Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2a Semana Ciclo de Cine Coreano / 2 Week of Korean Movies

 Here's the calender for the 2nd week of Korean Movies in Mexico

In addition to this, the Mexican Post Office just launched 2 conmemorative stamps to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Diplomatic relasionships between Mexico and Korea.

The price is $13.50 MXP (1USD)

Here you can see a video of the ceremony to present this Stamps with the Korean Embassador in Mexico (Who said this 2012 will be a year of Celebrations of this Anniversary...in Mexico and Korea)

-Gisela V.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ciclo de Cine Coreano

En 1962 nuestros contactos adquirieron su actual dimensión institucional con el establecimiento de relaciones diplomáticas y la apertura de la embajada coreana en México. Posteriormente en1978, México abriría su embajada en Corea.

Los contactos de alto nivel iniciaron con la visita del presidente Roh Taewoo a México en 1991, que por otra parte fue la primera visita de un jefe de Estado coreano a América Latina. Cinco años después (1996), el presidente Ernesto Zedillo realizó la primera visita de un jefe de Estado mexicano a Corea.

Durante el pasado gobierno, y en uno de sus primeros viajes al exterior, el ex presidente Vicente Fox efectuó una visita de Estado a Corea en junio de 2001 (se entrevistó con su homólogo Kim Daejung). En noviembre de 2003, el entonces primer ministro Goh Kun, vino a México para participar en el “Cuarto foro global sobre reinvención del gobierno”

Por esto mismo, este 2012 esperamos varios eventos para festejar 50 años de relaciones entre Mexico y Corea.
01 de julio del 2010. Alcázar del Castillo de Chapultepéc.- Cena de Estado en honor del Excmo. Sr. Lee Myung-Bak, Presidente de la República de Corea y su Esposa, la Sra. Kim Yoon-Ok.

Con motivo de los 50 años de relaciones Diplomaticas Mexico - Corea, a partir de el 31 de Enero se celebrará el Ciclo de Cine Coreano en la Ciudad de Mexico

                                                        CICLO DE CINE COREANO
                                                           CINETECA NACIONAL
                                                FEBRERO 2 - FEBRERO 16 2012

Aqui les dejo el calendario de la 1a semana del Ciclo

 Gracias a la Embajada de Corea en Mexico por la información brindada.

P.D. Si tienen dudas del calendario o necesitan el calendario, no duden en mandarme un mail o dejar un calendario
P.D.2. Cada semana actualizare el calendario con las peliculas correspondientes.

English Version: 

In 1962 our contacts acquired its current institutional dimension with the establishment of diplomatic relations and opening of the Korean embassy in Mexico. Later in 1978, Mexico will open its embassy in Korea.

The high-level contacts began with the visit of President Roh Taewoo to Mexico in 1991, it was the first visit by a Korean head of state in Latin America. Five years later (1996), President Ernesto Zedillo made ​​the first visit by a Mexican head of state in Korea.

Former President Vicente Fox made ​​a state visit to Korea in June 2001 (he met with President Kim Dae-jung). In November 2003, then Prime Minister Goh Kun, came to Mexico to participate in the "Fourth Global Forum on Reinventing Government"

For this reason, this 2012 we expect several events to celebrate 50 years of relations between Mexico and Korea.
July 1, 2010. Chapultepec Castle Alcazar .- State Dinner in honor of Hon. Mr. Lee Myung-Bak, President of the Republic of Korea and his wife, Mrs. Kim Yoon-Ok with Mexico's President Felipe Calderon Hinojosa and his wife Margarita Zavala Gomez del Campo.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations Mexico - Korea, from January 31 will be held on Korean Film Series in Mexico City.
                                                         KOREAN MOVIES CYCLE
                                                           CINETECA NACIONAL
                                                     From February 2nd to February 16th 2012

Here's the the timing of the 1st week of the cycle

-Gisela V.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Korean Movie Review: 말아톤

Marathon is a 2005 SK Movie based on Bae Hyeong-jin, a runner with Autism.
According to Wikipedia this film popularized the Term for Autism: 자폐증, japyejeung or "self-closed syndrome.".

