Friday, May 2, 2014

Days off!

Yesterday May 1st was Labor Day over here and even thou I didn't have the day off, I ended up having a great time^^

Kiki and Julian are always fun to be around and after my time with them, it was time to meet my sis and our Baby Bro to do some bowling.

Baby bro invited a friend, we have met him twice before and it was always VERY awkward, I thibk his time at the Army affected him a little bit too much, but he keeps on wanting to meet us and he claimed he missed us lol.

We met just in time for dinner, the good old BBQ always does the trick and then we were supposed to go bowling; turns out none of us (Baby bro's friend included) is actually good at it so, we decided to go to a 노래방 (Noraebang/Karaoke)... I was reluctant to go because well... we can get a lil crazy while singing and I didn't want to scare Baby Bro.and company but we did it when they said they liked to Dance while singing and even thou I can't dance; I love seeing people dance (lol).

The 1st in taking over the Mic was Baby bro (BB) and he apparebtly rocked Pokemon's song or some kind of Kids song, it was AWESOME, he danced, jumped, screamed and did everything I was afraid to do lol...

Their song choices were... ODD to say the LEAST, they went from Kids songs to sorrow to Englishman, Singing in the Rain and some Really old songs (English and Korean). My sister and I opted for the fun songs, Ashlee Simspon, M2M, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 2NE1, etc... we seemed to be less mature than them haha.

BB was surprised wheb we sang in Korean and got very excited and the guys from the place asked him to keep it low LMAO!, after our 1st 2NE1 song, They requested "I am the Best" and of course we had to sing it.

It was SOOO much fun, they really go crazy, they sang, danced and  cheered, it wasn't even awkward with BB's friend (I can't remember his name... sorry dude!), at some point BB hugged my shoulder and kept swinging and WOW... real Human contact! Lol... I was shocked because lately he has been very polite and just shake hands when greeting us.

We sang for close to 2 hours and then called it a night, they walked us to our station and then said goodbye... although it seemed like none of us wanted to part ways because we kept walking sloooowly and 2 hours later BB messaged me that he was drinking nearby (We kind of knew since we walked by the place and saw then but ran away LOL) and wanted us to join him but well.. it was only thursday and some of us had things to do on friday.

We already agreed to meet soon for some Fried chicken and some hard drinking!

I seriously love Baby bro, he is super sweet, cute and caring~~

His girlfriend is a lucky dudette^^

-Gisela V

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