Monday, April 30, 2012

Global Seoul Mate

Hey everyone!!

Just like I told you a few days ago, I was accepted as Global Seoul Mate
Starting tomorrow May 1st will take efect so make sure to check the Hi Seoul, Soul of Asia site to see what's new.

Thank you Seoul Metropolitan Goverment! :)

-Gisela V. 

The A B C of Korea and Mexico

Everytime I talk about Korea people ask me Why do I have so much interest in answer
is always the same, I like the Language, Culture and the people... plus Korea is very similar to Mexico, so let's check out some of the similarities :) 

A: Adventure

Want some adventure?, both Countries have it, so here are a couple of places I want to visit in
Mexico and Korea.


Merida: Appointed in 2000 as "Cultural Capital of the Americas", Merida is the point from which
to visit the most interesting attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Merida you can enjoy
some activities such as: Diving, Fishing, Camping, Kayak, Rappel and Extreme Sports!

Mayan Riviera: The Mayan Riviera is an unspoiled stretch of coastline running for 75 miles along

the Mexican Caribbean. With tranquil waters that glow with numerous shades of blue and the
ideal Mayan Riviera weather, the activities are very alike to Merida's :)


Gyeonggi-do Province: It's Korea's largest city and National Capital, here you can find "Everland"
which is one of the Top 10 theme parks in the World, the Hallyu Wood theme Park (currently in
construction!!), Korean Folk Villages (In Yongin), you can also find Ski resorts, bugghist temples,
and the "DMZ Trekking Course" where you can walk along the northern-most region of Korea.

Jeju Island: Of course I had to include Jeju....I've already writen about Jeju Island here, so I don't think I need more explanation, right? :)

B: Banchan-Side Dishes

The Banchan refers to small side dishes, these are incluided on every Korean Meal, you will always
find Kimchi next to your food and there are other common side dishes such as: Pa Kimchi (scallion
Kimchi), Kongnamul (cold boiled bean sprouts w/sesame oil), Sigeumchi namul (parboiled spinach
dressed with sesame oil), etc.

In Mexico it's not quite a side dish, but we usually have "other" dishes to go with the food... let's
Say... Tacos, when you go to a Taqueria (Tacos shop) there are places with over 20 different kind
of sauces, there's also sliced cucumbers, pineapple, diced onions and coriander, lemons or guacamole.
Most of our meals will contain Sauce and Tortillas, We have a Tortilla Soup and on the side we'll
have heavy cream, grated cheese, Chicharron (pork skin deep fried), chillies and Avocado.
As you can see, we like to have our food with some side dishes as well :D

C: City

Just like Seoul, Mexico is a city full of contrasts, you can find very old buildings right next
to brand new buildings, you can go from a peaceful place to the chaotic city and the trafic Jam.

As always, I think photos will speak more than a 1000 words.

Downtown Mexico City / Seoul
Mexico  /  Seoul
Mexico  /  Seoul

-Gisela V.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Worldwide Korean Blogger

Today I got an amazing package on the mail and I would like to thank Korea Net  for my gift and Certificate of Appoinment, it made me feel important and very happy to be recognized.


Certificate and Gift Box
Can you see that? it's signed and sealed by the Director of the Korean Culture and Information Service
On the inside of the box there's a Mother-of-Pearl CardCase and and a Pen :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Love Korea Contest

Hi everyone!

I just realized its been a week since my last post....for some reason I kept comming back and was waiting for a new post to appear.... yea by itself (lol), my mind has been everywhere lately... but I'm back and I'm back with GREAT news!

The title of the post says it all.... the I love Korea Contest is being organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea.

The 1st prize is the dreamed price if you love Korea: A Trip to Korea (including rount-trip airfare and accomodation), a K-pop live show and a Korean Brand Car.  (1 winer)
2nd Prize is a Korean brand Laptop (2winers)
3rd Prize Korean brand tablet Pc (3 winers)
4th Price is a Korean brand Digital Camera (5 winers)

You will only need to make a video, no longer than 3 minutes and explain WHY you LOVE Korea, the good things is...there's no need to make a professional video, you can record it with a digital camera, your cellphone, etc. It's preferred if your video is in English or Korean, but if you can not do this (or if you are Shy :P) you can send a complete description of the video and attach it to the application form.

