Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Korea?, War?, and you still want to go?

My pics have nothing to do with this, but Bears are cute! *Bears at the Blue House*
Well, as you know Korea is what everyone is talking about at the moment and by Everyone I mean people outside Korea who most likely don't know what they are talking about, My twitter TL is full with people talking about it, RT's from our local news saying "URGENT: N. Korea Will attack soon!!!", etc. I remember in Nov. 2010 people were panicking when Yeonpyeong Island was Shelled by N. Korea, less than a month after I was flying to South Korea for the 1st time ever, being as excited as I was I totally forgot about what happend in Yeonpyeong and I don't remember being afraid of a WW III, some friends would ask me why was I traveling to Korea in the middle of the War.... errmm,, whatever

There was only one time I got scared and you can read about it here, but that was the only time I was scared!

More bears @ the Teddy Bear Museum in Seoul
Now fast forward to 2013, as you know my sister and I want to Travel to South Korea this year, I never payed much attention to the conflict North vs South until my sister asked me what were we going to do about it, well, not about it but with our plans, I told her not to worry and just to ease her I asked my Korean friends about it, all of them told me things were just about normal in South Korea and no one of them told me they were afraid, so, after I told my sister what I had been told she was feeling better but then people started telling asking me about Korea, every day I see used to see tweets about how War was Juuuuust about to start in Korea, videos of what happened in 2010 were being posted telling people that was happening AT THE MOMENT in Korea, girls crying for their 오빠's.

Anyway, people should get better facts about what's happeing in Korea, if you want to know I'll recommend reading Korean news and don't just follow your Local media, we all know how exagerated that can be, specially me, being from Mexico and knowing people outside the country thing we are all Drug dealers, with guns and all living in poverty... and if you don't feel like reading the local news, I would recomend you to stop Retweeting, Re-sharing and Re-blogging this information, you are only causing this wrong information to be spread further.....

And yes, I still want to go to Korea, I'm still going and yes you might call me Crazy for doing it.... just FYI 1,000,000 Tourists visited Korea in March!, so don't be afraid and don't trust just about everything you read online.

-Gisela V.

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