Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday at last!

I didn't blog yesterday because I stayed home ALL day u_u, I know I'm lame but bleh....

This week was full of weird things, interviews, work, babies, rice, more rice, unexpected calls, spring!, emails, more work and finally more interviews lol.

And its because of an interview that I wont be able to go volunteering tomorrow  :(, so, I guess next month will have to be.

Sunday will be a 2NE1 day, hopefully Oppa will come with us to the party^^, monday we are going to Lotte World with Baby Bro!!!!! and thursday we are flying to Osaka!

So, hopefully I'll bring you better posts soon!,forgive my lame posts but I'm not used to blogging everyday.

-Gisela V.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goodbye Winter

This afternoon I left home wearing my only winter jacket, soon I realized it wasn't even cold, there was a nice breeze and it was sunny, when I reached the subway it was too hot siñoooor, I ended up taking off my jacket and that got me some stares lol, when I was walking towards Kiki's place I realized I had never experienced such marked season changes, if you have ever been in Korea, you know there's always SOMEONE asking "Do you have 4 seasons in your country?" and well, in Mexico we do have 4 seasons but the changes are not so drastic.

I've spend Autum and Winter in Korea and a tiny bit of Summer, everytime I was amazed by the changed, the most amazing -to me- was from Summer to Autum, the city changed from green to Yellow in the blink of an eye but then Winter came to fast, from Yellowish-reddish to Dead and brown, we had very little snow in Seoul, I was expecting lots of snow but that never happened, it might be a good thing because I don't think I was ready for huge amounts of snow.

And today, I realized Spring was just around the corner, flowers are blooming, fruits are getting a bit cheaper, not everyone is wearing 20 layers of clothes and Hot Americanos are being changed for ICED Americanos. 

I know most people who have been in Korea for a long time feel annoyed by that Seasons question, but I'm new here and I'm enjoying the changes way too much^^, those are the kind of things we should enjoy, hopefully you are doing it too and you are not waiting until a Viral video with a baby girl enjoying it tells you to do it....

I guess today was a good day, I came back from Kiki's with a box full of Seaweed lol.

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

K Jin!

If you don't know who K Jin is, you've clearly not followed ny blog sincd 2010 lol, I met K Jin on my 1st trip to Korea back in december '10; she was one of the blovgers invited on that trip, she is Korean but she was living in Ireland, in fact, she hasn't been living in Korea since 2008-2009 (sorry inside joke), she has lived in several countries and moved to Japan over a year ago with her boyfriend, last year we met again in Tokyo before our workcamp aaaand before leaving for Korea, ever since we've been in a bit more contact with each other (she isnt very good with technology).

We then met her again in Tokyo in December^^ and told us she might come to Korea later that month, and she didnt but she couldnt meet us  :(

Just a week ago she said she was coming to Korea and we met tonight for dinner and KARAOKE!!!!, we'e done karaoke together before (in japan) but we all sucked BIG time.  Tonight we went for some Chicken and Beer (minus the beer because she had a tooth removed on saturday lol), somehow we always end up having the most random conversations like: If GDragon ask you to marry him and have a 4some with Youngbae and Seungri, will you do it? LOL!

After dinner we went to a 노래방 to do some singing, we sucked a little bit less but I had LOTS of fun and then we did the usual "Goodbye ritual" meaning: we went to the closest avenue and stood at the corner to talk for another hour.

It was very nice seeing her again, this time in her country (finally!)

So K Jin, if you are reading this, I hope you go back go blogging!!

-Gisela V.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding weekend

Lousy me was unable to blog last night after getting home from Sokcho but I'm here now!

I met DaeJun and his wife almost a year ago in Mexico city, I met them when they were still daiting^^, we only met once but kept in contact on Facebook, we've been meaning to meet since we arrived in Korea but for some reason it didn't happen and a couple of months ago I was invited to their wedding(btw, they got married in Mexico about a month after I met them).

The wedding was held in Sokcho, about 3 hours away from Seoul and we were actually invited to spend the weekend there, I was looking for to spend a couple of days there but due to Oppa's sis' wedding and compromises on monday we had decided not to go  :( but Daejun messaged me and insisted me to go, he said a free bus would pick us up in Seoul and the same bus would take us back on sunday, he said we should go because there would be Free drinks and FREE food!!!(his words!), I was going to go with my sister and after getting Daejun's approval we decided to invite our frien Sally.