For more about the Rules, prices or the application form you can go here.

So, what are you guys waiting for? Just go and make a video and let the people know Why you Love Korea so much.

-Gisela V.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

K-Pop in Mexico and more news/events

Hi everyone!

How've you been?, lots of things are going on over here and the main one is... Arirang and TV Azteca (One of the biggest TV Networks in Mexico) have announced a K-pop concert in Mexico this year, according to their Facebook after some meetings it has been confirmed that this year a Kpop group will come to Mexico, dates, prices and venues are yet to be confirmed but I know for fact that ALL Kpop fans in Mexico are super excited about this, so... we better start saving our $$ if we want to go to the 1st Kpop concert in Mexico, hopefully this will help bringing more Korean Artists to Mexico. IF you want more info about this you can also visit KPOP in Mexico's Facebook here. And you can follow @fer_gay y @el_hub on twitter, they are TV Azteca's main contact regarding this matter.

On another news, this Saturday the Openning of the Kpop Sarangday Mexico will be held in Mexico City, this oppening will mark the start of a series of events regarding SARANGDAY, this event is being organized by the KOREAN POP MEXICO COMPANY , all the information of the event can be found here.
The price of the event is $160 pesos and you'll have to pay this before this Friday  (April 20th).

There's another event called "IDOL FANCLUB ATHLETIC CHAMPIONS", this will be held on May 5th at Parque Bicentenario (Mexico City), this is a Sports event that will gather Kpop Fan clubs, the entrance fee is $20 pesos and you can read more about it here.

If you can not go to these events, every Tuesday the Korean Cultural Center is showing Korean Movies for FREE!!! it is limited to 100people you can catch a movie ar 3pm or 6pm, this Tuesday April 17th they will be showing "Welcome to Dongmakol" (웰컴 투 동막골). The story is set in Korea during the Korean War in 1950. Soldiers from both the North and South, as well as an American pilot, find themselves in a secluded village, its residents largely unaware of the outside world, including the war.
For more information about this you can visit the Korean Embassy in Mexico's Facebook here. If you can not go to see a movie you can just go to the KCC and check the books, movies, dramas or CD's they have in there, they are friendly and be happy to receive you :)

And last but not least... some of you already know about the Global Seoul Mate campaign that the Seoul Metropolitan Goverment released about 2 months a go to help promote Korean Culture around the Glove, I sent my applications and today the "winners" announcement was posted on their website and I made it!! I get to be one of the 110 Global Seoul Mates!!!! I'm extremely excited about this and can't wait to get more information on how is this going to work, if you guys applied as well you can check the results here.

Well, hope you can assist to those events or at least to go check out the KCC.
The address is posted here.

-Gisela V.


Hola a todos!¿Cómo están?, Muchas cosas están sucediendo aquí y la principal es... Arirang y TV Azteca han anunciado un concierto de K-pop en México este año, de acuerdo a su Facebook después de algunas reuniones se ha confirmado que este año un grupo de Kpop vendrá a México, fechas, los precios y lugares aún por confirmarse, pero sé que todos los fans de Kpop en México están muy emocionados acerca de esto, así que ... es mejor empezar a ahorrar nuestro $ $ si queremos estar en primera fila del primer concierto de Kpop en México, Y esperamos que esto ayude a traer más artistas coreanos a México. Si desean obtener más información acerca de este también se puede visitar en Facebook KPOP de México aquí. Y pueden seguir a @el_hub y @ fer_gay en twitter, que son el contacto principal de TV Azteca en relación con este asunto.

En otras noticias, este sábado es la Inauguración del México Kpop Sarangday y se llevará acabo en la Ciudad de México, esta apertura sera marcar el inicio de una serie de eventos relacionados con SARANGDAY, este evento está siendo organizado por
KOREAN POP MEXICO COMPANY, toda la información de el evento se puede encontrar aquí. El precio del evento es de $ 160 pesos y tendrán que pagar esto antes de este viernes (20 de abril).

