Monday, February 24, 2014

Wedding weekend

Lousy me was unable to blog last night after getting home from Sokcho but I'm here now!

I met DaeJun and his wife almost a year ago in Mexico city, I met them when they were still daiting^^, we only met once but kept in contact on Facebook, we've been meaning to meet since we arrived in Korea but for some reason it didn't happen and a couple of months ago I was invited to their wedding(btw, they got married in Mexico about a month after I met them).

The wedding was held in Sokcho, about 3 hours away from Seoul and we were actually invited to spend the weekend there, I was looking for to spend a couple of days there but due to Oppa's sis' wedding and compromises on monday we had decided not to go  :( but Daejun messaged me and insisted me to go, he said a free bus would pick us up in Seoul and the same bus would take us back on sunday, he said we should go because there would be Free drinks and FREE food!!!(his words!), I was going to go with my sister and after getting Daejun's approval we decided to invite our frien Sally.

Sally is the coolest  vietnamese18 y/o that I know (also the only one lol), this was her 1st wedding in Korea and even asked us what to wear, we told her weddings here are not as Fancy and you are not required to dress up but she didnt listen, she askes her teacher what to wear and ended up being the only one with Formal wear and heels (lol),I guess she also didnt check the weather in Sokcho and had no idea about the snow there... Oh Sally!, next time you should listen to your Unnies hehe.

Early morning on sunday we went to Konkuk Univ. station to catch the bus, when we got on the bus we were the only foreigners there so that got us getting stared at but still people was very nice, each one got a Kimbab roll, Rice cake, a bottle of watter, tangerines and coffee, there was also a mini fridge with Beer and Soju (the wedding could've been right there!), on the seat in front of us the sweatest lady was wondering what planet we came from; luckily for us, Sally was there to explain we met the couple in Mexico and thats how we were invited to the wedding.

It took a bit more than 3 hours and 2 bathroom stops to get there and when we finally did, we stood in the middle of the crowd looking awkward and wondering what was going on until the groom arrivednd came to say Hi (ㅎㅎㅎ), I had been told another Mexican friend (Adrian) of a friend (Pedro) was coming and he indeed came. Adrian arrived with
Yuki and Kizu (both koreans) and were soon refered to the spot we were at (lol), soon after the introductions the wedding ceremony started, the Hall was a mix of Fancyness with lots of cheesynes (???), the groom was wearing a suit and the bride a white princess~like dress. The parents were wearig Hanboks (love them!) and the most of the invitees (lol ~ FRIENDS reference) were sporting snickers^^

It was a short ceremony, with bows, vows and a song written by the bride (awww cuties!) and then it was Picture time but we didnt wait for it because well... we didnt want them looking at their pics wondering who were we (lol 4realz), instead we ran to the buffet (shame on us!). I would like to tell ya what we ate but Sally and I had no shame and had a bite of almost EVERYTHING plus ice cream, fruits, cake and sweet tteok.

When we were getting the ice cream i had the scope and a lil girl got shocked and turned to me to tell me the Ice cream I was getting was SOJU! ~ I guess I DO look young after all hahahaha, I had to let her know I was old enough to have an alcoholic ice cream (*^▽^*)

We ate in a hurry because the bus back to Seoul was scheduled at 3:30 (we had about 1 hour to eat), at 3:30 we were hurrying to the exit and we met the couple just in time to thank them for the amazing experience lol, there were people at the buffet asking us if we had eaten well^^

We rode the bus and a bit after 3:30 we were on our way to Seoul or so we thought, until the bus stopped close to the beach and we were told we had 30mins to do whatever we wanted (yaaaaay!), we got off and took pics by the snow mountains, sally and I had a tiny snow fight and then we all went to the beach to take more selcas (We are the SELCAS Pros), sally had to take off her heels and froze at the beach.

At 4:30 we finally were on our way to Seoul, people were still drinking on the bus and having snacks, after the restroom stop (around 6pm) the lady in front took the beers and got us all drinks and snacks ~the Party isnt over until its over~ and finally after LOTS of traffic and tunnels we made it to Seoul around 8pm but before that Lady snacks (lets call her that ok?) gave us more bottled water to take home and picked up everyones garbage, she was what I call THE PERFECT AUNTIE ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

We still had about an hour long subway ride and by 9 we nade it home, I shared a ramen with my sis (dont judge me!) and went to bed with my friend Chocopie (shhhhhhh) but ended up falling asleep without eating it because of the headache.

At 2am I woke up feeling refreshed and rested lol it was awesome realizing I stilk had 5 more hours to sleep, thwn I woke up at 4am, 4:30, 6:00 and 6:55. When my alarm went off at 7 I felt I needed more sleep lol u_u.

Have you guys been to a lot weddings?, In Mexico my family used to go to a lot of weddings when I was little but as an adult I never went to onev funny how I get more wedding invitations in Korea.

-Gisela V.

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