Monday, November 5, 2012

My 12 Reasons to visit Korea V 2.0

Seonyu-do Island

On January 11th I posted my12 Reasons to Visit Korea, and I wasn't really expecting to travel to Korea this year, at that moment I wasn't sure what was going to happened with my life at all.... turns out I was invited to travel to Korea on September 2012 and I managed to cross some things of my "To do" list.. so let's see what's left for me to do onmy next trip!
1- Food - I want to eat more Korean food, street food, drink Makgeolli, go to lots of restaurants,visit a Mexican food restaurant (I’m intrigued). Go to all those mini marts and buy crazy snacks!

This just wasn't enough....
I think I got the food section covered... on September I ate more Korean food than I should have O_O..I didn't visit a Mexican food restaurant but I can do that when I stay in Korea for LONGER!!. I did
go to many convenience stores/Mini Marts and got a bunch of Korean Snacks...that by the way didn't last long u_u haha
2- Busan / Incheon – Travel Around -I want to go to Seoul first and then travel around S. Korea. I would like to visit North Korea but that’s going to be way to complicated for a little while.

I met someone who lives in Busan....that counts right?? :D , and I traveled with her to Jeonju and Seonyudo!, I did travel outside Seoul so technically I can cross this out of my list... but
next time I'm definitely going to Busan!
Dorothea, Jessica (Lives in Busan!), Annabel, Ema, Me, Maria (Thanks KoreaNet for the pic!)
3- Visit people I met on my1st visit -I want to meet with the people I met last year (In Seoul and Mexico)and would also like to meet some of my fave K-Bloggers (stalker much?? Lol)

This was HARD!, I didn't have enough time to see some friends, although I did manage to meet JoAnna, Sanghyun and my friend Jeanette from BrandKorea!

4- Visit the Noryangjin Market - On my 1stvisit to Seoul I went to the 63 building and I could see the Noryangjin market from there but I didn’t have time to go that day since I had to meet a friend and I still regret I didn’t go back :(

This is staying on my list a little bit longer... Even thou I did ate amazing seafood in Gunsan I stillwant to visit the Noryangjin Market...the day I arrived my taxi drove right next to the market on our way tothe Hotel :O close yet so far away 

5- Take my mom/sister - I want to show them why I fell in love with Korea :)

This one is hard.... Hopefully next year I'll get to travel Korea with my sister, but I'll never make it with my mom... at least not in the way I wanted :(, this trip was filled with mixed feelings for me, after my 1st visit to Korea I promised myself I would take my mom with me next time but sadly she couldn't make it and it was hard being there and think how much I wish she was with me... 

6- Do a Temple stay - Again I didn’t have enough time to do this the 1st time but the 2 temples I visited felt so peaceful…I need to do this next time.

Not enough time to do this...I still want to but I'm not sure I'll be able to make it... Waking up at4am is no problem for me but Jessica told us how she did a Temple Stay and had to do over 100 bows O_O and I'm not sure I can do that... hahaha I'll have to prepare for that...1 bow at a time I guess. 

7- Do a Korea Home stay

It wasn't a Korean Home Stay but we did stayed at a Hanok and visited Jeonju Hanok Village :)

8- Go to the Kimchi museum- What else can I say? I love Kimchi ^^

 I did it and I loved it!!!!!

9- Take cooking lessons -You know I love my Korean Food!!!

I still have to do this....(Yesterday I had my 1st homemade Bibimbap and it wasn't that bad :D )

Does it count if I made Bibimbap at home?
10- Speak more Korean -This is a MUST… Meaning I also have to study more

FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAILED!! Failed big time!... I did know more words but I'm still unable to understand or have a proper conversation.

11- House of Sharing -Would like to do some volunteer work at the House of sharing

Hopefully next year since this requires for me to stay in Korea longer than a week.

12- Take a tour through some of the “My name is Kim Sam soon” locations…. I have to!! This show got me to love Korea!!!

I don't know if I'll ever get to take this tour... but on my recent trip I did go to the Namsam Cable Car and the whole time I thought about that scene where Kim Sam Soon and Sam Shik takethe cable car n_n 

I guess it wasn't that bad,huh? ... I was only in Korea for 6 days and got to do so many things!, 

Hopefully next year I'll get to do that Volunteer work for a couple of months!

How about you?.... Do you have a list of Reasons to Visit Korea (or any other country?)

-Gisela V.


  1. Yes! Food is a top reason on why I love visiting Korea every year. I also like the hustle and bustle of the city life with so many different faces passing by. I love the fashion trends, the noribangs, and eating at late night food carts! I just love everything about that country. I hope you get to visit there soon!

  2. I've only been to a Norebang once O_O
    Late night food carts are THE BEST!
    Well... since I just came back a little less than 2 months ago I don't think I'll be going soon :( but hopefully in a year I'll be back in Korea! kkkk

  3. We can say that you did most of the things that you wanted to do!! You had a nice experience that you can also repeat it in a near future. And this time, you can focus on all those things you couldn't do on your first trip! :)

  4. Hi Ana :)
    I know!, I'm lucky I got to to so many things^^

  5. Next time go to EMart, its a lot cheaper than mini mart.
    Mini mart is pa lot more expensive.

  6. :O Hopefully next time I'll have more time and will finally get to explore an E-Mart, thanks for the advice thou :D