Tuesday, September 27, 2011

To be a freak or not to be a freak???

That is the question.....

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days... Thanks to my Korean lessons and my love for Korean Culture I am being catalogued by some of the people around me... I used to fight it....until today...when I decided to embrace it because let's face it...F--k'em!
I really do

I'm tired of giving explanations to all those who keep asking me if I want to be "chinese" or why am I so obsessed with Asia.... REMEMBER it's different if someone comes to me and genuinley ask me "Why my interest for Korean Culture".... Just a few days ago someone asked me "Do you have like a chinese ghost??".... HUH??? seriously?? wtf is that?.... 1st...it's not Chinese culture I like...is KOREAN culture,,and 2nd...what do you mean?...Ghost like Demi Moore's movie?? ..I really don't get it... O_O (If someone understand this...please let me know!!)

Is this 2 much??....
Nop, I'm not inlove with every Korean I've met, NO I don't want to marry a Korean men, NO I don't listen to K-pop all day (I only have like 20 songs and most of the times I don't know the name of the song/group), NO I don't watch Dramas all the time (I do sometimes thou... hehe), NO I have never said "I'f I don't marry I Korean I'm gonna die.... :(" but YES, I like learning Korean, I like listening to some songs or watching some Dramas and being able to understand 1 or 2 words, YES I like reading Korean, YES I want to go back to Korea sometime, YES I have met a few Koreans and I like their personality (and NO I'm not in love with them) ...so... Freak??? yea, maybe ...a lil bit, we always consider someone a Freak or a weirdo when "they" (we?) are into something that's not quite popular, right?? ...So yea, I'm a bit of a Freak....and loving it <3

And by the way... No, i'm not the kind of people who wants everyone to join her "Freaks-clan" ... I recently took a couple of friends to have Korean Food and HATED IT.... it was Awkard...some of them had asked me to take them to try Korean food before but this was their 1st time.... and OMG it was awkward and annoying, I recommended the Bibimbap because I believe it's a very KOREAN food but it's not as strong as Kimchi, I warned them about Kimchi  being a bit strong and some will call it and Acquired taste since I know Korean Food is not for everyone....but No I had to deal with the "Don't they give you salsa for this blend rice??", "This is weird", "I don't like them", "Is all korean food that bad?" ...ok ok ok I GET IT!, you didn't like it... next time we'll go for some Sushi O_o  ...WAIT!.........not all my friends hate Korean Food.. Some of my friends and family DO like Korean food and had asked to take them for som K-Food...those are the friends I love..........lol jk!! ;)  I love them all

So, am I the only Korean freak over here??............am I?  u_u 

Oh!! by the Way... My lessons are going well :) ...I have tons of Vocabulary to learn ...plus Work plus...a trips in the next 3 weeks (OMG!!! So excited!!...i'll let you know more about it later!!),, 2 weeks ago I had the worst class ever!! I had a rough week and I didn't study and I honestly wasn't worried about it since the teacher said we were not doing TESTs every class...but tan tan taaaaaaaaan!!..we had one!!! I only asnwered 3 out of 10 "questions" ...and only got 2 of those 3 correct :'( ...I spend the whole class feeling guilty and dumb (let me remind you I'm int the Top 5 of the Oldies of the class...), so last week I was better prepared and even thou I don't think i'll get a 10 (A+) on my test...at least I know it won't be a 2... This time I know I have to study harder if I want to make it............Any advise????? :)

-Gisela V.

Monday, September 19, 2011


I miss you Blog and readers if I have any :/
*** I really do! ***
I have updates on my Korean Lessons!
This week I HAVE to bake something, I just miss baking so much u_u

Well, see you guys later this week!!

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


RANDOM POST!!!!!!!!!

Hoy encontré lo que parece ser un lugar donde venden Patbingsu!!, alguien quiere ir conmigo?????????? :)

-Gisela V.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Korean Food in Mexico ...3?

마뽀갈비  Restaurant

1st of all let me apologize for the lousy pictures, I didn't bring my camera with me and I only had my ipod...SOWY!!!!!!!!!!

마뽀갈비 or Ma-Po-Gal-Bi is the name of this restaurant located in Varsovia and Londres (close to Av. Chapultepec) in Mexico City.

This is my 2nd visit to this place and is mostly because it's good... the 1st time I went with my mom and we had
Yukgaejang (Hot Spicy Stew Soup) Yukgaejangand Bibimbap 비빔밥

The stew was really spicy and you know that Spicy = Good for me :) it had lots of Nappa Cabbage and meat, the stew was boiling, at first my mom asked for this but I ended eating it :P


The Bibimbap is a warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chili pepper paste) plus a raw egg but everytime I ask for this my egg is fried.... according to out Guide in Korea it's because most foreignes won't eat a raw egg.... if you want to you can request the egg yolk raw.
If you have never tried Korean Food I would  recomend this to start. 
See? Fried egg!
In addition to this they also brought Banchan 반찬 or Side dishes and a Tofu/Soy Bean paste Stew that apparently came with the 비빔밥 and a bowl of rice
Soy bean paste, Tofu, Zucchini, Onion, Garlic and Ta-Da!

Banchan from the 1st time - The "hot-cake" look-alike is a Kimchi pancake

Of course... Water! 물

Of course of this 2nd visit I didn't want to try the same thing, so we ordered Kimchi Jigae 김치 찌개 (Kimchi Soup) and Bulgogi 불고기 (Marinated Beef), although I really liked the food (And the company), The bulgogi had a weird taste at the end because they put it over a hot pan with foil and I hate food with foil taste :S ew!... the Kimchi Jigae was pretty hot but overall was pretty good.

This time we got the Banchan and lettuce + 2 portions of white steamed rice :)
Banchan...See the green/brown thing between the Kimchi and the Cucumber?... nor me or the waiter kne what it was...apparently it was fried sea-weed with sugar... O_O I...didn't like it u_u   

밥 - Rice

Kimchi Jigae