Saturday, July 21, 2012

2 Months

Tomorrow is my day OFF....
I will be OFF of everything.
Tomorrow is a day to remember my mom (even thou I do it every day)
Tomorrow is a day to do what she liked the most.
Tomorrow is the day I get to listen to my recordings of her singing (If I listen to them any other day I would cry my heart out all the time)
Tomorrow is a day I can only spend with the people I love (Hola Perritow!) and the only one who can fully understand what I'm going through.

Tomorrow will also be the worst day because it will remind me I don't have you next to me anymore :(

The good thing about all this is... Tomorrow is the day we celebrate you ate now in a better place where nothing will hurt you.

Love you Ma!

-Tu Chapis :)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Aegyo - 애교

Aegyo is a Korean word that derives from the Chinese characters "Love (ae)" and "Beautiful (gyo)" and it Means "Cute" in Korean.

Aegyo girls (or boys) act childlike, sweet, cute and inocent infront of others, they can blush at dirty jokes 
and is commonly used to charm that special someone you like.

Boys Aegyo gone wrong.... they creep me out a tiny bit O_o

If you are familiar with Korean culture you know what does Aegyo means, those cute looking girls acting innocent and making sad puppy faces just to get what they want...but this isnt something that only happens in Dramas, it also happens in Real life... 

For what I've read Aegyo is not always something guys are into and sometimes it depends on the girl being aegyo... There are plenty of FAKE aegyo girls just winning at everything trying to be aegyo while there are also very natural aegyo Girls or boys -->

This will be easier to explain with some Videos or pictures... right?

This video is from the popular Girl group SNSD ~ Girls Generation being Aegyo

While I was in Korea I was witness of some Aegyo, most of the time in Coffee Shops or Shopping Districs... I would constantly hear that squirrel-like voice (sort of like mine...but mine is natural lol) saying "Oppa!!!!" the rest I couldn't understand (haha) but after the "Oppaaaaa!!" you can see the guy going to get someting so that would mean the Aegyo worked and the girl got what she wanted haha.

I found a very good video explaining Aegyo and how to achieve Enjoy!

                                             Video credits:

Korean souvenirs give away!!!! The condition it's pretty simple, Send me your best Aegyo Shot (see contact information here) and the best one will be posted here and will receive a price n_n .... You have until August 1st to submit your picture :)

Hope you guys can get a better Idea on what Aegyo means

-Gisela V.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2nd Korean App Review - Kakao Talk

Hi everyone!, it's time for another Application review (and the last one I believe....), after this I have 2 pending posts, one is about Super Junior and their latest CD (for all of you Kpop fans) and the other one is about "Aegyo" or "being cute" in Korea.
Anyway.... I downloaded KakaoTalk a few months ago, and at first I had no idea how to use it, I thought it was like What'sapp or BB Pin but its actually kinda different because this one you can even use it on an iPad or iPod Touch....good thing if you don't have a smartphone on your hands but still want to be connected!

KakaoTalk is an application for mobile devices that allows its users to send and receive messages including photos, videos, voice messages, URL links, and contact information, both on a one-to-one basis and in groups, all for free (Unlike What'sapp for iphone that is $0.99C), once you download the application you need to sign up for it, you will need a phone number (to receive the confirmation number)  and your email (email address will be used as your ID) You can bring your previous data in case of device or mobile number change.

The good thing about having an ID is that you don't have to give out your number, you can just give your KakaoTalk ID to others and you can block them any time (if needed)

There are a few additions on this app that you might want to try (specially if you like Kpop) like "Plus Friend" this means that you can get the latest news, view videos or pictures from your favorite band or Brand.
(Recently Girl's Generation hit 1 million followerd on KakaoTalk and became the entretainerwith the most number of "friends" on the Application)

Group Chatting with As Many Friends You Want, this is very nice an simple to do, I tried once a group chat on What'sapp and ended up with a weird group that would send me notifications all the time even if I didn't have any new messages :| (luckily this dissapeard when I changed from Blackberry to iPhone)

Another addition to Kakao is your Friend’s Mini Profile, by clicking a friend's mini profile, you can view his photo and status message, put him on your favorites list, chat 1:1, or call him and thanks to my friend Jeffrey I found out about "Kakao Story", basically this is another application, is like a Facebook/Twitter/ but in 1 and by using your Kakao Talk ID and miniprofile :| I know it sounds confucing but I still don't understand "Kakao Story" 100%

KakaoStory Profile

There you go, that was my 2nd review and probably my last one since I'm not very good with reviews and I honestly don't have that many applications :P

-Gisela V.
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Korean Smartphone App Review

Hi everyone,

This is one of those rare times when I talk about Technology,  I don't do this very often because well... I'm not so good with technology :( , I do love my computer and my iPhone but it takes me some time to get used to a new gadget... I got it easy (sort of) with my iPhone because I had an iPod Touch for a little while prior to receiving my iPhone and it was thanks to that iPod that I became an APP-addict, there's an App to download Apps? I want IT!!!! haha anyway, let's get to the point of this, today I want to talk about 1 of my favorite apps EVER.

