Sunday, April 13, 2014

Drunk in Korea

Every day of this week I said "OMG, I haven't blogged yet...", I wanted to blog but I either didn't have time to do so or I didn't know what to blog about.

We've been working on our Youtube channel (Double Trouble en Corea), our regular jobs, some new ones and a T-shirt project we are starting!~

I'm very excited with everything that's going on, on friday we got GREAT news about a "thing" we had pending in Mexico, that's finally coming to an end!!

This friday we also went out partying with some friends, we went to Hongdae because a friend's brother was opening a restaurant and drinks (Soju & Beer) were only  1,000 won (about 1USD), we had dinner and way too many drinks to be true and then we moved to that "Girls only" club from last week; where our good friend Audrey caused an immpact with her dancing lol, we had lots of fun and decided to call it a night after 7am... we came home and I slept until 2pm, we ordered Fried chicken (lol) and theb showered and left the house again, my body was sore and I was tired but we had to go meet our friend Kiki but she had to go home earlier than we planned...

We were plan-less and after texting our friends from the night before we decided to go back to our friend's restaurant for more cheap drinks, it was really fun, we met old friends there and we met a whole table of 20 year old guys who seemed to be enjoying our company way too much... they were cute but too young and loud for me hahaha

We came home before 7am and now I don't know how am I going to survive this week... it's going to be crazy busy and I can't wait until next weekend...

Right now I'm on my bed next to my awesome sister who's editing this week's youtube video, she is just better at it than me ;).

Hopefully we'll show you our t-shirts project soon!~~

I'm sorry I can't give you a better post but with my almost 29 years and after 2 days partying...I feel like dying.


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