Baking + Catering

I love baking and cooking in equal measure, and I usually do it for personal use, that is: myself, my family and friends. However, after having the chance to open up a Cafe with my mom and sister, I realized I also enjoyed baking for other people. Unfortunately, we had to close the Cafe for personal reasons, but after that I continued to bake and/or cook (cater) for other people whenever I had/have a chance.

So, either cute/personalized cupcakes, cookies, cakes and pretty much anything sweet you can think of, I can make. You can buy this for birthdays, anniversaries, openings or any special occasion you need it. When you ran out of words, nothing says 'I love you' like sweets.
Also, I’m available to cater anniversaries, birthday bashes, private dinner parties, family brunches, romantic dinners for two or any kind of event that's sort of
petit comité. The range is wide but I like to concentrate on Korean Food (which is one of my biggest passions), which can be a quite exciting and original experience. Either if you just want to try it, or if you know it and you love it. What I like about Korean Food, is the fact that it can be just a casual meal, or it can be an elegant dinner to impress your guests.

As I am currently in Korea, I will obviously won't be able to cater anymore u_u 

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