Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Here we are, saying goodbye to this 2013 and I’m not sure how to feel about it, given that my Christmas was a total fail, not that I didn’t enjoy partying with 1000 people and 30 rapers but THAT wasn’t a real Christmas party, anyway, Facebook keeps asking me if I want to see my “2013 review” and NO facebook, I do not want to do it, instead, I decided to make my own end of the year review (this should be fun, right?)

I started this 2013 having pizza with a couple of friends (lame!), and starting a new job weeks later, you know how some people say “If you start the year without a job, that’s how you’ll finish it”?, I believe it now!, anyway, January’s highlight was my new job,,,exciting! Not really.

February, March, April
I honestly don’t remember much other than stressing over some legal matters, working because we had to and just constantly trying to meet our friends (that didn’t work out very well).

May is still something I don’t feel brave enough to talk, it was the 1st year anniversary of my mom’s passing and I just remember it as a blurry month…

My birthday, I remember being VERY against any kind of celebration, not because I’m old, but I felt like there was nothing to celebrate, I would even ask my sister not to mention or say anything on that day; I only remember my sis edited some pictures of my mom to congratulate me, that hurt and made me happy at the same time, also, it was the month our “plan” started taking shape, we would leave Mexico to explore the “world” (If you are a YG fan, yes, when I say WORLD I’m talking about Asia –at least for now-), we booked our tickets to Japan and were getting ready for it, also, a day after my birthday I quit my Job!

Was a BUSY month, packing one’s home is a bitch, I knew we were hoarders (specially my sister and my mom) so, it was a trip to pack and storage what we TREASURE, yup, those 3 year old movie tickets went to the garbage!, not only that, but deciding what to bring on our backpacks to this trip AND selling the rest of our stuff and making sure we had everything in order, PLUS figuring out what would we do in Japan and Korea, top that with us trying (again) to meet our friends to say Goodbye and them being very “busy” to do so, at the end, I felt most of them didn’t give a damn we were saying goodbye for a long time L, we finished July up in the air, we flew from Mexico to Narita on the night of the 29th and spend my mom’s bday (30th) closer to her^^ and arriving in Japan on the 31st (seems like it took forever).

August was spent sweating our souls away in Japan’s crazy summer, volunteering, traveling around and me leaving clothes EVERYWHERE in Japan because my backpack was way too heavy and I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, despite the heat, humidity and back pain, I loved the experience of volunteering and taking such a long trip with my sister, despite the fights we had (we have plenty of them, we are used to them but still love each other to death), I feel like this trip made me grow up, gave me a new perspective and just made me feel funny about the whole leaving Mexico thing.

This is where the fun begins… I was OVERLY excited about Korea (obviously) and as soon as we landed @ Incheon; I felt at home (pleaaaaase, don’t ask me why), Korean language felt so familiar (no, I still can’t speak Korean lol) and just knowing how to move around made things easier, we traveled around in Seoul, went to TV shows, met awesome people and just tried to adjust to our new “Korean” life.

My sis’ birthday!, we celebrated with a cake by the Han River and the next day we took off to Jeju for a 3 day vacation of our vacation!, the end up our trip was somehow also the end of this “comfortable” life of us just traveling around, paperwork came, real work came and went…

Love/hate it, I was very happy working but also felt very pressured regarding our future in Korea, somehow things went down the wrong path and November ended up with the worst taste every, is like, when you are having an amazing cake and suddenly there’s a piece of egg shell (lol), the last days of November we were in panic because we had to leave Korea in a hurry and ended up meeting our friends to say goodbye (See?, good friends meet to say goodbye!! Haha), some were sad about it, some were pretty sure we were going to meet soon and 1 (our baby bro) was very dramatic about it, he messaged me things like “Why is this happening to me??” or “Are you kidding me?” and “I’ll be a good brother” LOL, how not to love him, right?, we spend our last week living in a friends “studio” with 1 electric heater, sharing a sofa bed and having to sleep with all of our jackets on because of the freezing cold lol, we are still VERY thankful with our Oppa (lol) for allowing us to use his place, cooking breakfast, getting us dinner, driving us around and taking us to the airport^^.

We AGAIN packed everything and again got rid of things we “didn’t” or wouldn’t need anymore (summer clothes, flats, etc), we were going to Japan and would spend a couple of months there, or so we thought, that’s how we ended up with 20kgs backpacks and some other things on our flight from Seoul to Tokyo. Honestly we both felt really miserable being in Japan (And you must know, my sis LOVES Japan), I was in a shitty mood and wanted to come back home to Seoul, a few days later, we were making new plans and the future seemed bright, we kept changing our minds every day as to what to do next, but at the end we decided to come back and give it another try, we don’t really have anything to loose, right?, and that’s how 8 days later we flew back to Seoul, where we were welcomed by a beautiful snowed scenery and us feeling VERY confident, I guess, at the end it was a good thing we had to leave Korea like that, we were living a “very” comfortable life and not really putting much effort to it, now, what happen is up to us and us only, we have our own apartment (that we now love!) and are working our way to a brighter future, so, wish us luck and YOLO!!!!