The application is, if you like Instagram, you'll probably like this one, is WAY less hypster than Instagram and most users are Korean, the application is in English and is very user Friendly. was launched in February 2012 and it got very popular in Asia almost instantly, an Average of 47 Thousand Uploads per Day from over 270 Different Cities in the Past 60 Days since its Release.
South America has only 1.6% of the total of users (Yup, we are just a few... :( )

Here's a quick "guide" on how to use this AMAZING app :) (Sorry for the pics, I had to take the screenshots on my own)

Step 1. Open (okokok Step 0.1 is to download the App - Available for iPod/iPhone and Android)
        You'll be shown your Feed with the pictures of your "friends", this is people you know or you can see the Popular feed and start following random people, you can also add people from your twitter and Facebook account.

Step 2. Click on the Camera to either Take a photo or upload one from your Library

Step 3. Select from 1 to 3 (or 4?? lol) pictures and click on Next

Step 4. Edit your picture, you can rotate the picture, put a frame into it and use the different filters to modify the way your picture looks (My personal fave is "I'm 17" because it dosn't change the picture that much :) then click on Next

Step 5. This is my favorite part, you get to choose the mood of your picture, and then "Add a Story" aka Name your photo, you can use Hashtags, if you use a hashtag and then click on that HT you'll be taken to a feed with pictures with the same HT!
        On this step you can also choose if you want to Add this picture to Twitter and Facebook and add "What you are listening to"... another Awesome feature because if you click the song it will take you to a feed with pictures with the same song!

Then you can see YOUR newly updated picture on your Feed :) and if you click on the right corner you'll see your profile

I love the Hashtag and the music features because that way you can find more people with the same interests as you and Follow more people^^

I have another app I would like to talk about but I don't want this to be a LONG post, so I'll do the other app Next time :D

If you have a smartphone and love taking pictures and sharing them, this is the perfect app to do so ;) , unlike Instagram you'll se a great variety of pictures, because let's be honest... 80% of the pictures I see in Instagram are of people food O_O don't get me wrong I LOVE food and love food pictures but there's people who take pictures of a Bag of Doritos they are eating...just add a few filters a "deep" phrase and BAM! an instan success on Instagram.

Hope you get to try this App, let me know if you liked it and what you think of it

-Gisela V.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Volunteering in Korea

I've been either thinking way too much or way too little... I still can't decide ...

But what's constantly on my mind is... you guessed it... KOREA, I thought 2012 was the year of my comeback to Seoul but apparently it isn't :( and I will have to wait until 2013 to accomplish this... the good thing is I might spend a couple of months there (YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!), I'm super excited, sometimes is the only thing that helps me finish my day :/ 

If you are a regular reader here, you know I want to do some Volunteer work in Korea, not only to Travel but to help others :), and things seem to be working out in order for me (and my sister) to finally do this, you'll see about a year ago I started thinking about it and my online research started with no luck, all the information out there was for US Citizens or Canadians but that didn't stop me and the idea was still on my mind.

I considered WWOOF - World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms until I resently found out there's a change I might have to milk a cow, so.. NO! I'm not disgusted by the process per se, but I'm afraid of Cows and Horses and for a while I thought I was not going to make it, then I thought I could volunteer with The House of Sharing (read about it here) and so I sent them an email and they said that we could work something out once I arrive to Korea and that's how I "met" Shannon (I actually met her when I visited the House of Sharing in 2010) but I ended up adding her on FB and that's how I also read about KUMFA , this is the Korean Unwed Mother's Families' Association and you can do some Volunteer by Babysitting some of the Kids for a few hours or sometimes you can help when they organize fundraisers,etc., but this was another thing to do once you get there because obviously they don't offer rooms for you to stay there or anything...well just the satisfaction of helping others :)

You'll see, I'm not rich (I wish) so, I can not go for 6 months and just wonder around helping others just like that, so I was looking for something more..."stable". and a few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a link on facebook of an International Volunteers agency in Mexico (perfect timing), I contacted them and they have vacancies in Korea, you can stay a few weeks, 3-6 months or even a year and we are considering taking the 3 months plan and then stay another month to do some sightseeing and perhaps more volunteer work with the Halmonis, Kumfa or Plur! (Plur organizes volunteer work in Korea every weekend)

As you know, I've been saying I want to live in Korea at some point of my life, and I feel like spending 4 months there will help me decide if it's really something I want or if it will make me realize that's just not the place for me. Now that I think about it I'm not sure if those 4 months will be enough to do what I want to do, besides the Volunteer work here and there, I also want to travel to a bunch of places in Korea and visit some of the people I've met since 2010 (Online and Offline) and that includes to pay a visit to my friend Jeff who will be openning a Churreria in Busan :) and visit his Brother's recently-open restaurant.... Oh yea and I would also like to visit the cabin of the TBS show where once a month I have a little space to talk about Mexico :), so I'm not sure if those 4 months will be enough :S but I hope so!!!

If you want more information on Volunteer work in Korea you can go ahead and click on all the links posted all over this post :$.

If you are MEXICAN this is the link you want to check out :)

Readers, if you know of any other way to do Volunteer work in Korea, please let me know :) by leaving a comment, tweeting me (@Gisela_Verdin) or sent me an email.

-Gisela V.