Friday, April 26, 2013

Rush Ticket

Have you ever heard about "Rush ticket"?

Rush ticket enables you to watch the performance of the very day at reduced rates. There are many unique shows in Korea about martial arts, B-boying, traditional music, percussion and they offer up to 60% discount.

The Rush ticket website is still under construction, so it does not contains every performance, but here's a list of the performances you can watch!

Action Drawing HERO
Ballerina who loves B-boy
Original Drawing Show
B-boy KUNG
World Beat VINARI
Babbling perfordian show
-Gisela V.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Global Seoul Mate 2013!

By the way!!
The Julie Julia Gisela Project has been selected as a Global Seoul Mate "Grade-1" aka SUPER AWESOME! (ok no...haha) by

So, thank you readers for passing by :)

May blogging continue!!

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Photo taken from Sorea Group

SOREA Band is a modern Korean traditional music band.

Sorea Band was formed in 2005; the name is a compound word for ‘Soul of Korea’ and their intention is to share the Soul of Korea with global citizens. The band is a combination of world trends and Korean traditional instruments, generating a new Korean traditional value by developing creative performances.

In 2005 won the Gold Award in the Creative Korean Traditional Music competition and it then received the Best new Album Award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Secretary in 2006.

I had never hear of them until recently, a Korean friend of mine introduce me to Sorea Claiming they played Modern Korean music using Traditional Korean Instruments and had Bboys performances, I've talked about Bboys before and since I'm sort of a new Kpop fan I decided to check it out.

The 1st thing I did was check out their YouTube channel and watch some of their Videos. 

You can also watch an interview with Sorea's Producer/Creative Director Moon Ryu, it's an interview from Arirang's show "Heart to Heart", basically a short explanation of what SOREA is and what they do.

They also have a Facebook account where you can find more information about recent presentations or upcoming shows!

You can also follow them on Twitter

Follow Sorea Media at

If you don't know anything about Korean Music and somehow you feel it's no fun, SOREA Band might change your mind about it, remember not everyone in Korea listens to Kpop and this is a great way to get to know a little bit more about Korean Traditional Music.

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Korea?, War?, and you still want to go?

My pics have nothing to do with this, but Bears are cute! *Bears at the Blue House*
Well, as you know Korea is what everyone is talking about at the moment and by Everyone I mean people outside Korea who most likely don't know what they are talking about, My twitter TL is full with people talking about it, RT's from our local news saying "URGENT: N. Korea Will attack soon!!!", etc. I remember in Nov. 2010 people were panicking when Yeonpyeong Island was Shelled by N. Korea, less than a month after I was flying to South Korea for the 1st time ever, being as excited as I was I totally forgot about what happend in Yeonpyeong and I don't remember being afraid of a WW III, some friends would ask me why was I traveling to Korea in the middle of the War.... errmm,, whatever

There was only one time I got scared and you can read about it here, but that was the only time I was scared!

More bears @ the Teddy Bear Museum in Seoul
Now fast forward to 2013, as you know my sister and I want to Travel to South Korea this year, I never payed much attention to the conflict North vs South until my sister asked me what were we going to do about it, well, not about it but with our plans, I told her not to worry and just to ease her I asked my Korean friends about it, all of them told me things were just about normal in South Korea and no one of them told me they were afraid, so, after I told my sister what I had been told she was feeling better but then people started telling asking me about Korea, every day I see used to see tweets about how War was Juuuuust about to start in Korea, videos of what happened in 2010 were being posted telling people that was happening AT THE MOMENT in Korea, girls crying for their 오빠's.

Anyway, people should get better facts about what's happeing in Korea, if you want to know I'll recommend reading Korean news and don't just follow your Local media, we all know how exagerated that can be, specially me, being from Mexico and knowing people outside the country thing we are all Drug dealers, with guns and all living in poverty... and if you don't feel like reading the local news, I would recomend you to stop Retweeting, Re-sharing and Re-blogging this information, you are only causing this wrong information to be spread further.....

And yes, I still want to go to Korea, I'm still going and yes you might call me Crazy for doing it.... just FYI 1,000,000 Tourists visited Korea in March!, so don't be afraid and don't trust just about everything you read online.

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Kimchi V2.0

Good Morning Kimchi!, the earth says Hello!

For some reason I've been talking about Kimchi too much these last couple of days so I decided to Blog about it (yet, again), Last year I finally visited the "Kimchi Museum" located in COEX, it was a must since I'm such a Kimchi fan, we visited the Kimchi Museum on our 1st day in Korea for the WKB Tour back in Sept '12, don't ask me why but I like Kimchi, at least the few varieties I've tried, I love cooking 김치전.

My 1st lousy 김치전

A meal without Kimchi is not a meal in Korea, no matter if it's International food that you are having there will be something Pickled in your table, Kimchi also contains healthful properties, Vitamins, it helps the digestion and its also helpful in preventing various types of Cancers, recently a studio showed it's also helpful with Weight loss, it's said that the "Korean spirit is embedded in Kimchi, the care and devotion it takes to make this dish is an embodiment of the Soul of the entire Country"

Ok, so, let's talk about a few kinds of Kimchi!

통배추김치 or Tongbaechu Kimchi 

This kimchi is made with Chinese Cabbage and it's the most common Kimchi in Korea (and around the globe!), it's usually made during winter and it's included in every Korean Meal. 

나박김치 or Nabak Kimchi

Radish water Kimchi is made with Radishes and cabbages, it's usually made during the early months of Spring and is popular for its cold and invigorating broth.


오이소박이 or Oisobagi

This Kimchi is made by stuffing Cucumbers, made with different seasonings, the Cucumbers are marinated in salt and also contains a refreshing broth.


총각김치 or Chonggak Kimchi

Whole radish Kimchi, this kimchi is made from small turnips with red pepper powder and seasonings, This Kimchi won't sour easily, even during the summer time.

깍두기 or Kkakdugi

깍두기 or Kkakdugi

Diced radish Kimchi, usually bite sized cubes of white radish are used to make it, it goes good with soups like Seolleongtang (ox bone soup) *Did you ever watched Kim Sam Soon?, after the fight between Henry and Samshik they eat this soup and att Kkakdugi kkk* 

I think 4 kinds of Kimchi are enough for now. , Each season has it's own variety of Kimchi, Kimchi is so important that there are Special fridges for it, because it has to have certain temperature, there's bread made with Kimchi, Hot Dogs with Kimchi, and an infinity of recipes for everyone to try out!, I recently saw someone posting about "Scrambled Kimchi eggs", basically scrambled eggs with Kimchi, so... Yea, you can add Kimchi to anything and call it "Whatever Kimchi" I suppose.... 
Autumn Kimchi

Winter Kimchi

Summer Kimchi

Spring Kimchi