I got this movie in Seoul for just 1,000₩ (About 1USD/11Pesos), at the moment I didn't know what the movie was about but a friend told me it was good and I'm glad I got it because it is indeed a good movie (Made me cry a little) 

The Movie is about a young man (Cho-Won) who finds running very liberating. Cho-Won is very into Zebras an Chocopie (Korean Snack) and at the beggining of the movie you can see him at his house eating lots of Chocopies. 
His mother never gave up on him and was determined to prove to the world that her child can be normal, as Cho-Won grows older he and his mom find a former Marathon Champion who is now an old man with Alcohol problems, he is doing community service by Teaching Physics at a school, when Cho-Wons met him they ask him to Traing Cho-Won and he accept, at the begging he just takes advantaje from Cho-Wons by sleeping while Cho-Wons run non stop under the sun, eats Cho-Wons snacks or just by taking him to a Steam House to relax, when the Training starts seeing Cho-Won's determination is when the real training begins. Cho-Won gets a 3rd place in a 10K marathon and his mom starts setting bigger goals for him.

There's a part on the movie where his mom tells Cho-Won he has Million Dollar Legs and apparently
Bae Hyeong-jin (22), autistic person of the film, has his legs insured for $1 million (or one billion won).

SK Telecom, which had a commercial contract with Bae, gave Bae accident insurance certificates of $1 million for his legs and general accident insurance for him on June 7. If Bae injures his legs, he will collect the
insurance money, which may be $1 million maximum. (This touching scene of the film actually happened in reality.)

“Chowon’s legs are?” (Mother)
“Million dollar leg!” (Cho-Won)

All in all, its a good movie, with enough Drama and some comedy ^^

Runtime: 117 min
Language: Korean (available with English subtitles)

-Gisela V.

Happy 설날 !!

Picture Source: http://english.visitkorea.or.kr
I wanted to write about Seollal, but I know everyone is writing about it so I don't want to overwhelm you with that :)

You can find great information about Lunar's New Year at the Official Site of Korean Tourism here or you can check this post written by Maria Margareta  one of the WKB.

-Gisela V.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

삼각김밥 (Samgak Kimbap)

Samgak Kimbap or Triangle Kimbap is a popular food sold in almost any convenience store ir Korea.
Is really like your regular Kimbap but with a Triangle shape :)

I would recommend this for the kids, somehow kids always find "different" shaped food more fun to eat.

I didn't have any recipes for this, so I was only able to do it with what I remember they had when I tried them, so here's my recipe!

-Steamed Rice
-Mayo (I didn't use any, but I should have)
(Note is not complicated to make, but I would recomend to have a Triangle shaped mold if you don't wanna suffer like I did hehe)

You just need to follow the next steps:

Triangle shaped rice (This is where you'll use the mold)

Add the chopped Kimchi and the Tuna (w/mayo)

Shape the Seaweed and it's ready! 
As you can see. is quite simple to make and fun to eat for kids :) 

-Gisela V.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My 12 reasons to visit Korea

1- Food

I want to eat more Korean food, street food, drink Makgeolli, go to lots of restaurants, visit a Mexican food restaurant (I'm intrigued). Go to all thos mini marts and buy crazy snacks!

2- Busan / Incheon - Travel Around

I want to go to Seoul first and then travel around S. Korea. I would like to visit North Korea but that's going to be way to complicated for a little while.

3- Visit people I met on my 1st visit

I want to meet with the people I met last year (In Seoul and Mexico) and would also like to meet some of my fav K-Bloggers (stalker much?? Lol)

4- Noryangjin

On my 1st visit to Seoul I went to the 63 building and I could see the Noryangjin market from there but I didn't have time to go that day since I had to meet a friend and I still regret I didn't go back :(

5- Take my mom/sister

I want to show them why I fell in love with Korea :)

6- Do a Temple stay

Again I didn't have enough time to do this the 1st time but the 2 temples I visited felt so peaceful...I need to do this next time.

7- Do a Korea Home stay

You can read more about it here:

8- Go to the Kimchi museum

What else can I say? I love Kimchi ^^

9- Take cooking lessons

You know I love my Korean Food!!!

10- Speak more Korean

This is a MUST... Meaning I also have to study more

11- House of Sharing

Would like to do some volunteer work at the House of sharing

12- Take a tour through some of the "My name is Kim Sam soon" locations.... I have to!! This show got me to love Korea!!!           

