Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hungover with 2NE1

Hello everyone!

I'm finally back, apparently I had a 24 hour hungover, weird thing is, I didn't drink ANY alcohol over the weekend, it might have been because on sunday we partied too hard and went to bed after 5am and at my age that's dangerous lol.

On sunday, we went to 2NE1's afterparty, Sally and I went earlier since Diana was at the real 2NE1 concert that night, we invited Oppa to come along and somehow more people tagged along with us, some cool, some not and another guy who seemed to be nice but wouldnt say a word or dance...lol

When we got in, there was a DJ playing, I was expecting bad music, cigarette smoke and dry ice like the last time we went to The A, to my surprise, this DJ was better and being with a group of crazy girls -ok, it was just Sally.... lol- made it even more fun, we danced and singed, the rest of the people was too worried waiting for 2NE1 to actually do anything...

Around 1am, Choice37 came up and the YG family was there, Choice37 set was better than I thought, he of course included 2NE1 songs, G-dragon, GD&TOP, mastawu, A$$AP Rocky, etc, by then, the audience was going nuts and everyone was pushing, people were on the floor and we ended up getting out of there and going to the back to enjoy the party, we were dancinc and singing even louder -lol- and then this pettite guy came and joined us, he was doing the coolest dances... I want to be friends with more people like him hahahaha, DUDE, if you are reading me,,,, call me! hehe

Oppa spent the whole night texting, I don't even think he notices when the crowd dragged him to the middle of the floor, he was too inmerced on his texting, when he finally came to the back, he went out and we didn't see him until like an hour later when I asked him where he was, he just casually said "behind you guys...." meaning, he was watching when we were going crazy LOL, well, he better know the real us now.

Around 2:30 we decided to call it a night, we were leaving the club and I saw Jay Park^^, too bad I didn't get a pic with him, I'm a fan :), Oppa drove us and since we hadn't had dinner, he took us to Tteokpokki Town and then he took us home, I went to bed after 5am and woke up at noon to ask my boss what time I had to meet her...I finally got up at 2, ate with my sister, took a shower and went out, I felt sleepy and had a headache the whole day...but I'm ready to hit the Hip Hop club next time!!

Oppa, sorry if we were being annoying when we were singing in your car~~ hehe

Half of my tuesday is gone and tomorrow I have to pack for Osaka...since we are on a tight budget, I'm guessing we'll do lots of editing for our next vlog while being there....Yesterday I got great news but that's not for me to tell right now, just be happy for me^^

Ah..and if you are wondering about 2NE1 at their party, well, they came out and sang 4 songs, GD, Taeyang and Jay Park were there and were invited to the stage, CL came up with Choice37 for his DJ set, Minzy and Lidia Paek came to the stage to do some dancing as well as the YG dancers and the musicians.

So, Sally, Christina (sp?) and Diana... thank you for such a great night, it was THA BOMB!, hope we can do it again soon~

-Gisea V,

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