Sunday, March 30, 2014

BBQ Party!

Hello everyone!~~
I'm trying not to be lazy but this has been yet another busy weekend, I actually love being busy but I'm old and I also need some rest (lol).
Friday night was Mexican dinner night and cleaning night (the rooftop that apparently was last cleaned in 1980). I came back from work around 10:30pm so, it was a long night, we had to get up early on saturday since we had to clean the rest of the house, shower, do some grocery shopping and getting started with the party stuff...
Since we are suuuper lucky; it was cloudy and rainy so we had to stay indoors, goodbye pretty lights we set up outside :( , but despite the weather we had an amazing time, lots of people came (more than we actually thought), we all ate a lot and we even had Quesadillas thanks to Douglas aka Mr. Pendejo ♡ (hahaha).
We had drinks and my friend Kiki insisted on singing but thank god her husband stopped her (lol... jk Ki!), I met lots of new people and was glad to see some friends we haven't met in a while. Finally around 7 the rain stopped and we went out to enjoy some fresh air and get some people dancing (yup, I mean you Sally and Douglas!), we were having so much fun that when we came back inside we forgot our shoes outside and it rained again so.... wet shoes for Sally, my sis and for me!
Our last guest came after 10pm, by that time we were pretty tired already; receiving over 15 people and feeding then is a handful...but he came with Ice cream!!, that's why I love our Baby bro, he is the cutest thing ever and if by now you found our Vlog Youtube channel, you might see him on our next video.
We ended up going to bed around 2am (again) and getting up at 6:30 to go for another 2NE1 Inkigayo prerecording.
After the recording we decided to head out to Mapo Bridge because today the filming of "The Avengers" started in Seoul, we walked around Yeouido park where we got a glimpse of what this Cherry Blossoms season will be, I'm very excited cuz this is our 1st time to catch such an event^^ , at the end we didn't see anyone from the Avengers but we had a nice Picnic by the river, we had fried chicken (you just call them and its delivered to you at the park!).
When we were heading back home, I got a message and we were invited to the Seven Luck cassino at the Hilton near Seoul station, we went there and now we have a  Membership card lol,we also got to meet the Sales Rep of D9 in Korea, I love their clothing/Hats line and he is a pretty cool guy (Guy, can we be friends?~~ I'm so lame I know)
We finally made it home around 5pm where we just chilled for a bit and then cooked our dinner, after that I wanted to take a nap but my OCD told me to clean the after party effects (good thing cuz now the house is clean again!) And here I am blogging instead of napping...
Talking about cleaning, why everytime we have visitors they mention our House being very clean and tidy, do people never clean in Korea or what?
Anyway, I had an awesome time and I'm ready for a new week!
What did you guys do this weekend?
-Gisela V.

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