Thursday, April 12, 2012

SeOUL Searching

Soul searching.... Yup I HAD to make the typicall post of Seoul/Soul Searching (haha!)

Here I am asking myself once and again "What's next?", what's the plan, where do I see myself in a couple of years... This is something I don't know and feel like I can not do any planning at the moment, the only thing I'm sure of right now is Korea... I want to go back to Korea, I want to explore Seoul, go to all those places I read on the blogs I follow, meet new people, travel through the country and try to find the right path for me, whatever it is, maybe I'll end up baking somewhere in the Globe :) 

While I was going through my photos of Seoul I realized I want to go back SO BAD!, I try not to see my pictures so often since they make me want to buy a one way ticket to Korea and don't look back hehe. 

Why don't I show you some of those random pictures that make me wish I was there every day.

-Gisela V

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