Friday, February 7, 2014

Daily blogging #2

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? My whole post got deleted!! stupid blogspot.
So, 2nd day of my blogging challenge and I'm here, I count this as an achievement cuz I usually give up quite quickly (lol), today I was chatting with my ex (see? friendship after a relationship is not a myth!) and he was telling me how I ROCK (4 realz), he only said that because I'm in Korea and he is basically unemployed and living in the same small town but now that I think about it, I do ROCK, hahaha, but I didnt get here by just being awesome, it took me 6 years to fulfill my dream and I (like to think that) worked pretty hard to get here, 6 years ago I only had the dream of coming (IT HAPPENED AGAIN! STUPID BLOGSPOT LOL) to Korea because I loved Kim Sam Soon lol, after telling him everything I went through to get here he said: Hopefully, that will be me in 6 years. Although I'm not sure if he will work hard to achieve his dreams or if he will just wait 6 years to see what happens~~
Anyway, after a pretty sucky (wut?) week, being ill, not working for 3 days, I'm glad I get to finish my week in a good mood, finished work early ~tip: dont blog while walking on the subway, I almost hit a wall lol~ and hopefully next week will be a better one (*^▽^*)
By the way weather, you said we'd have SNOW this afternoon, where is it? I was expecting a white christmas being in Korea and you failed me  :(
-Gisela V
Ps. Sorry for my spelling mistakes, I just changed my iphone for and Android phone and I keep  on pressing the Voice key and just my fat fingers wanting to press all the keys at the same time. 

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