Thursday, February 6, 2014

My blogging challenge

Hi everyone,
I'm starting my very own daily~blogging challenge, since I haven't blogged much lately I think this is a good oportunity to re-take on my blogging. I usually like to make long (or super long) posts but maybe I need to change that since I just can't decide on what to blog about, so, how about I just blog about random things?, about my day or the latest gossip I heard lol.
As this is my 1st post of the challenge I should make a good one but today I just went to Gimpo Airport to complete the oddest job ever, picking up lauggage and drop it at a hotel... for a moment, my sis made me think I was trafficking drugs lol, but no, all I had to do was wait for the lauggage, get on a taxi, drop off everything and find my way back home \( ˚ ▽ ˚ ) /
I'm also sick, somehow I had avoided being sick for the past 5 months (except for a random flu here and there) so, yesterday I spent the whole morning and half my afternoon lying and napping, although I am way better now I still can't eat properly and having to eat chicken soup is not making it for me, I'm ready for my 킴치지깨!!!!
Anyway, here's a lil selca I sent to my bff while walking to the subway today, she says I look 17 (that's why I love her lol) and I think my eyes clearly say I look 29 :(
~Gisela V.

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