Hay otro evento llamado "
IDOL FANCLUB ATHLETIC CHAMPIONS", esto se llevará a cabo el 5 de mayo en el Parque Bicentenario (México DF), este es un evento deportivo que reunirá a los clubs de Fans del Kpop, el precio de la entrada es de $ 20 y pueden leer más acerca de aquí.

Si no pueden ir a estos eventos, todos los martes en el Centro Cultural Coreano está mostrando películas coreanas GRATIS! Con cupo limitado de 100 Personas por función y hay 2 funciones de 15:00 o 18:00 pm, este martes 17 de abril se muestra "Bienvenido a Dongmakol" (웰컴 투 동막골). La historia se desarrolla en Corea durante la guerra de Corea en 1950. Los soldados, tanto del Norte como del Sur, así como un piloto norteamericano, se encuentran en un tranquilo pueblo, sus habitantes desconocen en gran medida el mundo exterior, incluyendo la guerra. 

Para obtener más información acerca de este se puede visitar la Embajada de Corea en Facebook de México aquí. Si no pueden ir a ver una película pueden ir a la KCC a dar la vuelta, o checar los libros, películas, Series Coreanas o CDs que tienen allí, estoy segura de que estarán encantados de recibirlos.

Y por último pero no menos importante ... algunos de ustedes ya saben acerca de la campaña "Global Seoul Mate" que el Gobierno Metropolitano de Seúl lanzó hace aproximadamente 2 meses, la campaña esta creada para ayudar a promover la cultura coreana en todo el mundo, yo envié mis solicitud y y el dia de hoy anunciaron a los "ganadores"!!.  El anuncio fue publicado en su página web y fui aceptada! asi que ya soy una de los 110 Global Seoul Mate!! Estoy muy emocionada por esto y no puedo esperar a obtener más información sobre cómo se va a trabajar, si ustedes aplicaron pueden consultar los resultados aquí.

Bueno, espero que puedan asistir a esos eventos o al menos ir a visitar el CCC. 

La dirección está publicada aquí.

-Gisela V.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mexico City Photo Tours: Hidden Treasures

Guest post!!!
This post is courtesy of Diana Verdin
I love my Country and I am very proud of our Culture. I strongly believe Mexico, in particular Mexico City, has a lot to offer to the tourists starting -like I mentioned before- with the culture, the food and flavors, the arts, the sights and the experience of meeting Mexican people who is always warm and ready to help out a stranger.

I've always been aware of how beautiful my hometown is, therefore, I've always enjoyed sharing it with people, I love showing them what Mexico is really about. Despite its reputation worldwide, Mexico is a place that makes everyone who visits it fall in love with it, whether it is for its beautiful beaches, historic places, interesting museums, friendly people or amazing food...everyone ends up loving it!

As a Photographer, I am interested in doing Photography Tours, which are a bit more specialized than regular tours. These types of tours are for people who's not only are eager to see new places, but to capture its essence and then, perhaps, be able to share it with others; which I find absolutely amazing as it is another way to get more people to visit Mexico, you know, there's no better publicity than word of mouth.

In my tours, I want people to be able to see more than the great and well known sites of the City, I want them to see the richness of places such as Markets, street/flea markets and many more places that have been long time visited by locals only, places full of incredible colors, amazing flavors and fascinating traditions, places that a tourist would -for sure- treasure and enjoy.

Photo Tour Mx City: Markets

Are you visiting Mexico City Anytime soon? This is your chance to do a unique Photo Tour with a local Professional Photographer who knows the City to the core!

If you not only are eager to see new places, but to capture its essence and show it to the World, this Photo Tour is for you.

They say you can get to know a place/culture by its food, well, what better than to go to the place where the authentic food is created: the market, known in Mexico as "El Mercado", a place where you will find fresh food for really good prices; you can buy food to make your own meal or you can eat at the traditional stalls located within the same market.

This will be a tour full of colors, flavors, tradition, food and, of course, fun. Something you definitely have to experience first hand -don't wait for your friends to come home and tell you all about their amazing travels and explorations, be the one to tell them the awesome experience you lived AND photographed!
If you're interested, please leave a comment on this post or you can also find me on Twitter: @diana_verdin for further information and details.

