Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Goodbye Winter

This afternoon I left home wearing my only winter jacket, soon I realized it wasn't even cold, there was a nice breeze and it was sunny, when I reached the subway it was too hot siñoooor, I ended up taking off my jacket and that got me some stares lol, when I was walking towards Kiki's place I realized I had never experienced such marked season changes, if you have ever been in Korea, you know there's always SOMEONE asking "Do you have 4 seasons in your country?" and well, in Mexico we do have 4 seasons but the changes are not so drastic.

I've spend Autum and Winter in Korea and a tiny bit of Summer, everytime I was amazed by the changed, the most amazing -to me- was from Summer to Autum, the city changed from green to Yellow in the blink of an eye but then Winter came to fast, from Yellowish-reddish to Dead and brown, we had very little snow in Seoul, I was expecting lots of snow but that never happened, it might be a good thing because I don't think I was ready for huge amounts of snow.

And today, I realized Spring was just around the corner, flowers are blooming, fruits are getting a bit cheaper, not everyone is wearing 20 layers of clothes and Hot Americanos are being changed for ICED Americanos. 

I know most people who have been in Korea for a long time feel annoyed by that Seasons question, but I'm new here and I'm enjoying the changes way too much^^, those are the kind of things we should enjoy, hopefully you are doing it too and you are not waiting until a Viral video with a baby girl enjoying it tells you to do it....

I guess today was a good day, I came back from Kiki's with a box full of Seaweed lol.

-Gisela V.

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