-Gisela V.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

된장찌개 and Crunchy 떡

Hello everyone!

I'm excited!, this is the 1st post of the year and the first post as a WKB!

As some of you know I LOVE Korean food and since it is now quite difficult to go out to a Korean Restaurant I decided to cook it at home. I just have to make a quick stop to Korea Town on my way home from work and I can get my ingredients, I know it's not the original but you've gotta do what you've gotta do, right?

Anyway, so last week I went to my 2 favorite stores at K-Town to get some Gochuanj paste, homemade Tofu And Bibimbap (hehe).

I 1st had 된장찌개 when I visited Seoul a year ago, it was made by Sanghyun Ahn he made this after a long day out...this was the perfect comfort food for a cold day, when I came back to Mexico I asked Sanghyun Ahn for the recipe and he was kind enough to give it to me, so here's the recipe, it's easy and quick to prepare, most of the ingredients are easy to find.

1 medium size potato/zucchini or a squash (Cut into small cubes)
1 medium size onion (choped)
2-3 cloves of garlic (choped)
1 green chili pepper
100/150 grams of Beef/Pork meat
1 green onion
100-150 grams of tofu (Cut into small cubes)
soy bean paste (doen jang)
** Gochuanj paste (chilli paste)
** Gochugaru (chilli flakes)
** 떡 or Ddeok (rice cakes)

** The original recipe does not call for this ingredients, I just happen to like a more spicy stew and I really like Ddeok (plus I had lots of Ddeok)

~In a medium pot add some Vegetables stock or Beef stuck (Like I did), Add the Onions,  Garlic, Potat, the zucchini, 1-2 Chillis and the meat. 
~When the potatos are cooked (soft), add the doejang paste and if you want it to be spicy it's time to add the Gocugaru and Gochuanj paste, finally add Tofu and sprinkle spring onions.

Once finished you can eat it with Kimchi and some steamed rice like we did!!!

Dessert time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The recipe of the Crunchy 떡 was found in a Korean Magazine, and decided to try it since I love sweet food plus is super easy to make. If you like Ddeok (rice cakes) you will absolutely love this as a snack.

떡 (ddeok) - I bought a big package of Ddeok at my fav Korean Store, the package was only $50 pesos (about 4-5USD/Won) and it was a bit more than 1/2kgrs
Cooking Oil

In a small anti-adherent pan put oil in a medium heat, when hot add the Ddeok (cut into a bite size) and cook it until golden.
In a different pan add sugar and water until caramelized, add the rice cakes (ddeok) and add a little bit of the previously heated oil.

Mix all the ingredients in a medium heat until golden brown.

Be careful and don't eat them right away because they are super hot.
They are hot and crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside....... Enjoy!

Hope you like it as much as I did :)

-Gisela V.

Special thanks to Diana Verdin for taking such pretty pictures. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hard times

I would like to ask my readers for a prayer for my mom, it's a difficult time for my family (Specially y sister and me) and I'd appreciate a lot a Prayer for her.

-Mom I love you so freaking much-

-Gisela V.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

How to start?

Well... 1st of all I want to thank the (few) readers I have, you guys are the best!, thank you for bearing with me through this hard year, you made my days easier :)

2ndly I would like to wish all of you an excellent 2012, may this new year bring you many many blessings and happy times.

2011 has been a life changing year for me, as some of you know my mom has the big C and I'm thankfull she is still among us, I make sure I hug her and kiss her at least once a day so don't wait until someone you love is ill to show them you care about them.

Just in time to have a good end of the year I received the news yesterday that I have been selected as one of the WKB  (Worldwide Korea Bloggers) , if you want to read some great blogs about Korea go here and check the list of the winers (and look for my name there!!)
So, starting tomorrow I'm officially a WKB, stick around for more K-info, recipes because K-cooking is what I love the most!!. In addition to this I would like to ask you to help me, with more Comments about what you would like to read or just anything... Comments make me happy :P

So, 2011 was a BIG year.... with good and bad things but with my awesome family.
Hope all of you spend New years Eve with people you love and have a great 2012!
My pic has nothing to do with NYE, but may 2012 bring another family vacation for everyone! lol

-Gisela V.

Special thanks to my sister for all of the support and for still loving me even thou I can be a lil bit mean sometimes.... Love you Perrito!