Monday, September 27, 2010

Korean 101 and more...

So, after much thought I've decided that I really wanna go Live in South Korea for at least 1 year, it would be a great experience and of course I would like to work there, so I'm currently working on it, 1st step was start looking for jobs (so I'm keeping my fingers crossed) and 2nd step is re-take my korean Lessons, since it's a bit expensive to take this classes in Mexico and since I've been reading LOTS of travelers blogs I found this  and I just started my lessons, it's easy to use, affordable and you can download the classes and listen to them wherever you are! , So instead of listening the song Lucifer 100 times in a row (lol) I get to actually LEARN something n_n
If you are interested in learning Korean try it, there's a 7-day Trial for free and if you like it you can suscribe!

Anyway, today I went to the Korean neighbourhood because I needed some nappa cabbage and it's the closest place to find it, and O-M-G do I like to go there!! I could go there everyday and just look at the stores (Imagine how it would be when I actually understand what they say!! hehe). I got some Choco Pies and reminded me of this blog and also got Chopsticks and some candies, Nop I didn't get the nappa cabbage because they didn't have any u_u at least at the Seoul Market and there I saw the SAC SAC (didn't buy it....maybe next time) and they also had the Cuckoo's rice cooker!!  I wanted to ask for the price so bad but didn't because I figured that If I knew the price I would end up either buying it rightaway or saving money to buy it later.....and NO!! I have to save as much as I can if I really wanna go to S. Korea right?. it's just that whenever I go there I feel like a 5-year old in a Candy Shop....someday maybe someday :)
I can say this was a fun weekend :)

-Gisela V.


  1. si realmente le echas ganas para terminar ese curso, sabes que tienes todo mi apoyo para que de verdad vayas por lo menos ese año que esperas, sólo tienes que ser constante y no tirar la toalla. mom

  2. Getting a job in Korea will be a challenge :P But its do able! lol but, shouldn't spend too much Korean goodies :S I am going poor from being selfish and trying to enjoy asian goodies in the US lol

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  4. Orale, que padrisimisima foto del korean 'hood! lol

  5. Gracias gracias :D hehe
    I know it's going to be a challenge but challenges can be fun n_n
    Tell meeeeeeee about Korean goodies lol

  6. LOL yeah sure I was going to do a lot of them.. I bought a lot from Korea to write about them but I ended up getting depressed and eating them faster than I could write a review about them LOL