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Hi everyone!

As you know right now I'm in Italy but since its 4am and I can't sleep anymore I thought I should blog (haha), so I'm so sorry about not adding the links correctly or the pictures being all together at the end... I'm blogging from my Iphone and I can't edit properly :( but here it goes...

A couple weeks ago I was invited to join the site since you already know I like Kpop (Oh God why!), I decided to join and see what was going on since I notice my Facebook TL to be filled with EnjoyKpop's links... I was then pointed to this website's administrator Mateo Hwang and I contacted him to find out more about this website and himself as it turns out he speaks Spanish and has a Youtube channel with Korean Lessons in Spanish!

So check out a little of what he has to say about EnjoyKpop and all of you Kpopers out there joing this site for more Kpop related fun!

What do I need to access EnjoyKpop (twitter/ Facebook/ an account/ etc)

You can register EnjoyKpop through 'Twitter, Facebook, Google and Me2day. Also you can simply sign in EnjoyKpop but to upload your photos and video, you need to access through Facebook and Youtube.

What can I do on this website?

1. You can make various friends from different countries.
2. You can easily share your interests with the members because they are interested in K-POP and Korean culture.
3. You can show off your talents through videos or photos.(K-pop cover video, drawing, singing etc.) for a Kpop Battle!

Does EnjoyKpop has an App for iPhone or Android?

We already have the application for iPhone and Android. You can download it in the app market.
G-*I've downloaded the EnjoyKpop App for iPhone and it's very easy to navigate + is purple haha*

Background and plans for EnjoyKpop

The original idea was from the previous model 'iBoast'. The concept of the website was too overall and so the project had to stop a year ago.

Then a new project, EnjoyKpop has come out since January and the project started. We had a lot of difficulties. However, finally we opened the ' (Beta version) on 12th Sep, 2012.

EnjoyKpop will be renewed again and again, so we call it a beta version at the moment.

We will have some events soon in this month(Nov, 2012). We wish many people come and participate with us.

G-*I will let you know about this events once We have more information!!*

Mateo Hyojin Hwang

I was born and raised in Korea. I studied Spanish Language and Latin American studies at University.
At the time, I studied a year in Madrid (Spain) as an exchange student.
I worked for some other companies. During that time, I worked in Monterrey for a while.
Until this day I cannot forget the taste of taco. I miss it now so much.
I am very interested in any genre of music, art and sport; K-POP, classical, electronic, flamenco, salsa, drawing, Xgame, Skateboarding etc.

Mateo's Youtube channel

I wanted to give some free lessons for the people who are interested in Korean culture so I made some small video clips. I didn't make many videos but sooner or later I will upload more my videos.

Mateo usually promotes his videos through his FB page, if you are interested you can add him HERE.

As you can see Mateo is really compromised with the project and Kpop, he is a very nice guy and will always reply to your questions if needed!

So, let's join EnjoyKpop and why not? Show your Kpop skills for a battle!

-Gisela V.


Nowadays, They opened two events; “Friend Invitation Event" & "Gangnam Style World Battle"

They will give away iPad mini and iPod nano etc.

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