Sally is the coolest  vietnamese18 y/o that I know (also the only one lol), this was her 1st wedding in Korea and even asked us what to wear, we told her weddings here are not as Fancy and you are not required to dress up but she didnt listen, she askes her teacher what to wear and ended up being the only one with Formal wear and heels (lol),I guess she also didnt check the weather in Sokcho and had no idea about the snow there... Oh Sally!, next time you should listen to your Unnies hehe.

Early morning on sunday we went to Konkuk Univ. station to catch the bus, when we got on the bus we were the only foreigners there so that got us getting stared at but still people was very nice, each one got a Kimbab roll, Rice cake, a bottle of watter, tangerines and coffee, there was also a mini fridge with Beer and Soju (the wedding could've been right there!), on the seat in front of us the sweatest lady was wondering what planet we came from; luckily for us, Sally was there to explain we met the couple in Mexico and thats how we were invited to the wedding.

It took a bit more than 3 hours and 2 bathroom stops to get there and when we finally did, we stood in the middle of the crowd looking awkward and wondering what was going on until the groom arrivednd came to say Hi (ㅎㅎㅎ), I had been told another Mexican friend (Adrian) of a friend (Pedro) was coming and he indeed came. Adrian arrived with
Yuki and Kizu (both koreans) and were soon refered to the spot we were at (lol), soon after the introductions the wedding ceremony started, the Hall was a mix of Fancyness with lots of cheesynes (???), the groom was wearing a suit and the bride a white princess~like dress. The parents were wearig Hanboks (love them!) and the most of the invitees (lol ~ FRIENDS reference) were sporting snickers^^

It was a short ceremony, with bows, vows and a song written by the bride (awww cuties!) and then it was Picture time but we didnt wait for it because well... we didnt want them looking at their pics wondering who were we (lol 4realz), instead we ran to the buffet (shame on us!). I would like to tell ya what we ate but Sally and I had no shame and had a bite of almost EVERYTHING plus ice cream, fruits, cake and sweet tteok.

When we were getting the ice cream i had the scope and a lil girl got shocked and turned to me to tell me the Ice cream I was getting was SOJU! ~ I guess I DO look young after all hahahaha, I had to let her know I was old enough to have an alcoholic ice cream (*^▽^*)

We ate in a hurry because the bus back to Seoul was scheduled at 3:30 (we had about 1 hour to eat), at 3:30 we were hurrying to the exit and we met the couple just in time to thank them for the amazing experience lol, there were people at the buffet asking us if we had eaten well^^

We rode the bus and a bit after 3:30 we were on our way to Seoul or so we thought, until the bus stopped close to the beach and we were told we had 30mins to do whatever we wanted (yaaaaay!), we got off and took pics by the snow mountains, sally and I had a tiny snow fight and then we all went to the beach to take more selcas (We are the SELCAS Pros), sally had to take off her heels and froze at the beach.

At 4:30 we finally were on our way to Seoul, people were still drinking on the bus and having snacks, after the restroom stop (around 6pm) the lady in front took the beers and got us all drinks and snacks ~the Party isnt over until its over~ and finally after LOTS of traffic and tunnels we made it to Seoul around 8pm but before that Lady snacks (lets call her that ok?) gave us more bottled water to take home and picked up everyones garbage, she was what I call THE PERFECT AUNTIE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

We still had about an hour long subway ride and by 9 we nade it home, I shared a ramen with my sis (dont judge me!) and went to bed with my friend Chocopie (shhhhhhh) but ended up falling asleep without eating it because of the headache.

At 2am I woke up feeling refreshed and rested lol it was awesome realizing I stilk had 5 more hours to sleep, thwn I woke up at 4am, 4:30, 6:00 and 6:55. When my alarm went off at 7 I felt I needed more sleep lol u_u.

Have you guys been to a lot weddings?, In Mexico my family used to go to a lot of weddings when I was little but as an adult I never went to onev funny how I get more wedding invitations in Korea.

-Gisela V.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Gotta get down on Friday

I'm being a good blogger and I'm posting this at 1am with a headache...

