Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Blog day #7

Here I aaaaam...

Stomachache and all, ever since I was ill last week my stomach hasn't been the same :(, and the chicken and beer we had with baby bro last night didn't help lol.

I spent the whole day blogging in my head, I do that a lot but when I'm ready to type it up I just can't seem to decide what to blog about...

Today I came back home with MORE bread, my boss loves to give me bread, or coffee, or fruits, or anything, she's always asking me if I want to eat and most of the times I refuse it and that's how I end up coming home with some kind of food.... thank you Kiki, you rock!!

Valentine's day is coming, girls are running around buying chocolate for their boyfriends, I'm... not, lol, I still want the chocolates though....

Last night we were talking about our Type of guy/girl, baby bro doesn't mind the nationality or career as long as the girl steal his heart (awww, that's why we love him), and I, I want a Chef boyfriend, what's sexier than a guy cooking???, so, if I have any chef me!! lol

Anyway... I was told there are rumors about Korea being under attack by North Korea... this is BS basically.... what worries me the most is, girls are more worried about their Idol Oppas having to join the Military service to serve the country.... ugh, come on!!!!

My rice is ready, so... I have to go^^ but I wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading me!!
Random pic ~ This is by far my fav pic of T.O.P lol


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