Thursday, February 20, 2014

I have a Bed!!!

Remember how yesterday's post was about me meeting Oppa?

Well, the reason for us to meet was because he was kind enough to come with me to pick up what would be my new bed, some of you don't know but we only had 1 bed and it was in my sis' room, I was used to sleeping on the floor (I had enough blankets don't worry^^), ever since we flew to Japan, I've been sleeping on the floor (or tatami!) and it was kinda nice since winter is really cold over here, so, sleeping on a toasty floor was nicer that sleeping on a bed.

Anyway, we went to pick the sofa-bed all the way to Sindorim, I was actually worried because we live on the 4th floor and having to bring it upstairs (we have no elevator) seemed complicated, specially because it's been proven that Oppa isn't very...handy -lol-, when we got home we had a bit of a trouble to get it out of the van and Oppa hurt his finger, it was bleeding but him being very Macho wouldn't let me take a look at it, we brought it to the 4th floor very fast, I was amazed it only took like 5 minutes, poor oppa was breathless and I thought he was gonna pass out -again lol-, since he was busy he had to leave right away and I was still deciding if the sofa bed would go to my room, I left it in the living room and later when I came back home that night, I had a nice bed set up in my room (Thanks to my sis!!), I felt awkward and uncomfortable sleeping on my new bed and it was COLDER than sleeping on the floor, the moment I uncovered my arm I got super cold and I woke up a million times u_u

Hopefully tonight I will sleep better, although, I don't know why, tonight is SUPER cold....funny thing is, yesterday my boss offered me another Sofa-bed, should we take it?, in case we have company?? haha.

Today we had dinner with my sis' boss, but, it's late now and I'll leave that story for tomorrow...

This weekend we have 2 weddings and 1 of them is in Sokcho, so, we'll be traveling with Sally and Unnie to my friend's wedding^^

Do you see that in the corner? those are all the clothes I have left... that's what happens when you travel with 1 backpack ~and yes, my room is tiny~

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