I owe you the story of yesterday's dinner, we went out to have dinner with my sis' boss and his guest; a German girl who thought Korean things in German where better than in Korea, we went to have Vietnamese Shabu shabu, for me, it was my 1st Vietnamese style shabu shabu, luckily for us, they were playing a video with the instructions on how to eat it -lol-, the food was good, I liked Vietnamese style, they had 3 kinds on sauces and they were all spicy, my sis' boss was only focused on eating while the German girl was focused on how bad was I doing my summer rolls....I swear, she was also focused on how in Germany things are different, the kimchi is better, the korean everything is better.... to be honest, I can't deal with that kind of people, they annoy the F-out of me, you can't go to another country to learn about their culture and critize everything because in your town's K-town things are different, plus, she kept telling me "I know what you are doing wrong with your roll...want me to tell you?"....hmm... excuse me, DID I ask you??, ugh, I love food and I know sometims there's a way to eat it, but well.. as long as you enjoy it,,,, fuck everything else.... lol ---sorry!!!, just thinking about her upset me again-.

Today (or yesterday?...friday!), was a good day, I got to teach some classes, talk to my boss, sign up to Volunteer next week and then we (me and my sis) were supossed to meet some girl-friends for a night out, we wanted to go to a bar and just meet new people, our friend ditched us, but we decided to stick to the plan, we had a kebab in Itaewon and then moved to a bar, we decided to go to Seoul Pub because my sister wanted to mingle with other foreigners (that's a first), she thought it would be better to find another place but we've been to that bad before and we knew there were foreigner, plus, it's not very expensive and it's close to the subway lol... 3 minutes after walking to the bar and talking to the owner who wouldn't sell us some beer because my sis' didn't have an ID, she found a pic of her passport and we were allowed to drink, as soon as they brought the 1st pitcher, a guy came to us, he seemed nice and spoke spanish, then his 2 other friends came and we ended up having a nice chat and meeting new people, I like meeting new people because is always nice to make new friends, but I hate it when they tell you "I'm not trying to pick you up" when they clearly are doing so....

Aaaaaaaanyway, it was a crazy week, this weekend we have 2 weddings to attend, 1 of them is outside of Seoul so, we will be doing some traveling, next week we are volunteering and i'll try to sneak into 2NE1's afterpary -lol- and the 2nd week of march we are going back to Osaka, so, looks like we are having some crazy weeks ahead and I'll be blogging about it...

For now, I think that's it....

Did I mention last night I dreamed about G-dragon being my best friend???, I should stop listening to his music lmao.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

I have a Bed!!!

Remember how yesterday's post was about me meeting Oppa?

Well, the reason for us to meet was because he was kind enough to come with me to pick up what would be my new bed, some of you don't know but we only had 1 bed and it was in my sis' room, I was used to sleeping on the floor (I had enough blankets don't worry^^), ever since we flew to Japan, I've been sleeping on the floor (or tatami!) and it was kinda nice since winter is really cold over here, so, sleeping on a toasty floor was nicer that sleeping on a bed.

Anyway, we went to pick the sofa-bed all the way to Sindorim, I was actually worried because we live on the 4th floor and having to bring it upstairs (we have no elevator) seemed complicated, specially because it's been proven that Oppa isn't very...handy -lol-, when we got home we had a bit of a trouble to get it out of the van and Oppa hurt his finger, it was bleeding but him being very Macho wouldn't let me take a look at it, we brought it to the 4th floor very fast, I was amazed it only took like 5 minutes, poor oppa was breathless and I thought he was gonna pass out -again lol-, since he was busy he had to leave right away and I was still deciding if the sofa bed would go to my room, I left it in the living room and later when I came back home that night, I had a nice bed set up in my room (Thanks to my sis!!), I felt awkward and uncomfortable sleeping on my new bed and it was COLDER than sleeping on the floor, the moment I uncovered my arm I got super cold and I woke up a million times u_u

Hopefully tonight I will sleep better, although, I don't know why, tonight is SUPER cold....funny thing is, yesterday my boss offered me another Sofa-bed, should we take it?, in case we have company?? haha.

Today we had dinner with my sis' boss, but, it's late now and I'll leave that story for tomorrow...

This weekend we have 2 weddings and 1 of them is in Sokcho, so, we'll be traveling with Sally and Unnie to my friend's wedding^^

Do you see that in the corner? those are all the clothes I have left... that's what happens when you travel with 1 backpack ~and yes, my room is tiny~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hey everyone!

