!)
    This is why I am thinking of making this kind of tour by myself.
    I don’t mean the tour which is scouring all the attractions of this city.
    I myself love to walk around and no doubt that Seoul is great place to look around by foot!
    The big picture what I am having now is like this.
    It’s better to say BROWSING the Seoul within specific district
    Starting from the Gwanghwamun-Samcheonding-Ankukdong-Insadong and then Cheonggyechun
    And cheonggyechun is never far from the starting point, Gwanghwamum
    It’s perfectly walking distance I think, but for the elderly..Well this could be a bit tough trip.
    Wow. It was long message. Sorry!
    But I bet you read this all!! So.. Thank you for reading :>
    And…if you don’t mind, can you give any advice regarding this?
    Do you think it will attract any single tourist? I am not talking about the money but I am saying about whether tourist will take this something that deserves to spend their limited time.
    I will be thrilled if i get your message back, you can give me any critique on me, I will never cry even if you become so hostile.
    I need third person’s perspective and it would be perfect if that person is foreigner who knows about this city.
    Thanks you for reading my long long message!! Really!!

    1. Hi Kim Jennie,
      I just sent you a message on G+

  4. Hi Gisela! I sent you a personal message on your Facebook page :) I hope you could check it out if you have the time. Thank you very much!! -Symba

  5. Hello Gisela,

    My name is Andy and I'm part of an online travel startup and I was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating in the future?

    1. Hello Andy, what kind of material do you need?