Tuesday, February 25, 2014

K Jin!

If you don't know who K Jin is, you've clearly not followed ny blog sincd 2010 lol, I met K Jin on my 1st trip to Korea back in december '10; she was one of the blovgers invited on that trip, she is Korean but she was living in Ireland, in fact, she hasn't been living in Korea since 2008-2009 (sorry inside joke), she has lived in several countries and moved to Japan over a year ago with her boyfriend, last year we met again in Tokyo before our workcamp aaaand before leaving for Korea, ever since we've been in a bit more contact with each other (she isnt very good with technology).

We then met her again in Tokyo in December^^ and told us she might come to Korea later that month, and she didnt but she couldnt meet us  :(

Just a week ago she said she was coming to Korea and we met tonight for dinner and KARAOKE!!!!, we'e done karaoke together before (in japan) but we all sucked BIG time.  Tonight we went for some Chicken and Beer (minus the beer because she had a tooth removed on saturday lol), somehow we always end up having the most random conversations like: If GDragon ask you to marry him and have a 4some with Youngbae and Seungri, will you do it? LOL!

After dinner we went to a 노래방 to do some singing, we sucked a little bit less but I had LOTS of fun and then we did the usual "Goodbye ritual" meaning: we went to the closest avenue and stood at the corner to talk for another hour.

It was very nice seeing her again, this time in her country (finally!)

So K Jin, if you are reading this, I hope you go back go blogging!!

-Gisela V.

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