Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hey everyone!

After the events from yesterday, I realized some people will think I have sonething against (Korean) Men but I don't and I refuse to believe guys are only nice because they want something jn exchange...

Today I met up with Oppa, he is the only friend I dare to call Oppa, he has been a true Oppa (big bro) to us, for a second ~when we met him~ I thought he might wanted to get something in exchange for being so awesome to us but with the time, I've realized he really does care about is in a brotherly way.

He can be a little weird sometimes but he compensates his weirdness with his care towards us (lol), he is the cool Oppa that got us Ice cream as a Housewarming gift, he constantly check on us and is always amazed with how we live our life.

Today I met him by myself for the 1st time (ever!), one of his first questions was "Did you try the kimchi I gave you?" lol, I thought it was gonna be awkward and I kept playing the scenes of what happened yesterday in my mind but soon I realized he wasn't like that, we got to talk more about what was going on these days and somehow we started talking about guys and I ended up telling him what happened yesterday, he was a good bro and told me the guy was a "bastard" hahaha, I asked him if he had any cute/hot guys and he said (and I quote) "I'm the hottest among my friends" I had to really laugh out loud, not because he is ugly but because of his sudden confidence.

I'm glad we found such a nice friend/big bro  even if at times we stil feel weird when he worries so much about us. 

I'm sorry guys, I lost the idea of my post, but I guess that happens when you stop typing to have a long dinner~~~

-Gisela V.

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