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It's time for another (Kpop) Music Blog!!!!! and just to feel inspired I'm listening to 2PM, to be honest I'm just starting to learn about this Kpop bands, because I always confuse the members since there are bands even with 11 members O_O and all I see on FB or Twitter are girls talking about their ABBS (lol)... So I was searching for some info about this band and this is what I got.......

2PM is a South Korean boy band originally had 7 members but currently there are only 6 members since Jay Park quit the band

The current members are Junsu / Junho / Nichkhun / Taecyein / Wooyoung and Chansung.

2PM os one of the 2 subgroups branched out from the 11member boyband "One Day" the other group is 2AM. 2PM achieved their first N.1 song with Again and Again (Catchy song n_n  )

All the members auditioned for 2PM (except Nichkun who was scouted) and some of this autitions where held in other countries (Jay Park auditioned in the USA).

A documentary called Hot Blood Men was filmed while 2AM and 2PM were in training to be part of the group "One  Day", in September 4th, 2008 and they started the promotion of "Only You" in October 17th, 2008.
On April 2009 the group released their second album "2:00PM Time for Change". On September 4, 2009 the controversy rised and articles began to surf on the interner about Jay Park's personal Myspace account in wich he expressed his dislike for Korea, later on he issued an apology regarding this and on September
8, 2009 Jay Park announced he would be leaving the group to return to the United States.

On November 10, 2009 the group's 1st FULL lenght album 1:59PM was released.

On February 25, 2010 2PM and JYP Entratainment CEO Choi Jungwook offered a press conference and announced that 2PM would be promoted as a 6member band and a new leader would not be chosen to replace Jay Park.

Currently the band has been confirmed to be the opening act for the Wonder Girls for 9 shows in the United States for their summer tour.

-Gisela V.

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