Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Seollal aka Korean's New Year aka Lunar New Year is around the corner and now that I'm in Korea there are MANY things I would like to do, but still, I have no plans for this year's 4 day Holiday.

1st of all, Seolla is the Lunar New Year and is one of the most celebrated Holidays in Korea -as well as Chuseok-, this year Seollal falls on January 31st of the Gregorian Calendar, this marks the beginning of a new year, unlike December 31st, this date is not a date to go out partying with your friends; it's about Paying respect to our ancestors and gather around with your family to catch up, most Koreans travel to reunite with their family. Hanbok is used for this day and games are played when the family is together but even if you don't have plans to celebrate this important holiday, you should be ready.

Most people is getting ready, supermarkets are crowded and gift sets are everywhere, not only people is getting their gifts but groceries as most places will be closed on Jan 30-31st. According to VisitKorea's website the most popular gifts are: For parents: ginseng, honey, health products, and massage chairs. Other common gifts include toiletries such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc. and gift baskets/sets composed of Spam, tuna, hangwa (traditional sweets and cookies), dried fish or fruits.

Although I have no plans for these days, I know I should be ready, me, my sis and some friends wanted to go out of the city but I was told that would be a HUGE mistake as trafic will be crazy with people driving to meet their families, so, No traveling for us this time since we didn't plan things with time -lol-.

You can read more about How Koreans celebrate Seollal here, sorry I can't give you the details on how to celebrate it the Korean Way but most likely I will spend it at home eating ramen and watching TV shows or maybe just drinking at home with friends -a bad habit we've taken lately-.

I'm sorry this post is so random, I'm freezing, the ondol is not doing anything for me and my annoying computer is worse than yesterday, my SHIFT key doesn't work and it's making things far more complicated than they should be...

If anyone ha any cool plans to celebrate, do let me know hehe.

-Gisela V.

PS. I read it's a tradition to give money to your unmarried relatives and since I'm not married yet, you can send me your presents hehehe.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Selcas time!

Hi everyone!

I was wondering what have I been doing these past 2 weeks that I forgot to blog, well, not really forgto, but I didn't have the time to do it properly and I honestly don't know what I've been doing...I know we've been busy and had to run to busan for an almost 2 days trip but other than that, I'm not exactly sure what's going on, I have stories to tell but those will be left for a different day.

Today I will just talk about my latest hobby, this is something that now I do while I ride the bus, subway or just killing time while going from one place to the other: SELCAs, selca comes from Self-Camera aka selfies, my sister told me about this great app called CYMERA and this app can be linked to your Cyberworld account (like the Korean version of FB).

The app has a LOT of features, you can take 1 picture, 2 or 4 at a time, it has a Fisheye mode, etc, it allows you do edit the picture with frames, filters, change the light, make it blurry, a stickers AND do your make up, worried about taking a pic and not looking good?, this is the Koreans secret to a great selca, you can take a pic and adjust your make up with the app; need more eyebrows?, lenses?, lipgloss?, it has it!, you can also slim your face/body with it lol, make your eyes biger or cover spots... crazy isn't it? (no wonder you barely see Koreans looking less than perfect on pics)
Those are some of the camera modes
 and last pic is a map showing where did you
take the pic!

I know being 28 and taking selcas is not doing me good, but it's just a fun way to pass time while riding the bus either alone or with someone else, now I can understand why a lot of Koreans love doing it hehe.

Audrey unnie and Me at the bus^^ with a giant sticket

This was the day I started taking selcas everywhere lol

Don't touch my camera, don't touch my phone! hehe

Filters, efects and more...

Fisheye!!! -not my best pic LOL-
Anyway, this is now one of my favorites Cam Apps, do you have any cool apps?

-Gisela V.