Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Korean Boys

Do you?

What is it with Korean men that drives girls so crazy???
Cute huh?

After reading this post , reading some of my friends (who LUV Korean men) comments and watching a dorama... I'm still no 100% sure of WHY are Korean Men so attractive to Women (or is it only Mexican Women?)

I was really shocked a few days ago when I was chatting with a friend about going to Korea, my main reason is I love the language, the culture and their food but then she told me that she wanted to go to meet a guy she can marry with........ O_o SHOCKING!!!!! it's not like saying "I'm going to Wal Mart to get some food", you know?, it was so weird for me to listen to this because it's not like I wanna go to LA because I like Brad Pitt...maybe it's just me but it's kinda weird/creepy :S

So....1st I'm going to say what I think it's attractive in a Korean guy (or any guy??)

1.- Style, they seem to have this great sense of style (most of them lol)  for singers/actors it's like this colorfull, crazy style most men would not wear because they would look "gay" (It's a question of confidence, right?)

2.- Like on point #1...Confidence...if a guy seems confident (not cocky) we are always gonna fall for them.

In my opinion TV is what have made this girls all crazy for the Korean Men, we only see the perfect guys with cute clothes, great body, sense of humor, etc etc...not that is bad... but do we really like them? or do we like their Characters????. I remember a few (ok maybe ALOT) years ago when "Maria la del Barrio"  was the most popular soap opera in Mexico and everyone seemed to be inlove with Fernando Colunga because he fell inlove with Maria, the poor innocent 15 year old gilr (eeek!!! I didn't remember her being so "young"), so Fernando Colunga was really popular for a few years and same thing happens with this "Koreanitos" (lil Korean guys) as most girls call them.

I've had asked a couple of Girls why do they like them and this is what I got:
Nadia / 26 Years old / Xalapa, Mexico 
I Like Korean boys because of their looks, good body, sixpack, tall (?), eyes, lips, voice and I like the way they portrait them at doramas because they seem very respectful, romantic, sincere  (some of them), very chivalry, the way they dance and sing. 
I specially like Bi Rain (I love him the most!), Hero (DBSK) and MinHo (SHINee) among others....I have a BIG list....
Daniel Hennry

Maricruz / ??? years old / Mexico City
I like more than 1, several actually, but I specially like Choi Siwon (Super Junior) and I like him because he is a real gentleman he is really handsome and because has principels, at the beggining I thought he was only acting like that for fame but as I started reading magazines, watching his reality shows I realized that he really is like that, that's the way he is, his escence and also I like him because of his commitment with religion and to help others (specially kids), he was recently named Good Will Ambassador by the UNICEF that's hy I like him the most.

Both answers take me to the poing where I think we just fall for the characters and not for something else... neither told me they liked a "real"/non famous korean man, even thou I think Maricruz' answer goes a lil bit further because she likes something else than just the "famous" side of them....but again is this their REAL self? or just to get more fans and publicity??

Anyway, a few days ago I was having dinner with my mom, sis and a couple of friends, one of them is studying Spanish at the UNAM and knows a couple of korean boys/girls and suddenly they were asking me if I would date them (just because they know I like Korean Culture).... and NO not all of us who are into Korea are into it because of the young-famous-attractive guys (lol), but hey if you knoe a 25 year old, funny, sarcastic, smart and cute korean guy give him my number ;)  lol jk

-Gisela V.

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