Monday, October 25, 2010

Korean Food in Mexico #2



I didn't take this pic, I forgot to take a pic from the outside..
I've been meaning to go to a Korean restaurant for MONTHS!! and there was always something that kept me from doing it... and last saturday I finally did it (yay!), I went to "Young Bin Kwan", it was the 2nd time (for me) in that restaurant, the 1st time I went it was a nice quiet, good pricing, great waiters, place to go eat with friends or family, so I went there hoping for a great meal buuuut... I found something different, this time there were displayed pictures of some of the meals by the window, the 2nd floor (with a nice view) was closed and the 1st floor was extended, when we got there there were just a few tables occupied and they took us to a HUGE table were you can put easily 12 people even thou we were only 2... then they hand us the Menu and it's different....It's in Korean and not everything is translated and the most shocking thing is they increased the prices O_O OMG!!! last time I went you could get a soup (don't know the korean name...sowy!) for about $100 pesos (9USD) and this time was $450 pesos!!!!! and that's ALOT considering that we ment to pay a $500-600pesos bill... my mom even asked me if it was in pesos or Korean Wons (lol) and I have to admit the idea went trough my mind aswell hahaha.

So we took our time to decide, my mom asked for a Bokumbap (Fried rice with shrimps) and I asked for a BulGogi (Korean Marinated Beef)

The Bokumbap was good but a little greas, it had some diced suchini, carrots and shrimp, I can just say it was OK.
My marinated beef
My BulGogi was pretty good (a little too sweet) but the meat was really tender and it only came with a bowl of steamed rice...again a little dissapointing considering the new prices, right?

Anyway, I as really excited when they brought the side dishes!! because last time they gave us some really good side dishes, they gave us pickles with sesame seeds, some small fishes (don't know the nam either) and other goodies!

But this time it was the well-known Cabbage Kimch (Baechu Kimchi) :
This pickled and fermented Napa cabbage is the most popular and recognizable form of kimchi. Baechu kimchi  is not only good as a side dish to almost every Korean meal, but it is also the foundation for many
soups, stews, stir fries, and rice dishes. the Kimchi was good but I think it had too much liquid chilli (O_o) but overall it was good... and with the plain rice it was really good!

Korean Seasoned Spinach (Sigumchi Namul) :

This seasoned spinach “salad” is a light Korean side dish that can also be used in other Korean main dishes like chapchae (stir fried noodles), kimbap (rice and seaweed rolls), and bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables).

Next we have Korean Stir Fried Korean Noodles (Japchae) :

Chapchae is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea and believe me,,,it's really good

Korean White Radish Kimchi (Dongchimi) :

A summer kimchi that is vinegary rather than spicy, dongchimi falls into the “white” or “water” category of the many different types of kimchi. Although dongchimi requires a few days of brining, it is very simple to make and lasts for a very long time in the refrigerator, I don't know if this is the real dongchimi, but it was gooood!

Namul :

Vegetables seasoned with sesame oil, vinegar, salt, garlic, green onions, chili peppers and soy sauce. Broccoli is often seasoned in sesame oil and sprinkled with a few sesame seeds when served as banchan.

There was also a plain salad with a dressing... how Korean os that?
Overall it was a GOOD meal, expensive but good!, if you want to try Korean food I recomend you this place or the one across the street (hopefully I will make a review on that one later!).

-Gisela V. 

This is the information of the restaurant:
CP: 6600
TELEFONO: 52089399


  1. sabes que buscando en la web de donde ir recomiendan mucho este restaurant?


  2. I like how there's another restaurant across the street :). Is the listed price for your main dish plus everything in the second picture or are they charged separate?

  3. All the Side dishes are "free" :)
    If you ever go,,,careful with the's kinda strong o como yo le digo "gusto adquirido" :D

  4. You'll be much happier with the prices of food when you come to Korea. Most prices for things are more or less similar with the US, but food here is so cheap (well, probably much more expencive than mexican food in mexico, but much much cheaper than eating in the states) Your typical soup (jjigae or whatever) will run you between 3-5,000 won and you can get one serving of galbi between 5-10,000 won depending on the quality. Bulgogi is a bit more expencive, but much cheaper than what you paid I'm sure. Actually, though bulgogi is so world famous, I never eat it at restaurants here! Usually just at home because I don't want to pay the high prices...

    Glad I've found your blog, I'll keep following. Hope to see you at our home in December.


  5. Jo-Anna!!

    Thank you! I can wait to be there, I'm so excited, I wanna try "the real" Korean food already!. I still have to decide what I wanna go see!! so much to see so little time :O