Friday, July 20, 2012

Aegyo - 애교

Aegyo is a Korean word that derives from the Chinese characters "Love (ae)" and "Beautiful (gyo)" and it Means "Cute" in Korean.

Aegyo girls (or boys) act childlike, sweet, cute and inocent infront of others, they can blush at dirty jokes 
and is commonly used to charm that special someone you like.

Boys Aegyo gone wrong.... they creep me out a tiny bit O_o

If you are familiar with Korean culture you know what does Aegyo means, those cute looking girls acting innocent and making sad puppy faces just to get what they want...but this isnt something that only happens in Dramas, it also happens in Real life... 

For what I've read Aegyo is not always something guys are into and sometimes it depends on the girl being aegyo... There are plenty of FAKE aegyo girls just winning at everything trying to be aegyo while there are also very natural aegyo Girls or boys -->

This will be easier to explain with some Videos or pictures... right?

This video is from the popular Girl group SNSD ~ Girls Generation being Aegyo

While I was in Korea I was witness of some Aegyo, most of the time in Coffee Shops or Shopping Districs... I would constantly hear that squirrel-like voice (sort of like mine...but mine is natural lol) saying "Oppa!!!!" the rest I couldn't understand (haha) but after the "Oppaaaaa!!" you can see the guy going to get someting so that would mean the Aegyo worked and the girl got what she wanted haha.

I found a very good video explaining Aegyo and how to achieve Enjoy!

                                             Video credits:

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Hope you guys can get a better Idea on what Aegyo means

-Gisela V.

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  1. i love girls that know they are girl and act especially cute and adorable. these girls can own me with this power. i am a very weak guy i guess. but i am totally hugs and squeeze girl crazy nonetheless.