Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mexico City Photo Tours: Hidden Treasures

Guest post!!!
This post is courtesy of Diana Verdin
I love my Country and I am very proud of our Culture. I strongly believe Mexico, in particular Mexico City, has a lot to offer to the tourists starting -like I mentioned before- with the culture, the food and flavors, the arts, the sights and the experience of meeting Mexican people who is always warm and ready to help out a stranger.

I've always been aware of how beautiful my hometown is, therefore, I've always enjoyed sharing it with people, I love showing them what Mexico is really about. Despite its reputation worldwide, Mexico is a place that makes everyone who visits it fall in love with it, whether it is for its beautiful beaches, historic places, interesting museums, friendly people or amazing food...everyone ends up loving it!

As a Photographer, I am interested in doing Photography Tours, which are a bit more specialized than regular tours. These types of tours are for people who's not only are eager to see new places, but to capture its essence and then, perhaps, be able to share it with others; which I find absolutely amazing as it is another way to get more people to visit Mexico, you know, there's no better publicity than word of mouth.

In my tours, I want people to be able to see more than the great and well known sites of the City, I want them to see the richness of places such as Markets, street/flea markets and many more places that have been long time visited by locals only, places full of incredible colors, amazing flavors and fascinating traditions, places that a tourist would -for sure- treasure and enjoy.

Photo Tour Mx City: Markets

Are you visiting Mexico City Anytime soon? This is your chance to do a unique Photo Tour with a local Professional Photographer who knows the City to the core!

If you not only are eager to see new places, but to capture its essence and show it to the World, this Photo Tour is for you.

They say you can get to know a place/culture by its food, well, what better than to go to the place where the authentic food is created: the market, known in Mexico as "El Mercado", a place where you will find fresh food for really good prices; you can buy food to make your own meal or you can eat at the traditional stalls located within the same market.

This will be a tour full of colors, flavors, tradition, food and, of course, fun. Something you definitely have to experience first hand -don't wait for your friends to come home and tell you all about their amazing travels and explorations, be the one to tell them the awesome experience you lived AND photographed!
If you're interested, please leave a comment on this post or you can also find me on Twitter: @diana_verdin for further information and details.

The first Photo Tour weekend will take place on April 28th and 29th. It is important to book your place for the date you wish as the tour is limited to 6 persons maximum.
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