Monday, April 28, 2014

Can't say this enough

Being sick again SUCKS big time and the rainy/gloomy days are not helping...

Yesterday I was chatting with my Boss/Friend and told her I wasn't feeling well, she said she would get me medicine today.

Today I showed up for work but I was useless as my illness took the best of me; my boss gave me medicine and even prepared a light snack to eat before the pills, she showed ne how much she cares about me. I was told to take tomorrow off and get better because she said she was feeling bad cuz I went to work today while being sick....

Back in november when I was working at *****, I asked my Boss to help me get medicine for my cold (we were friends, that's why I asked him), he basically ignored me, made me work for up to 15 straight hours and a week later asked me if I was sick....

Everyday I feel blessed for the new family I've found away from Home and I'm sure my mom's working something up there for us to be having such an amazing time/life now...

I can't thank my boss enough for being so cool and for loving me so much^^

Tomorrow I'll rest and hopefully my sore throat will get better!

I know I haven't been blogging much, but our Vlog is consuming more time these days and I want to focus on that now that is growing, it's been so much fun to make videos and to reply to the comments on Youtube/Facebook...

But do stick around as I'll try to update more often!, even if it's a random post boring day lol.

Or, you can check our youtube channel (Double trouble en Corea) but that's in Spanish hehe.

Time for me to sleep and I'll see you guys soon^^

-Gisela V.


  1. Hola Gisela, estoy encantada con su vida en Corea, lo que me llama la atención es ¿en qué trabajan?, yo estuve trabajando en China como maestra de inglés, creo que eso es lo más fácil que puedes encontrar allá, no?

    1. Hola, a nosotras (Mi hermana y a mi), nos contacto una empresa de Corea para hacer Relaciones Publicas, pero puedes ver nuestro canal en Youtube "Double Trouble en Corea" jejeje