After the events from yesterday, I realized some people will think I have sonething against (Korean) Men but I don't and I refuse to believe guys are only nice because they want something jn exchange...

Today I met up with Oppa, he is the only friend I dare to call Oppa, he has been a true Oppa (big bro) to us, for a second ~when we met him~ I thought he might wanted to get something in exchange for being so awesome to us but with the time, I've realized he really does care about is in a brotherly way.

He can be a little weird sometimes but he compensates his weirdness with his care towards us (lol), he is the cool Oppa that got us Ice cream as a Housewarming gift, he constantly check on us and is always amazed with how we live our life.

Today I met him by myself for the 1st time (ever!), one of his first questions was "Did you try the kimchi I gave you?" lol, I thought it was gonna be awkward and I kept playing the scenes of what happened yesterday in my mind but soon I realized he wasn't like that, we got to talk more about what was going on these days and somehow we started talking about guys and I ended up telling him what happened yesterday, he was a good bro and told me the guy was a "bastard" hahaha, I asked him if he had any cute/hot guys and he said (and I quote) "I'm the hottest among my friends" I had to really laugh out loud, not because he is ugly but because of his sudden confidence.

I'm glad we found such a nice friend/big bro  even if at times we stil feel weird when he worries so much about us. 

I'm sorry guys, I lost the idea of my post, but I guess that happens when you stop typing to have a long dinner~~~

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My 1st date in Korea

Hello everyone! and welcome to Blog day #13

Today has been quite a day, I still don't know how I feel about it...

Remember how yesterday I said I had a lunch with my dealer?, well, I thought we were just meeting for lunch, as...friends if you will, turns out this WAS supposed to be a REAL DATE... I don't even know how to explain it -lol-

We met close do Dongdaemun to have lunch in Tteokpokki Town, while he was driving he asked me if I was in school... huh?, when I said no, he said "how old are you?, I thought you were 20", weird, right?, I obviously told him I am 28 and then he said something like "How come you look so young?", up to this point it was really weird, I don't see why age was so important (he is 33 by the way), anyway, then he was like "Your english doesn't sound like the average English spoken by Mexicans, why?"...another RED LIGHT was turned in my head, when I asked him about his English skills he went all Korean and said he didn't like speaking foreign languages and he didn't understand why Koreans like to use non-korean letters, like on cars, signs, etc. At this point I thought he was going to say something like "You should speak korean, you are in Korea" or something like that....

By now I was feeling awkward and didn't know what to talk about and suddenly he said "You know, I actually invited you because I thought you were 20, I like 20 years old..." ~ EXCUSE ME for being a SUPER OLD 28 year old.... it was clear at this point that he thought he was on an ACTUAL date, I didn't know what to say to that statement, so, I tried to change the topic but he is only interested in Working, eating and sleeping... he thinks he is living the good life, and I don't think he appreciated the fact that I can't live like that, what's the point of life if you are not enjoying it?...

Long story short, I had to ask my sister to call me to get out of that AWKWARD situation, after lunch I thanked him for helping us with our phones and advise him to enjoy his life a little bit more, I said goodbye and ran back home... the whole walk I kept thinking how things turned so weird, even if I was 20, what makes him think I would jump into a relationship with him?, just because you helped me getting a SIM card doesn't mean I'll love you forever... I hate when people only do something for you expecting to receive something in exchange...

Now, I don't know if I should feel good because I look like a 20 year old or feel bad because I look like it but I'm not.

Some Koreans have this weird way to "compliment" people... but I just don't get it.

Anyway.... awkwardness aside, I'm off to see BIGBANG's Hologram concert -again!!-

Hopefully, for my next date, I will be aware I'm on a date and will not go as bad as this one -lol-

-Gisela V.

PS. I wrote this post and felt like those teen girls writing their stories on a magazine lol

Monday, February 17, 2014

Blog day #12


I just bought 2 avocados for 1,000₩!!, if you are wondering why am I so excited is 1st~ thats like 1 USD, 2~ they are usually 7,000₩ a pair and 3~ We can make Guacamole NOW!!!!! lol, moments like this can tell you how little I actually need to be happy n_n

I also got Tteok from my boss, she is super nice and as a friend would say, "Money is important but a good relation with your boss is better"  :), and today we found a good balance at work (yaaaay!).

