Thursday, March 13, 2014

I suck

I suck at keeping up with challenges lol, I wasn't even able to complete a whole month of my Daily blogging challenge...

Things got crazy for a bit and I just had so much going on that I didn't know what to blog about, the good thing is; I'm blogging WAY more often than what I used to blog a couple of months ago!~ yay me!

Our week in Osaka came and went.... I really like Japan although I can't say I love it, I usually have enough of it in 3-4 days, and I think 2-3 days in Osaka are more than enough. This time we didnt have lots of plans because we've been to Osaka before and we had already done all those touristy things, we mostly walked around the city until we were hungry and then we woud have another hour or 2 to find something we both (me and my sis) wanted to eat. It was mostly becsuse we would walk for 6-8 hours that when we got back to our hostal I was already exausted and didn't feel like blogging..... sorry!

On our last day we decided not to do anything, our flight was at 6pm and we decided to go to the airport after checking out of the hostel (10am), we finally left around 11 hopping to he in Kansai around 12pm and that would give us plenty of time to eat, record our 3rd Vlog, do our nails and blog.... but as it is now a classic Diana&Gisela; we took the wrong train, we ended up in Nara instead of Kansai airport so, we had to take the train back... back in Tenoji we waited for the Airport Express train that was anounced to depart from track #18 but neither of us heard the time and jumped on the next train on track #18, we were sure it was the right one because that one was fancier, had english information and at some point we both heard "something something Airport something".... since I usually can't sleep on public transportation I was just looking out the window until I notice certain building (the tallest building in Japan located in.... Tenoji...) and BAM! I woke up my sister and turns out we took the Osaka Loop train... FML! It was already 1pm by the time we got back to Tenoji Station, another anounce was made and this time we payed attention, a train scheduled for Kansai Airpirt would depart at 1:15 from track 10... abd so we went there and waited for the right train... wheb we got on the train I still felt uneasy about it, the announced something about the airport and as soon as they said Kansai, my sister unplugged her attention from the train but I didn't... thank god! Cuz turns out out of the 8 cars on the train only 1 to 4 would continue to the airport and the rest were going somewhere else, we were on the Car #6, easy, we just have to walk to Car #4... but then the when we got to car 5 that was it, we had to wait until it stop to get off and go to car #4.... at this point it was like a joke, we were worried about cars 1 to 4 getting separated from 5 and we would be left there.... lol, it took about 10 minutes to get to the next station where we had to run to change cars... we finally had made it into the right train and Car!.... I felt like we were on an episode of The twilight zone where people live on a loop, I could see myself ridding trains in Osaka for ever lol. 

At some point on the trains, my sister asked me if I could live in Japan... honestly? No, I don't think so, I usually feel like getting out of there by day 5, I mean, Japan is pretty, clean, people is polite and I love the food but it doesn't feel like home... and that's why I love Seoul so much, I feel at home here, I misses our house, the weather, the food, the people.... I'm still not tired of it....

We finally made it to the airport by 2:15... we only had tike to have lunch and look around for a bit before taking the shuttle to Terminal 2 for our flight Check in.... at 4pm we made it to the whearhouse, I mean, terminal 2, got ourselves some 7/11 ice cream to spend those last Yenes we had and checked it, the boarding gate was really nice, the only airline servicing terminal 2 is Peach so it was quite empty, they have tables with computers, big couches and nice facilities, around 6 we headed to our gate to board and luckily caught the coolest sunset :), finally by 8pm we made it to Incheon airport and made it home at 11pm... I still can't believe it takes more time to get home from the airport than from Japan to Korea... lol 

Abd that was Osaka v2... it was nice but I've had ebough of it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Gisela V.

Ps. THANK YOU NAOKO for the presents!~

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