Thursday, May 15, 2014


For a while now...

I"ve taken blogging breaks before mostly because of a lack of inspiration but this time I'm just tired and I don't think updating random posts is good enough.

I started this blog back in.2009, it's been a while isn't it?, it went from a cooking blog to a Korean promotion blog to a Everything Korea and lastly to a My experiences in Korea kind of blog; but I'm not sure this is being enjoyed.

I know for sure some people is not happy because I stopped "promoting" Korea; at least the way they wanted me to, but living in Korea is a whole new experience than just coming for a Vacation, you get to experience the Bad and Ugly of the city and its habitants, I'm not saying I dislike Korea, somehow I ended up loving it more and therefore I started writing about my day to day.

These days things are... weird?, hectic?, complicated?, yup, Complicated is the word... we (my sis and I) started Vlogging over 2 months ago, we mostly post random videos about our life in Korea and this has taken more time than what I thought it would take but we are enjoying it VERY very much, last weekend we had our 1st Google Hangout with our viewers and it was really fun, we talked to them for close to 2 hours and answered some random questions like: Our favorite color and number but still we had a great time sharing a bit more about Korea and our lives here.

I still have lots to blog about but I'm just not inspired or in the mood to do it these days... Hopefully i'll be back sooner than I expect it but you just never know.

Anyway, I'm still around on Twitter (@Gisela_Verdin) and over at "Double Trouble en Corea" on youtube.

See you soob Blog!~~

I'll try to come back preetily LOL

-Gisela V.

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