Today we sent another package from our store, I think we are slowly getting there, we also sent her a Bigbang special gift with her purchase ~cuz that's what giiiiirls doooo~

I have a date with my dealer to have lunch tomorrow, and NO, I do not do drugs, I dont buy them nor sell them; I'm talking about our cellphones dealer (lol). I dont think I've blogged about him before but he is super nice, he got us good phones,helped us get our SIM cards and gave is free toothbrushes (lmao), *gangsta voice*  if you need a phone, let me know, I can hook you up ;)

Oh!, now that winter seems to be going away, i'll finally stop wearing the same Jacket,for over 3 months I've been looking the same in every picture because of it even thou I actually DO change ny clothes!, another good thing? we can finally eat on our rooftop!!!

My subway ride is almost over, so, that also means this is also the end of this post~~

-Gisela V.

Random street found today....

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog day #11

Where did the weekend go??

Sunday 8pm and I'm still tired and in need of a longer weekend.

Last night we watched "The slender man", one of those bad suspense movies that scare you just becsuse of the suspense, I LOVS scary movies, I can deal with spirits, dead people, demons and stuff but I CAN'T with Aliens, I just can't, the story is like a lousy copy of "Dark skies", except that was a good movie and I still think "The greys" are among us.... lol, after the movie, we watched BIGBANG's alive concert to lighten up the mood (lol), then I had a weird dream about being in Mexico living with an aunt 0_0.....

Today we headed to my dear crowded Myeongdong to get some quotes for the store and walk around to get some fresh air, we were also on the haunt for some Chocolate SALES after V~day but we had no luck  :( and yea, we already finished the ones the student gave me on friday LOL (I'm not even sorry!).

Back at home we had a nice Fried chicken dinner and watched The Bigbang theory^^

Why is time going so fast lately?, I'm 4 months away from turning twenty~freaking~nine y/o (ノ-ㅅ-)ノ I'M so OOOOOLD :( *cries*

So.... yeah, I'm liking this daily blog thing, I wish I had better things to blog about but I'm a boring old lady hehe.

OHHH!, last night we recorded our 1st Vlog so, hopefully, soon you'll be seeing more of our faces, we decided to do it in spanish cuz well... it's obviously more natural~~ well not me, I'll always be awkward infront of a camera, if you dont believe me just go to Youtube and search: WKB Tour (or something like that) and have a good laugh at my awkwardness.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a better start of the week!

-Gisela V.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Blog day #10

Remember a couple of months ago when I talked about my ideal guy?, the next day I was watching videos on Youtube and one of the youtubers I follow had a video with...~pause for reaction~  JAMIE OLIVER, you might don't know this but I got interested in cooking thanks to him, I had (stil have) a crush on him^^

Anyway, today was a very relaxed saturday, we took a walk around our neighborhood (our 1st ever), did a bit of gocery shopping and came back home.

A couple of hours later, we were kinda bored and I decided to do my sis' make up just for the fun of it. I've always loved make up (must be why I got so into youtubers) and I would like to learn how to do it properly, living in the land of make up, its a shame not having money to buy all the goods and experiment some more. I'd show you a befofe/after pic of my sister but she would kill me  (ㆆ~ㆆ)a

If anyone would like to teach me how to do make up properly, let me know!

♥♥♥Mr. Jamie Oliver ♥♥♥

Friday, February 14, 2014

Blog day #9

iMooooooorning from the land of Kimchi and Samsung^^

I'll start my draft early today cuz sometimes by the end of the day I don't know what to blog about....

So, I was checking my stats and aparently lots of people are coming to the blog after googling "G-Dragon"... I kind of feel i'm disapointing you by not having A LOT of G-dragon posts, sorry!!!, let's see, 3 weeks a go I went to my 1st BIGBANG concert, 3 hours of awesomeness -lol-, then I went to the Hologram show @ Klive, and those were 20 minutes of awesomeness haha, what else?, I don't have enough G-dragon stories, except everytime I walk to the subway I see posters of his latest Beer adds^^.

