Wednesday, January 18, 2012

삼각김밥 (Samgak Kimbap)

Samgak Kimbap or Triangle Kimbap is a popular food sold in almost any convenience store ir Korea.
Is really like your regular Kimbap but with a Triangle shape :)

I would recommend this for the kids, somehow kids always find "different" shaped food more fun to eat.

I didn't have any recipes for this, so I was only able to do it with what I remember they had when I tried them, so here's my recipe!

-Steamed Rice
-Mayo (I didn't use any, but I should have)
(Note is not complicated to make, but I would recomend to have a Triangle shaped mold if you don't wanna suffer like I did hehe)

You just need to follow the next steps:

Triangle shaped rice (This is where you'll use the mold)

Add the chopped Kimchi and the Tuna (w/mayo)

Shape the Seaweed and it's ready! 
As you can see. is quite simple to make and fun to eat for kids :) 

-Gisela V.


  1. I kind of recommend sticky rice lol

    Then it would be easier because you can use your hands to mold it into shape

    Haha I had so many of those in Korea...

  2. I know... I didnt have sticky rice that day but still it was good n_n
    I also read there was a special seaweed for it but couldn't find it :/

  3. is 삼각김밥 not 삼극김밥

  4. you can buy seawood and mold from Korean nomad.

  5. Anonymous:
    Thank you!, I'll be going back to Korea and hopefully I'll get it once I'm there hehe :D