Best purikura in Japan -can't turn around the pic lol-
I also want to take this time to thank everyone who’s been with us throughout this journey, thanks for sticking by us and supporting us, thanks to those who offered us help or a word of advice, I love you all, and thank you readers, I know you are out there (I can see my stats lol), might 2014 be an AWESOME year to all of you (and us!) and… let’s do this!

Last but not least… THANK you perritow, for being here with me, ALWAYS, I love you for ever and ever!

Fighting! Damn I think I’ve been in Korea too long lol, but I love it!

Hope this 2013 was as awesome as mine ours and may this 2014 makes you HAPPY!

P.s. Sorry if it was a long read

P.s.2. Here’s you have some more random pics of this 2013

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone!! 

I hope you all have an awesome Christmas!, I will not have a regular Christmas aka Food & Presents but I will be spending it at the Walker Hill hotel in company of my sister, a friend, 2NE1, Dok2, Beenzino and some other artists. 

If you do have a traditional Xmas dinner, please, eat A LOT and send me some pictures!!! 


Friday, December 20, 2013

TV show recording and Why I want a kid

Some time ago I saw a post on facebook inviting foreigners to assist a recording for an MBC Special, I'm usually up for recordings if its something I'm interested in, this one was for a show called 대장금에서  10년 MBC 특별기획  나가수까지, this was the 10th anniversary of the Drama Dae Jang Geum aka Jewel in the Palace (2003), this was my mom's favorite drama, she would come home  early from work to watch it and sometimes would make me watch it (lol), I didn't really like it because I was never able to follow the story, one day she was learning how to cook and then she was the Royal doctor or something like that :S, anyway, I only signed us up because my mom would've liked to go and well... sometimes I do things just for her :)

We had to go all the way to Ilsan for this show, it was at the MBC Dream Theater, it took over an hour by subway and we -as always- were runing late, when we arrived they send us to what looked like "The foreigners line" where we met a Spanish girl who didn't seemed to know what was going on either, until this day I still don't know who the MC's were for the day but apparently they are famous because the girl next to me was almost crying of excitment and was begging the security guard to let her change places to be closer (I thought she was being OVER dramatic), at the end, they moved all of us a little bit closer, the show included performances by B1A4, FT Island and Crayon Pop, an Interview with Dae Jang Geum's main actress and some questions from fans around the world and something like a parody I didn't really understand, it was fun after all and a good way to spend an afternoon~~

NOW,,, on WHY I want a kid; One fine day we went to Incheon to an Elementary school "English Flea-market" to help the kids with their English, basically every kid took something from home to school to "sell" it, they earned fake money on their english class and depending on how many things you brought from home, you also received more of this cool fake money, it was a total fail because the moms helping wouldn't speak english and at the end it was like a race to see who sold everything faster, anyway, their dialogue was something like this:
Kids: I want this (point), how much is it?
Seller: $5.00 dollars
Kids: Here it is
Seller: Thank you
Kids: Your welcome

But they kids were the cutest thing ever, I wanted to take them home with me^^, why are these Korean kids so cute? lol, we had lunch at their school cafeteria and then got ready to receive the next batch of students, I had fun, although I don't feel like I help them with their english very much, but at least all of them bought a lot of crap stuff!!

I know I'm being VERY very random, but that's how life has been in Korea lately, I end up going to TV shows recordings, meeting cool people and just making new friends, remember what we were told some months ago? "You are not gonna make new friends by saying No" lol

I will try to be less random next time and blog about 1 thing at the time, if there are any requests let me know and I'll try to do it ASAP!!

-Gisela V.


I tried to wirte this post like 100 times, but all of those failed attempts made it look like I was complaining because it wasn't really the Paradise I was expecting lol, but if you want to read more about it, you can check my sis' blog post here, now that I look at it, she didn't write much either, but she has better pictures lol.

All in all, I did enjoyed our 3 day trip to the Island and I'm looking forward to go back with a better weather since we went in the middle of october and it was pretty chilli hehe.

Bye Seoul!

Lovely weather

Yummiest food ever!

Almost pardise ~ ~ except, it was very cold and windy 

Love the blue sky^^ 

Beach #2


Creepy pool is creepy

This is what Jeju is about

Bye Jeju!

Hello Seoul!
If you wanna read more about Jeju, you can read my previous post here, it's very old (2010) but that's what happens when you have been blogging for quite some time :)


Ps. SORRY for my lousy blogging, i'll try to update more often, even it it's just pictures lol