I'm still sneezing like crazy but according to my sister, that means the virus is trying to leave my body (???), today is friday friday, gotta get down on friday AND valentines day AND the day we are supposed to be celebrating Jeongwol Daeboreum -1st full moon of the lunar year- , so I should be drinking Cheongju, cracking nuts and burning grass.... hmm.. maybe tonight if I can get some peanuts and a can of cheongju, we can burn the weed -not the drug- at the rooftop and contemplate the full moon.... maybe

Goood evening! ~

Today while teaching ab afterschool English class I was thinking how awfull must be to go to classes after school and then I remembered how 20 years ago I used to do that with my sister and my cousin; the teacher was the sweatest thing but I hated going classes, we had to walk to her house and then study, ugh, I dreaded the time to go (lol), anyway, since today is Graduation Day for middle school, I only had 2 students for that class and 1 of them was very sick so the other took the time to ask me some questions....

Teacher, are you sick?
Gisela, in mexico do you speak english or mexican?
Gisela, 1 sentence in mexican please? ~ followed by a WOW, very fast!

A couple of hours later he decided to come back and give me a bag full of the chocolates he received for Valentines haha ~so cute!~

With that, 2 very weir tasting cup of tea to make me feel better and a dinner with my perritow I can say its a very decent end of a week^^

-Gisela V.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blog day #8

I'm here and I have a flu u_u ergo, I spent the whole day in bed unable to breath...... ( ̄~ ̄)a

Sorry I can't tell you a good story for the day :(

Are you all ready for Valentines Day?

Gimme some chocolaaaaaates!

-Gisela V.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog day #7

Here I aaaaam...

Stomachache and all, ever since I was ill last week my stomach hasn't been the same :(, and the chicken and beer we had with baby bro last night didn't help lol.

I spent the whole day blogging in my head, I do that a lot but when I'm ready to type it up I just can't seem to decide what to blog about...

Today I came back home with MORE bread, my boss loves to give me bread, or coffee, or fruits, or anything, she's always asking me if I want to eat and most of the times I refuse it and that's how I end up coming home with some kind of food.... thank you Kiki, you rock!!

Valentine's day is coming, girls are running around buying chocolate for their boyfriends, I'm... not, lol, I still want the chocolates though....

Last night we were talking about our Type of guy/girl, baby bro doesn't mind the nationality or career as long as the girl steal his heart (awww, that's why we love him), and I, I want a Chef boyfriend, what's sexier than a guy cooking???, so, if I have any chef me!! lol

Anyway... I was told there are rumors about Korea being under attack by North Korea... this is BS basically.... what worries me the most is, girls are more worried about their Idol Oppas having to join the Military service to serve the country.... ugh, come on!!!!

My rice is ready, so... I have to go^^ but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading me!!
Random pic ~ This is by far my fav pic of T.O.P lol


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blog day #6

Remember how yesterday I was asking for a better day?

Well, this tuesday ROCKED!!!, we completed some work for our online store (Package sent!!), went to Myeongdong early afternoon -my fave time of the day to visit-, watched a B-boys performance on the street, ran like crazy trying to find a magazine for our customer and then rushed all the way from Myeongdong to Gangnam to do some Voice recording!!!

This was my 1st time at a studio, I felt like G-Dragon (lol... really), the stupid recording device wouldn't accept my "LG" pronunciation for some reason, so, I had to do that like 20 times, it was still fun, I've always wanted to do Voice acting, I think I have a good cartoon voice (again LOL), after that we had to cross Seoul -again- to meet Baby bro for some 치맥 aka Chicken and Beer^^

All in all... it was a pretty good day with pretty awesome people :)


Blog day #5


Ugh, too many things going on, booking things, cleaning the house, job searching, babysitting, a nice chat with the boss and just praying things go the right way....

I thought about quiting the challenge for 3 seconds lol, this was just the result of a bad monday...

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day...

-Gisela V.
Nobody knows the troubles I've been.... nobody knows my sorrows lol 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Blog day #4

I just woke up from the weirdest nap, at the end my mom was talking with us and I remember holding her hand, she then told me "Tell your kids how I was, what my favorite things were, my favorite food and what I liked to do", I woke up crying after this, it felt so real I still can't believe it....
That's definitely something I think about very often, it's very sad for me to think my kids will never meet their amazing grandma....
-Gisela V.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blog day #3

Weekend is here!!!

Actually, half of my weekend is gone, but I made a good use of my saturday^^

Today was such a busy day, living far away from Seoul's downtown only means you have to take long subway/bus rides and so we did today.

