Friday, February 14, 2014

Blog day #9

iMooooooorning from the land of Kimchi and Samsung^^

I'll start my draft early today cuz sometimes by the end of the day I don't know what to blog about....

So, I was checking my stats and aparently lots of people are coming to the blog after googling "G-Dragon"... I kind of feel i'm disapointing you by not having A LOT of G-dragon posts, sorry!!!, let's see, 3 weeks a go I went to my 1st BIGBANG concert, 3 hours of awesomeness -lol-, then I went to the Hologram show @ Klive, and those were 20 minutes of awesomeness haha, what else?, I don't have enough G-dragon stories, except everytime I walk to the subway I see posters of his latest Beer adds^^.

I'm still sneezing like crazy but according to my sister, that means the virus is trying to leave my body (???), today is friday friday, gotta get down on friday AND valentines day AND the day we are supposed to be celebrating Jeongwol Daeboreum -1st full moon of the lunar year- , so I should be drinking Cheongju, cracking nuts and burning grass.... hmm.. maybe tonight if I can get some peanuts and a can of cheongju, we can burn the weed -not the drug- at the rooftop and contemplate the full moon.... maybe

Goood evening! ~

Today while teaching ab afterschool English class I was thinking how awfull must be to go to classes after school and then I remembered how 20 years ago I used to do that with my sister and my cousin; the teacher was the sweatest thing but I hated going classes, we had to walk to her house and then study, ugh, I dreaded the time to go (lol), anyway, since today is Graduation Day for middle school, I only had 2 students for that class and 1 of them was very sick so the other took the time to ask me some questions....

Teacher, are you sick?
Gisela, in mexico do you speak english or mexican?
Gisela, 1 sentence in mexican please? ~ followed by a WOW, very fast!

A couple of hours later he decided to come back and give me a bag full of the chocolates he received for Valentines haha ~so cute!~

With that, 2 very weir tasting cup of tea to make me feel better and a dinner with my perritow I can say its a very decent end of a week^^

-Gisela V.

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