Monday, April 30, 2012

The A B C of Korea and Mexico

Everytime I talk about Korea people ask me Why do I have so much interest in answer
is always the same, I like the Language, Culture and the people... plus Korea is very similar to Mexico, so let's check out some of the similarities :) 

A: Adventure

Want some adventure?, both Countries have it, so here are a couple of places I want to visit in
Mexico and Korea.


Merida: Appointed in 2000 as "Cultural Capital of the Americas", Merida is the point from which
to visit the most interesting attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula, in Merida you can enjoy
some activities such as: Diving, Fishing, Camping, Kayak, Rappel and Extreme Sports!

Mayan Riviera: The Mayan Riviera is an unspoiled stretch of coastline running for 75 miles along

the Mexican Caribbean. With tranquil waters that glow with numerous shades of blue and the
ideal Mayan Riviera weather, the activities are very alike to Merida's :)


Gyeonggi-do Province: It's Korea's largest city and National Capital, here you can find "Everland"
which is one of the Top 10 theme parks in the World, the Hallyu Wood theme Park (currently in
construction!!), Korean Folk Villages (In Yongin), you can also find Ski resorts, bugghist temples,
and the "DMZ Trekking Course" where you can walk along the northern-most region of Korea.

Jeju Island: Of course I had to include Jeju....I've already writen about Jeju Island here, so I don't think I need more explanation, right? :)

B: Banchan-Side Dishes

The Banchan refers to small side dishes, these are incluided on every Korean Meal, you will always
find Kimchi next to your food and there are other common side dishes such as: Pa Kimchi (scallion
Kimchi), Kongnamul (cold boiled bean sprouts w/sesame oil), Sigeumchi namul (parboiled spinach
dressed with sesame oil), etc.

In Mexico it's not quite a side dish, but we usually have "other" dishes to go with the food... let's
Say... Tacos, when you go to a Taqueria (Tacos shop) there are places with over 20 different kind
of sauces, there's also sliced cucumbers, pineapple, diced onions and coriander, lemons or guacamole.
Most of our meals will contain Sauce and Tortillas, We have a Tortilla Soup and on the side we'll
have heavy cream, grated cheese, Chicharron (pork skin deep fried), chillies and Avocado.
As you can see, we like to have our food with some side dishes as well :D

C: City

Just like Seoul, Mexico is a city full of contrasts, you can find very old buildings right next
to brand new buildings, you can go from a peaceful place to the chaotic city and the trafic Jam.

As always, I think photos will speak more than a 1000 words.

Downtown Mexico City / Seoul
Mexico  /  Seoul
Mexico  /  Seoul

-Gisela V.

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