After having our breakfast and cleaning the house -oh!, the perks of living alone lol-, we got ready to go out and being the Teen girls we are not anymore, the 1st stop was Dongdaemun's Fittin plaza to check out Klive (yet again), this time we had tickets to 2NE1's Hologram concert, although thanks to the -very light- snow, it took longer to get there and we missed the 2pm show, instead we got tickets for the 4pm, with tickets in hand, we went to Dongdaemun Design Plaza to check out the Hangul T-shirt expo,, the expo is just bleh, the plaza is amazing, I can imagine one of those futuristic movies being filmed there, but the expo...I don't know why there were so many t-shirts of the same design, the space was too big and all the t-shirts were cramped on the same wall... ugh, I just didn't like it, anyway, after our visit to the expo we were kind of hungry so we decided to eat a Donkatsu pizza -pork cutlet pizza- and Carbonnara pasta, it wasn't the best but well...

We finish just in time to catch the 4:20 Hologram show, I was very excited -ok, not VERY, just enough lol- because Bigbang's show was AMAZIIIIIING, but 2NE1's was VERY disappointing, if anyone catched the London show, you know what I'm talking about, good thing is, after the 2NE1 show, they played Bigbang's again YAY!!!!

After the show we had to go look for some merchandise for our store (HallyuOnlineStore y'all!!!!) and so, we had to go all the way to Myeongdong, from there we decided to walk a little and enjoy the snow and just being out, we took the subway back home and came back to a nice clean house, only to realize the snow was coming down harder and decided to go out and play with it... lol, we are so lame sometimes, but having a rooftop just calls for it hehe.

-Gisela V.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily blogging #2

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? My whole post got deleted!! stupid blogspot.
So, 2nd day of my blogging challenge and I'm here, I count this as an achievement cuz I usually give up quite quickly (lol), today I was chatting with my ex (see? friendship after a relationship is not a myth!) and he was telling me how I ROCK (4 realz), he only said that because I'm in Korea and he is basically unemployed and living in the same small town but now that I think about it, I do ROCK, hahaha, but I didnt get here by just being awesome, it took me 6 years to fulfill my dream and I (like to think that) worked pretty hard to get here, 6 years ago I only had the dream of coming (IT HAPPENED AGAIN! STUPID BLOGSPOT LOL) to Korea because I loved Kim Sam Soon lol, after telling him everything I went through to get here he said: Hopefully, that will be me in 6 years. Although I'm not sure if he will work hard to achieve his dreams or if he will just wait 6 years to see what happens~~
Anyway, after a pretty sucky (wut?) week, being ill, not working for 3 days, I'm glad I get to finish my week in a good mood, finished work early ~tip: dont blog while walking on the subway, I almost hit a wall lol~ and hopefully next week will be a better one (*^▽^*)
By the way weather, you said we'd have SNOW this afternoon, where is it? I was expecting a white christmas being in Korea and you failed me  :(
-Gisela V
Ps. Sorry for my spelling mistakes, I just changed my iphone for and Android phone and I keep  on pressing the Voice key and just my fat fingers wanting to press all the keys at the same time. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

My blogging challenge

Hi everyone,
I'm starting my very own daily~blogging challenge, since I haven't blogged much lately I think this is a good oportunity to re-take on my blogging. I usually like to make long (or super long) posts but maybe I need to change that since I just can't decide on what to blog about, so, how about I just blog about random things?, about my day or the latest gossip I heard lol.
As this is my 1st post of the challenge I should make a good one but today I just went to Gimpo Airport to complete the oddest job ever, picking up lauggage and drop it at a hotel... for a moment, my sis made me think I was trafficking drugs lol, but no, all I had to do was wait for the lauggage, get on a taxi, drop off everything and find my way back home \( ˚ ▽ ˚ ) /
I'm also sick, somehow I had avoided being sick for the past 5 months (except for a random flu here and there) so, yesterday I spent the whole morning and half my afternoon lying and napping, although I am way better now I still can't eat properly and having to eat chicken soup is not making it for me, I'm ready for my 킴치지깨!!!!
Anyway, here's a lil selca I sent to my bff while walking to the subway today, she says I look 17 (that's why I love her lol) and I think my eyes clearly say I look 29 :(
~Gisela V.