The first Photo Tour weekend will take place on April 28th and 29th. It is important to book your place for the date you wish as the tour is limited to 6 persons maximum.
If you're on CouchSurfing, you can join the Activity here!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

SeOUL Searching

Soul searching.... Yup I HAD to make the typicall post of Seoul/Soul Searching (haha!)

Here I am asking myself once and again "What's next?", what's the plan, where do I see myself in a couple of years... This is something I don't know and feel like I can not do any planning at the moment, the only thing I'm sure of right now is Korea... I want to go back to Korea, I want to explore Seoul, go to all those places I read on the blogs I follow, meet new people, travel through the country and try to find the right path for me, whatever it is, maybe I'll end up baking somewhere in the Globe :) 

While I was going through my photos of Seoul I realized I want to go back SO BAD!, I try not to see my pictures so often since they make me want to buy a one way ticket to Korea and don't look back hehe. 

Why don't I show you some of those random pictures that make me wish I was there every day.

-Gisela V

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gisela @ TBS eFM 101.3 (Korea)!!!

Hi everyone!

Some of you already know this because well... I tweeted about it :D
2 weeks ago my friend Eugene invited me to participate in a Segment called "Around the World" at the show DriveTime with Sam and Annabelle, in case you didn't know this is a Radio show broadcasted by TBS in Korea and each week they have a correspondent from somewhere around the world.
I was very excited to be a part of this and let Korea know a little bit more about Mexico and you'll ask.. Why is she posting this in here?, Well I also got to talk about the KCC that recently opened its doors in Mexico :)

So... here's the audio
If you listen to it... I'm Sorry!!!! lol, I know I sound like a 10 year old... remember I was VERY nervous

Click  here to check it out

-Gisela V.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Korean Cultural Festival Part II

Hi everyone!

This will cover the last part of the events of the Korean Cultural Festival (and Center). I'm glad I was invited since I had lots of fun and met some really nice people :)

The 2nd part started with Samulnori, for those who don't know what this is I'll explain it briefly, Samulnori is Korean Traditional instrumental music that's based on the "Pungmul" a type of percussion Folklore music that's part of the day to day life of farmers in Korea.
The 4 main instruments of Pungmulnori are:
Buk : Drums
Jang-gu : Sandclock shaped drums    
Jing and Kweng-gari (Hand drum).

With the Samulnori came the Jing Dance, this dance is formed by the wind-like movements that express the sadness of a woman missing her loved one. The Jing is the instrument used when performing this dance.

Jing Dance

After some very good music it was time to see the Taekwondo team, the K-Tigers. I must say I was really surprised by them, I was expecting a regular Taekwondo exhibition but turned out to be very exciting, with their choreographies and the music.
The K-Tigers are pretty good at what they do and even when some of them look very short (haha sorry!) they were able to jump pretty HIGH and it was (for me) the highlight of the night!.


Right after the K-Tigers it was the turn of the B-Boys... I don't know if I had high expectations for this show but the K-Tigers amazed me more :/ , then a battle Of Taekwondo vs Bboys came and what better than some pics for you to judge who was better.

 And last but not least....
A Pungmulnori presentation and Namsadag (Namsadangnori was name Human cultural patrimony by UNESCO and intangible Cultural Tresure #3 of Korea)

And then it was time for Bridges of Soul to perform again, this time it was with the song "Besame Mucho" a Mexican song written by Consuelo Velazquez, this was where Korea and Mexico met, a Mexican song sang by a Korean Popers trio with music by Korean performers... I have to say... Whoever thought them the song did a great job, their accent was pretty good and ended up with a very nice version of the song.
And to finish a great evening it came the time to perform Arirang, the most representative song of Korea that has been transferred from one generation to another, for this everyone who performed that night came on the stage and went down to get people from the audience to dance. It was a very emotive moment and a perfect way to end it.

I wish Mexico had more events like this and to have more diffusion, hopefully with the KCC in Mexico now the Korean Culture will have more diffusion to remind us that Korea is not only Kpop and Dramas.

-Gisela V.