Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

How to start?

Well... 1st of all I want to thank the (few) readers I have, you guys are the best!, thank you for bearing with me through this hard year, you made my days easier :)

2ndly I would like to wish all of you an excellent 2012, may this new year bring you many many blessings and happy times.

2011 has been a life changing year for me, as some of you know my mom has the big C and I'm thankfull she is still among us, I make sure I hug her and kiss her at least once a day so don't wait until someone you love is ill to show them you care about them.

Just in time to have a good end of the year I received the news yesterday that I have been selected as one of the WKB  (Worldwide Korea Bloggers) , if you want to read some great blogs about Korea go here and check the list of the winers (and look for my name there!!)
So, starting tomorrow I'm officially a WKB, stick around for more K-info, recipes because K-cooking is what I love the most!!. In addition to this I would like to ask you to help me, with more Comments about what you would like to read or just anything... Comments make me happy :P

So, 2011 was a BIG year.... with good and bad things but with my awesome family.
Hope all of you spend New years Eve with people you love and have a great 2012!
My pic has nothing to do with NYE, but may 2012 bring another family vacation for everyone! lol

-Gisela V.

Special thanks to my sister for all of the support and for still loving me even thou I can be a lil bit mean sometimes.... Love you Perrito!

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