Monday, February 17, 2014

Blog day #12


I just bought 2 avocados for 1,000₩!!, if you are wondering why am I so excited is 1st~ thats like 1 USD, 2~ they are usually 7,000₩ a pair and 3~ We can make Guacamole NOW!!!!! lol, moments like this can tell you how little I actually need to be happy n_n

I also got Tteok from my boss, she is super nice and as a friend would say, "Money is important but a good relation with your boss is better"  :), and today we found a good balance at work (yaaaay!).

Today we sent another package from our store, I think we are slowly getting there, we also sent her a Bigbang special gift with her purchase ~cuz that's what giiiiirls doooo~

I have a date with my dealer to have lunch tomorrow, and NO, I do not do drugs, I dont buy them nor sell them; I'm talking about our cellphones dealer (lol). I dont think I've blogged about him before but he is super nice, he got us good phones,helped us get our SIM cards and gave is free toothbrushes (lmao), *gangsta voice*  if you need a phone, let me know, I can hook you up ;)

Oh!, now that winter seems to be going away, i'll finally stop wearing the same Jacket,for over 3 months I've been looking the same in every picture because of it even thou I actually DO change ny clothes!, another good thing? we can finally eat on our rooftop!!!

My subway ride is almost over, so, that also means this is also the end of this post~~

-Gisela V.

Random street found today....

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