Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blog day #11

Where did the weekend go??

Sunday 8pm and I'm still tired and in need of a longer weekend.

Last night we watched "The slender man", one of those bad suspense movies that scare you just becsuse of the suspense, I LOVS scary movies, I can deal with spirits, dead people, demons and stuff but I CAN'T with Aliens, I just can't, the story is like a lousy copy of "Dark skies", except that was a good movie and I still think "The greys" are among us.... lol, after the movie, we watched BIGBANG's alive concert to lighten up the mood (lol), then I had a weird dream about being in Mexico living with an aunt 0_0.....

Today we headed to my dear crowded Myeongdong to get some quotes for the store and walk around to get some fresh air, we were also on the haunt for some Chocolate SALES after V~day but we had no luck  :( and yea, we already finished the ones the student gave me on friday LOL (I'm not even sorry!).

Back at home we had a nice Fried chicken dinner and watched The Bigbang theory^^

Why is time going so fast lately?, I'm 4 months away from turning twenty~freaking~nine y/o (ノ-ㅅ-)ノ I'M so OOOOOLD :( *cries*

So.... yeah, I'm liking this daily blog thing, I wish I had better things to blog about but I'm a boring old lady hehe.

OHHH!, last night we recorded our 1st Vlog so, hopefully, soon you'll be seeing more of our faces, we decided to do it in spanish cuz well... it's obviously more natural~~ well not me, I'll always be awkward infront of a camera, if you dont believe me just go to Youtube and search: WKB Tour (or something like that) and have a good laugh at my awkwardness.

Hope you all had a great weekend and have a better start of the week!

-Gisela V.

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